Best BMX Bikes in 2021 - (yes you can afford them)

The best BMX bikes in 2021 include the 2021 Kink switch, 2021 WTP CRS FC, and the 2021 Mafia Kush 2. You can choose from 100's of BMX bikes. But knowing which bike is the best takes hours of research comparing different specs.

The best BMX bikes this year are determined by their dougsterbob score and their price. In this post, I'm going to compare a handful of bikes in different price ranges so you can shop within your budget.

To learn more about the dougsterbob score go here to see how I score the bikes.

Choosing the right bike for you

Before you buy a BMX bike, you need to understand a few different things to make sure that you're making the correct decision. A lot of things go into considering the perfect bike, these things include your size, your skill level, and your budget. Now, there's a lot more that goes into it but these are the three basics we're going to touch on real quick.

To really understand this process, check out this post here: Become a BMX God – Complete Guide for BMX Riders


Since height is one of those factors that is different for everyone the perfect BMX bike for you really should depend on your height and getting the proper toptube size. Look over this chart to see what size is perfect for you.

I wrote a size guide here. This guide will make it really easy to get the correct sized top-tube based on your height.

What size BMX is right for you?

Wheel Size Toptube Length Rider Height
12″ Wheel Size 11.5″ – 13″ Toptube 2ft to 3ft Tall
14″ Wheel Size 12.8″ – 15″ Toptube 2′ 8″ to 3′ 4″ Tall
16″ Wheel Size 14.5″ – 17″ Toptube 3′ to 3′ 8″ Tall
18″ Wheel Size 17″ – 18.5″ Toptube 3′ 6″ to 4′ 6″ Tall
20″ Wheel Size 18″ – 20.25″ Toptube 4′ to 5′ 4″ Tall
20″ Wheel Size 20″ – 20.5 Toptube 5′ to 5′ 8″ Tall
20″ Wheel Size 20.25″ – 21″ Toptube 5′ 6″ to 6′ Tall
20″ Wheel Size 20.75″ – 21.5″ Toptube Over 6′ Tall
22″ Wheel Size 21.25″ – 22.25″ Toptube Over 6′ Tall

One of the things that I talk about in my book: The big book of BMX Specs. Is how going with a taller or shorter top tube can affect your style of writing. The book goes really in-depth on how specs affect your riding to make you a better rider. But I'll give away a few tips for free.

For a brand new rider, I recommend following the size guide exactly. For a more experienced rider, play around with how the different sizes will affect your riding.

  • Getting a smaller toptube will make the bike feel easier to maneuver. It will be very responsive and snappy.
  • Getting a perfect sized toptube will give you a bike that balances stability with responsiveness. This is the best option if you haven’t developed a dedicated style yet.
  • Getting a taller toptube will give you a bike that feels really good when going high and fast. A bigger size is best for flowy park riders and dirt riders.


Your skill is something that's going to always be changing. After a year of riding your skill level should be a lot higher than it started out. So when you're shopping for a bike you need to buy for the skill level that you plan to be.

If you don't plan to progress very much and you are a Beginner rider it's fine to buy a Beginner level bike. But if you're a Mid-Level rider and you want to get to the Pro Level, it's a good choice to get a Pro Level bike.

Getting the proper bike for your skill level is going to save you so many headaches in the long run since you won't be breaking as many parts.

There are 4 different types of quality when you are shopping for bikes. This correlates with the price point that I mentioned earlier.

Beginner Bikes Low Quality ✅ Hi-tensile steel parts
✅ Single wall rims
✅ Unsealed bearings
Mid-Level Bikes Medium Quality ✅ Trimoly frame
✅ Single wall or double wall rims
✅ Semi-sealed bearings
High-Level Bikes High Quality ✅ Full chromoly parts
✅ Double Wall Rims
✅ Sealed bearings
Pro Level Bikes Pro Quality ✅ Full chromoly
✅ Double wall rims
✅ Sealed bearings
✅ After market parts

What quality BMX bike is right for you

Low Quality A rider who is just getting in to the sport. This person should be getting a bmx bike to test it and see if it is a good sport for them.
Medium Quality This is for a rider who has been riding for a little while and has learned a few tricks. This person is looking for a better bike to hold up to their tricks.
High Quality A rider looking for a high quality bike should be pretty experienced. This person needs a bike that can hold up to a wide range of tricks.
Pro Quality Pro quality is for someone who wants a completely custom bike with really good quality parts. A pro level bike will last for many years.


The budget you have is going to make a huge impact on the right bike for you. I recommend saving up money to get the right bike associated with your skill level. But sometimes that is impossible. it's very important to understand that the budget correlate's with the quality level of the bike.

Beginner Bikes $200-$400
Mid-Level Bikes $401-$572
High-Level Bikes $573-$700
Pro Level Bikes $700+

Best BMX Bike of 2021

2021 Kink Switch

OK, so now that we got that out of the way let's get into my favorite bike for 2021. The best BMX bike in 2021 is the Kink Switch. The Kink Switch is a full chromoly bike with double wall rims designed mostly for street riding. You can ride pretty much anything on it but it is going to be best for cruising the streets.

So many reasons to love the 2021 Kink Switch, but my reason is due to the fact that this bike has one of the highest Dougsterbob scores and it only costs $500. There simply is not another BMX bike out there that has this amount of quality for this low of a price. Let's talk about some of my favorite features on the 2021 Kink Switch..


  • Full Chromoly
  • Double Wall Rims
  • Responsive Geometry
  • 2x Pegs
  • $500

Frame Geometry

A: Top Tube Length: 20.75″ – Learn what size is right for you here.

This is a medium top tube.

Perfect for riders that are between 5′ 9″ to 6′ 2"

B: Chain Stay Length: 12.75” – Learn About Chain Stays Here

This a medium chain stay. It provides a good balance of stability and responsivness.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75.5° – Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

Steep head tube angles make the bike “snappy” meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°
E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7″
F: Stand over height: 9″

This is a medium standover.

A medium stand over provides a good balance between responsiveness and control.

2021 Kink Switch Conclusion

This is a really good bike for a rider who has a little bit of experience. The Switch and the 20.75″ frame make it easy to progress to a higher level and the aftermarket parts ensure that the bike will last you. If you are already doing some basic tricks like 180, 360 taps, and even bars, this is a great bike to help you learn the harder tricks.

A lot of comparable bikes come with a 21″ top tube and a 13″+ chainstay. The 2021 Switch is a little smaller to provide a more responsive feel and help out the smaller riders. Like I said before this bike is a really good quality for the price.

To read the more in-depth review go here: 2021 Kink Switch Review

Best 2021 BMX Bikes for Street

The Best BMX Bikes for Street riding are the 2021 Subrosa Letum and the 2021 Sunday Ex. These bikes have the highest dougsterbob scores for street.

If you're an aspiring street rider, you're going to need a bike designed for street riding. BMX bikes that are really good for street usually include four pegs and hub guards, a freecoaster, and some good street geometry. In the dougsterbob score there is a dedicated street score that a bike gets based on how good it is for street riding.

2021 Subrosa Letum

The 2021 Subrosa Letum is a street machine. Designed for mid to high-level riders who want to focus on street riding. It has components like 4 pc. bars, 4 pegs, and a freecoaster. The Letum weighs 29.1 lbs and has a 20.75 top tube.

Sounds pretty great right? It is, so lets talk about the highlights.


  • $529.99 on Danscomp
  • Full Chromoly
  • 4 Pegs/Hub Guards
  • Freecoaster
  • Bash Guard on Sprocket
  • 4 pc. Bars

The Subrosa Letum is among the few bikes to score over a 30 in this section. Subrosa really put everything they had into making this an A1 quality street bike.

Pegs & Hub Guards

A big reason that the Letum got such a high street score is that it comes with four pegs and four hub guards. Pegs and hub guards cost anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 each. So if you buy a bike that already comes with these you're potentially saving over $150. That's why when I'm reviewing a street bike I try and give them more points if they come with pegs because this is going to save you some headache later on.


Having a freecoaster is not generally street specific. However, most freecoasters are ridden by street riders. The Subrosa Letum has a freecoaster so it does get some extra points. I also understand that this is a lot of personal preference on whether or not you like freecoasters. But a freecoaster does make certain street tricks a lot easier.


So far the Letum is the best BMX bike for street, especially when you consider the low price. This bike cost's $529.99 and comes with some really high-quality components like the full chromoly frame, bars, and forks. The double wall rims. And not to mention all of the street parts.

For a new/mid-level rider, this is a perfect choice for someone who is looking to get into street riding and start progressing. Everything will hold up as you progress and become a better rider.

2. 2021 Sunday Ex

The 2021 Sunday EX bike has two options. Choose between the matte trans red Erik Elstran Signature with a 20.75″ top tube. Or the 21″ Matte Raw Jullian Ortega signature. Both options have some aftermarket parts, but they aren’t the best bikes.


  • $529 on Danscomp
  • Full Chromoly Frame, Bars & Forks
  • Freecoaster Option
  • Choose Between a 20.75" and a 21"
  • Street Specific Geometry

Street Score: 27/40

The Sunday Ex comes in just 2 points away from the 30 point mark. It has some street components, but it is not directly for street like the Letum. With some pegs & hub guards, it could get some extra points and make it a 30. But for now, it just sits at 28/40.

Freecoaster Option

One thing that I really like about the Sunday EX is that you don't have to get a free coaster if you don't want to. Like I mentioned when I was talking about the Letum, riding a freecoaster really is a lot of personal preference.

So, with the Sunday EX you can get a bike that's still good for street but you can choose a cassette version. For brand new riders I do recommend getting on a cassette first to build the general foundation, then you can mess with the freecoaster since it will affect your riding style.

Pegs & Hub Guards

I'm very disappointed that the Sunday EX does not come with any pegs or hub guards. If it came with at least four hub guards this would bump up the score significantly.

But since it doesn't, if you want to ride street and do grinds (which almost all street riders will) you need to buy pegs and put him on this bike. Doing this will probably cost you an extra $100. So keep that in mind.

1x Single wall rim

Another disappointing factor is that one of the rims is single wall. Single wall rims are significantly weaker and will bend as you progress and as you do tricks. So this really does lower the overall score of the Sunday EX.

It also lowers the street score since a majority of riding street is doing gaps and drops. If your bike can't hold up to doing this kind of features it's not going to be very good for street.

On the plus side, the single wall front rim is one of the only downsides to this bike and the front rim doesn't take that much of impact so don't worry too much. If this was the back rim, would be a whole different story.


Before buying the 2021 Sunday EX, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you need 21″ or 20.75″? Do you want a freecoaster? Do you like raw, or trans red? Depending on how you answer these, you can figure out the best bike option for you.

This bike is perfect for someone who has a love for street riding. It has a handful of aftermarket parts that will keep it rolling for a lot longer than other stock bikes. The person who gets this bike should be riding at a mid-level.

Best 2021 BMX Bike for Park

The best BMX Bikes for park riding are the 2021 Wethepeople Versus and the 2021 Subrosa Salvador Park. These bikes vary in price, but are both suitable choices for progressing at park really fast!

Park is a very popular discipline, and as you do more research about BMX, you will learn that park riders need very specific geometry and parts to do some of the mind-blowing stuff that they do. The bikes listed below have the highest dougsterbob score in park.

2021 WethePeople Versus

Wethepeople designed a really good bike for mid to high-level riders with a park focus. The geometry is snappy and responsive so spins, and whips will be no problem. It has two pegs and is still very light at 26.74lbs.


Park Score: 30/30

Park Geometry

The Wethepeople versus has geometry very specific to park riding. The main aspects of the geometry that are looked at include the headtube angle, the standover height, and the chainstay length. Depending on the geometry of these specs, the bike can handle like a dream when riding park or like a nightmare.

Headtube Angle: 75.5º

The general headtube angle is about 75 degrees. So when it goes up to 75.5 it is giving the bike a lot more of a responsive and snappy feeling. Turns are going to engage quicker and cornering is going to be a lot faster. A steeper headtube angle also brings the front wheel in closer giving the bike and narrower wheelbase. Which overall just makes it feel a lot faster.

Chainstay Length: 12.75"

This is a short and snappy chainstay length. Anything under 13 inches is generally really responsive, meaning you'll have an easier time doing spins but the bike will loop out a lot easier.

Standover Height: 7.75"

A shorter stand over is a park thing because it makes certain tricks a lot easier to do. Having a lower standover gives the bike more of that responsive feeling that we talked about earlier. A lot of street riders like to have a taller stand over so that there's more to grip when they do hop barspins and T Bogs. But for a street rider, the 7.75” stand over is amazing.


A gyro is something that you're going to see a lot of really talented park riders using. It's the way that your brake system works while simultaneously allowing your bars to spin without tangling the brake cables.

Brakes help you out with a lot of park tricks because you can pull them to adjust your positioning in the air. But park riding also requires a lot of tricks that spin the bars. So, the gyro was born to give you the best of both worlds. Not many bikes come with a gyro, so when I find one that does it definitely gets some extra park points.


The thing that really sets the Wethepeople Versus aside from a lot of park-specific complete bikes is the quality. A lot of complete park bikes are in the beginner category meaning that they are not very strong.

However, the Versus, is a mid to high-level bike because of the extra quality that we the people included when building this bike. Some of those quality aspects include full chromoly frame, fork, and bars, double-wall rims, and some extra aftermarket parts. There's a lot more than just that but those are the main ones that really make a huge impact on the bike


This bike is perfect for a rider who’s already doing some pretty high-level tricks but sadly their old bike is starting to break. They’re shopping for a brand new bike with really high quality because they plan on progressing to the next level. The versus is the bike to take you to that next level.

However, the park-specific geometry is going to make progressing in street and flowing dirt a little bit harder. So keep that in mind and make sure you’re set on being a really good park rider.

2021 Subrosa Salvador Park

The 2021 Subrosa Salvador Park bmx bike is designed with park riders in mind. It has a low 8.25" standover, and a short 12.5" chain stay. This bike will feel really responsive and make spins/whips so easy. The Salvador Park weighs 25.9lbs


  • Lower Price
  • Gyro Brake System
  • Responsive Geometry
  • Good for Beginner Park Riders

Park Geometry

Chain Stay: 12.7"

The chain stay is one of those specs that can really affect the way that your bike handles. A 12.7 inch chainstay it's going to be really responsive. Spins will be easier, and the overall feeling of the bike is just going to be a lot more snappy. It might make manuals harder to control but lifting up the front end will be easier.

Standover Height: 8.25"

A low stand over makes your seat a lot lower to the ground. This is going to help you with tailwhips and foot jam tailwhips. But it will make barspins a lot harder since there isn't anything for your niece to pinch. You can combat this by raising the seat but then you're going to struggle with tailwhips again.


This version of the Salvador has a gyro brake system. A gyro allows you to spin the bars without your brakes tangling up. This gives you a way to run brakes and get the benefits of a bike with brakes without holding you back on the trick variety.

You will be able to add a gyro to most bikes, but this is going to cost you some extra cash. So, if a gyro is your ultimate goal it's always better to just get a bike that automatically comes with one.

Park Tires

This bike comes with the Subrosa Sawtooth tires. And these are overall some really solid tires for park riding. The minimum tread design allows you to go fast without having to fight the rolling resistance that is commonly found on a lot of multi-use tires.

Lower Quality

Sadly, the Subrosa Salvador Park edition is a lower quality bike. The quality score compared to the Wethepeople Versus was much much lower. With that being said, the Salvador Park is only going to be for beginner level riders. Yes, it will help you out with learning park but if you're already doing some decent level tricks you're going to absolutely destroy this bike.

It only got a 10/40 in the quality section while the Versus got a 25/40. The reason it got such a low score was because it has single wall rims, a tri-moly frame, and hi-tensile steel forks. These components won't last very long if this bike takes any abuse.


Honestly, I don't really like this bike. I think it's a little overpriced for the quality that you are getting. However, for beginner level rider it is the best park option that you will find. But if you have the extra money I really encourage you to step up to the Wethepeople versus so that you can get something with much better quality.

Best 2021 BMX Bike for Dirt

The best 2021 BMX Bike for dirt riding is the 2021 Fit TRL. and the second best is the 2021 Wethepoeple Revolver. Both of these bikes have specific geometry that will make the bike easy to control and flow in high-speed situations.

These bikes received similar dirt scores when ran through my dougsterbob score tracker. But the quality scores were much different. Below I'll analyze the two bikes and help you pick the right one for you.

2021 Fit TRL


  • Mellow Geometry
  • Tall Toptube
  • Bigger gearing
  • 2 Size options
  • Good tires for dirt

Dirt Score: 25/30

Mellow Geometry

Having a mellow geometry makes the bike feel really controlled. mellow geometry is usually designed for bikes that are dirt specific since you can take corners really fast then just feel all of the flow of the bike. when a bike has a mellow headtube angle and a long chainstay I consider it really good for dirt.

Chain Stay: 13.8"

A long chainstays anything over 13.2 inches. So the fit TRL is almost 14 inches meaning it is an incredibly long chainstay. This is going to give the bike a lot more control when you're taking quick corners or sharp turns but also increases the overall stability while you're jumping over the jumps. A longer chain state is gonna make spins a little bit harder, but on the flip side, you are getting a bike that's really good for ripping dirt jumps.

Headtube Angle: 74.5º

75 degrees is the common headtube angle. The fit TRL is a 74.5 degree headtube angle meaning it's less steep than most bikes. The steepness of the headtube angle just really affects the steering and the wheelbase. The steering is a lot more stable, and the wheelbase is actually wider so you have a more controlled ride.

Dirt Gearing

An interesting feature of this bike is the 30/10 gearing. Most bikes run 25/9, The 30/10 overall is harder to pedal so you have a higher top speed but you have a lower acceleration. The cool thing about this is that when you're in-between dirt jumps and you need some extra speed you can just do a half crank and the tough gearing is going to give you a lot more speed for effort than you would get on a 25/9.


The most disappointing part about this bike is the really low quality. It only has a Tri-moly frame and one double wall rim. Most of the parts included are not aftermarket and they're just cheap general parts. For this reason, it is only beginner level quality.


In my Free BMX bike recommendations the Fit TRL shows up quite a bit. I only recommend it to people who are riding a lot of dirt since this bike is not very well rounded. But for dirt specific riders it's a very good choice. Fit put a lot of effort into making it ride really good on dirt. Remember, It will only hold up for beginner level riders. If you're doing too many big gaps or too many crashes the low quality parts on the fit TRL will start to deteriorate.

2021 Wethepeople Revolver


  • Amazing Quality
  • Dirt Gearing
  • Strong for big jumps
  • Dirt Specific geometry
  • Good tires

Dirt Score: 25/30

Dirt Specific Tires

The Revolver has Wethepeople overbite tires. These are high-quality aftermarket tires with a lot of tread designed to "bite" into dirt or concrete. Like I said they are aftermarket so you know the quality is there and the tread design is really going to work well for riding dirt.

Dirt Geometry

One thing that really catches my eye about this bike is there really long chainstay, and 30mm forks. The headtube is slightly more mellow than most had tubes but not enough to really make a difference. Overall the chainstay and the Forks give the bike an extra level of stability making it really good for dirt.

The 13.5" chain stay isn't quite as long as the Fit TRL but it is enough to be considered long. It will make the bike feel really controlled when going at high speeds.

Bigger Gearing

The Revolver and the fit TRL are the two only complete bikes that come with gearing that is not 25/9. The Revolver comes with 28/9 gearing which is going to be a little harder to pedal but ultimately you have a higher top speed.

Having the higher top speed is going to help you out when pedaling into dirt jumps since you can obtain more speed. But it's also going to give you more out of a pedal if you were to pedal halfway through your run in the jumps.


Quality Score: 40/40

This is one of the few bikes that get a perfect score in the quality section. For this reason, it is a pro-level bike. Meaning that it can handle pretty much anything that you throw at it. It has full aftermarket chromoly frame Forks and bars. A ton of aftermarket Salt and Eclat parts, and so much more. This is for people who want a bike that's really going to withstand anything.


It's really easy to see that the revolver is an absolutely amazing bike. Everything about it is great for dirt riding but it is balanced enough so that you can ride park or street. The main problem with this bike is the $1000 price tag since this is pretty over budget for a lot of people.

It's a pro-level quality bike that will last essentially forever. But only get this bike if you're serious about riding and you want something that's not going to cause you a headache with replacing parts later on.

Best BMX Bikes under $200

There are no "good" BMX bikes for less than $200. Anything you get in this price range will break as you progress and will not help you progress as a rider. If you are looking for your first BMX bike check out the best under $300.

Best BMX Bikes under $300

The best BMX bikes under $300 are the Mafia Kush 2 and the Kink Curb. These bikes both come in at a very low price while providing enough quality to help you take your riding to the next level.

Mafia Kush 2

The Mafia Kush2 is an entry-level bmx bike. It is made out of hi-tensile steel, 3 piece cranks, and a sealed bottom bracket. The Kush2 is made for a brand new bmx rider who wants a smaller bike. This bike weighs a little over 26 lbs.

mafia kush 2


  • Beginner quality
  • Lots of color options
  • Good to start out on
  • Small geometry
  • Designed for smaller riders

Dougsterbob Score

Dougsterbob Score: 79/200

The Mafia Kush 2 surprisingly got a pretty high dougsterbob score. Overall, this bike received a High style score and a medium quality score. In each section, the Kush scored average. (Park: 10/30. Street: 8/40. Dirt: 7/30) Meaning that it is OK on dirt, park, or even street.

Keep in mind that you can make minor adjustments to this bike to make it better in one discipline than the other.

Quality Score

Quality Score: 13/40

Frame Quality

Just like every beginner level bike, the Mafia Kush 2 is a high tensile steel frame. This means it's going to be a lot weaker than the $500 chromoly rivals. High tensile steel is a lighter type of metal but, it often bends over time and just doesn't have the same durability.

Rim Strength

Somehow, Mafia gave this bike to double-wall rims. This is actually the only bike that I've ever seen in this price range with double-wall rims. I think double-walled rims are really important because as you start to do big jobs or do spins the rims take a huge beating so double rims will really increase the life of your bike.

Bars & Forks

As to be expected the Kush 2 has high tensile steel bars and Forks to match the high tensile steel frame. These parts will bend as you start to progress and learn more tricks. But they are easy to replace. So if you bend something you can just buy some aftermarket bars and replace them.

Who is it for?

I only recommend this bike for brand new riders who want to get a bike and test the sport out. It's not the best bike but it will help you understand BMX and get the basics. If you don't have $500 to spend on a mid-level bike getting something like this will be fine.

2021 Kink Curb

The Kink Curb gets better every year. The Curb is a beginner level bike at a really low price. Perfect for riders who want to experiment in bmx with a 27 lb bike. Parts like a 9 tooth cassette and 2.4″ mission tires make this Curb better than your average Walmart bike.


  • Pro-level geometry
  • Low price
  • Good for beginners
  • Can be easily upgraded
  • For someone 4'10" - 5'4"

Dougsterbob Score

Dougsterbob Score: 64/200

The 2021 Kink Curb only got a 64 out of 200. This is because of the lower quality parts on this bike, and its failure to be specific for any type of riding.

Don't get me wrong it's a well-rounded bike and you will be able to ride street, park, or dirt with it. But only at a beginner level. Once you start to learn mid-level tricks and really abuse this bike things are going to start to break.

Quality Score

Quality Score: 04/40

The Curb got a really really low quality score. At 4 out of 40 the only points that this bike got are the singular points that are given away just for being a bike. It has full high tensile steel frame Forks and bars, single wall rims, and partially sealed bearings.

The lower quality high tensile steel does not last once you start to ride and do tricks. It's a weaker metal and it tends to bend.

Who is it for?

I only recommend the 2021 Kink Curb for someone who's really on a tight budget. The bike you're getting for the price is an OK deal, but I don't think it's going to last you very long if you're really serious rider who wants to start progressing fast.

Once you start putting in that work and getting better at riding, this bike can start to break on you. so if you can afford it step up another price range and get something with a little bit better quality.

Best BMX Bikes under $400

The best BMX bikes under $400 are the Cult Gateway and the Kink Launch. Both of these bikes are great for beginner riders. The Gateway received a dougsterbob score of 80 and costs $399, while the Launch received a score of 77 and cost's $329.

2021 Cult Gateway

Cult’s 2021 Gateway is a step up in quality from the Access. The Gateway adds in some chromoly bars, forks and a chromoly front triangle. This will drastically improve how long the bike lasts. It only weighs 25lbs and comes in 4 color options.


  • Some Chromoly
  • Almost Mid-level quality
  • 20.5" top tube
  • good for street riding
  • can be upgraded

Quality Score

Quality Score: 10/40

The Cult Gateway's quality is a little better than most bikes in this price range, because it has a tri-moly frame. This means that the top tube down tube and headtube are made of chromoly. While the back end of the frame is made out of weak high tensile steel.

This bike has single wall rims, chromoly bars, and partially chromoly Forks. So, while this is better, it's still nothing to get super excited about. Overall, this makes the bike a little better but if you can afford it I still would recommend stepping up a bit in quality.

Type of riding

The Gateway is a good bike for riders who like to ride park, street, and dirt. It's a very well rounded bike with it being best for street. this bike does not come with pegs so you will have to get some before you start learning how to grind. And the tires are not very good for park so if park is your primary focus switch these tires out. Aside from that you can ride pretty much anything on it.


I really like the Cult Gateway, it's right at the top of that $400 price range and definitely is the best bike you can get for under $400. I do wish that there was a little bit more quality in the rims and the wheels but it is what it is. If someone came to me and said I have $400 which bike can I get this is the one I would recommend.

Overall it's good for a beginner level rider who wants to ride everything. If this sounds like you the gateway is a good choice.

2021 Kink Launch

For only $329 you can get on a compact BMX bike that is built for a beginner. The 2021 Launch weighs 26 lbs 4 oz, which is pretty light for a complete BMX bike. The frame and bars are a little smaller than the Kink whip, making it better for the smaller rider.


  • Low Price
  • Good for beginners ONLY
  • Cool color options
  • Good for all-around riding

Quality Score

Quality Score: 05/40

The quality score really isn't much better than any of the bikes under $300. The only difference is that this bike has some better quality aftermarket parts and a teeny bit of chromoly on the forks.

If you have the money just get something around the $500 price range because this is where you get full chromoly, sealed bearings, and double wall rims.

The higher price ranges for riders who are serious about progressing and serious about getting better at BMX while the lower price range is for people who are just thinking about riding.

Type of riding

If your quality of riding is anything but beginner quality, do not get this bike. If this is your first or second bike and you're still starting out it's going to work OK for you.

The geometry and the specs are designed to be a really well-rounded bike so that you can learn the basics of Park, Street, and dirt. But the quality will not hold up once you start doing some mid-level tricks.


I hate to say this, but I really don't recommend this bike. I think you should do one of two things, either save up the money and get something in a higher price range with better quality. Or get something used that is still in your price range but has better quality.

Best BMX Bikes under $500

The absolute best BMX bikes under $500 are the Kink Switch and the Kink Whip. Both of these bikes are incredibly strong with full chromoly, double wall rims, and sealed bearings. One is designed for street riding and one is better for "all-around" bike riders.

2021 Kink Switch

The 2021 Kink Switch is a light and affordable mid-level bmx bike. Weighing 27 lbs and 10 ounces, for only $499.99 the Switch is built to get you to the next level. It has a 20.75" toptube that will make the bike easier to control for medium-sized riders.


  • Good for street riding
  • Pegs
  • Freecoaster
  • Full Chromoly
  • Double Wall Rims

Dougsterbob Score

Dougsterbob Score: 110/200

Types of Riding

The Kink Switch is mostly for riders who want to ride street. It already comes with popular street additions like a freecoaster and pegs so you can put it together and get to riding right away. Now the overall geometry of the bike is OK for dirt and park but the general design of the bike is for street riding.

Quality Score

Quality Score: 25/40

Full Chromoly

The Switch is one of the few bikes under $500 that has full chromoly frame Forks and bars. As you know chromoly is the better type of material when talking about BMX specs. For that reason, this is a very high-quality bike for a really good price.

Double Wall Rims

Rims come in single wall and double wall. The Kink Switch comes with double-wall rims which will hold up so much better as you do spins and tailwhips. Single-wall rims bend really easily so if you're a heavier rider or you just do hefty tricks, lower-quality bikes with single-wall rims will not last.


This is hands down my favorite complete BMX bike in 2021. You get so much quality for such a low price and I'm very impressed by that. Even though it's mostly designed for street riding you can make a few minor upgrades so that it's good for whatever you want to ride. You really cannot go wrong with this bike because of the price to quality ratio.

2021 Kink Whip


  • Full Chromoly
  • Double Wall Rims
  • Under $500
  • well-rounded bike
  • Mid-level quality

Dougsterbob Score

Dougsterbob Score: 95/200

Types of Riding

The Kink Whip is a generalized bike. Meaning you can ride dirt street or park on it. Just keep in mind that you might have to change a few things to make it more specific for what you want to do. For example, if you want to ride street you'll have to buy some pegs and hub guards. If you want to ride park I would suggest putting on a gyro and some better tires.

I like when bikes like this come really general because a lot of new bike riders don't know what they want to ride so this provides them an opportunity to try riding different things.

Quality Score

Quality Score: 25/40

Chromoly Everywhere

This bike has a full chromoly frame, forks, and bars. Riding a bike with full chromoly will make sure that it lasts longer and can hold up as you progress and learn bigger tricks. I always recommend full chromoly for people who are riding at a mid level.

Double Wall Rims

Single wall rims break very easily. If you are a rider who wants to learn spins eventually.. Double wall rims are a must. The Whip has a set of inexpensive double wall rims, so they will hold up as you progress.

Not Pro-Level

The 2021 Kink Whip is a really high-quality bike for the price. It is an incredible deal. But, don't let me hype it up too much. Keep in mind that there are different levels of "quality full chromoly". This bike is good, but not on the same level as bikes like the WTP Envy and Sunday Soundwave.


For anyone trying to get a good bike for a low price this is your best option. I love the quality of the 2021 Kink Whip, it is easily one of the best bikes under $500. The biggest difference between the Kink Whip and the Kink Switch is that the Switch is more designed for street riding. The Whip is general and can tear up all 3 types of riding.

Best BMX Bikes under $600

The 2021 Cult Devotion is the best BMX bike for under $600. It is $540 and come with chromoly EVERYWHERE. I also really like the Sunday EX and the Subrosa Letum since the can provide some alternatives to the Devotion.

2021 Cult Devotion


  • Full Chromoly
  • Double Wall Rims
  • 21" Toptube
  • 13.65" Chain Stay
  • 2x Pegs Included

Dougsterbob Score

Dougsterbob Score: 108/200

The Devotion scored fairly high on the Dougsterbob Score. It is a very basic and simple bike with high quality parts. I do think that it is a little bit limited. What I mean by that is there are only 3 color options and the tall geometry makes it pretty specific for a taller rider.

Important Info

I just want to point out some of the specs here. Cult's Devotion has a really long chainstay, and this is going to make the bike really stable feeling. However, it will make spins a little harder and the bike will not feel very snappy or responsive.

It also has a 21" toptube which is best for riders over 6'. Make sure you double check the size guide before getting a bike so you can understand if the bike is going to feel comfortable for you or not.

Who is it for?

The 2021 Cult Devotion is for someone with a $600 budget, looking for a strong bike that can withstand their riding as they progress. I usually recommend this bike to riders who are getting back in the sport and want a no-nonsense bike that can get them back into BMX without worrying about stuff breaking.

Quality Score

Quality Score: 25/40

The Devotion has a quality score of over 50%. Very good for a $540 bike. The reason it scored this high was the full chromoly frame, double wall rims, sealed bearings, and a handful of after-market parts.

This isn't the best quality bike since the quality doesn't even begin to compare to bikes like the WTP revolver or Sunday Soundwave. But for the price, you really can't go wrong.

2021 Sunday EX

I'm not going to go super in-depth about the ex here, since I already mentioned it above and I don't want Google to think I'm doing some shady stuff for page views..

But, the reason it is included here is for the two variations you can choose from. The quality score is lower than the devotion... but there is a freecoaster option and a smaller 20.75" option. This opens the bikes up and makes them suitable for a wider range of riders.

here is my full in depth review on the 2021 Sunday Ex.

2021 Subrosa Letum

Same thing here, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I already talked about the Letum above since it is one of the best bmx bikes for Street Riding. I love the quality and I love how much effort went into making a solid street bike.

The Letum has 4 pegs, a freecoaster, 4pc. bars and a bash guarded sprocket. It is a street machine.

You can check out the full review here.

Best 2021 BMX Bike for Beginners

The best BMX bike for beginners in 2021 is the 2021 Kink Whip. This bike gives you the necessary quality to progress as a BMX rider. It has neutral geometry and a low price point.

Starting out as a BMX rider can be very confusing. Is a $200 Walmart bike good enough? Do I need to spend $1000 to get a good bike? What do all of the numbers mean?

Fortunately, I cover everything you need to know to get into BMX in these two books. Big Book of BMX Specs and Complete Guide for BMX Riders. But I'm going to help you skip the hassle and tell you the absolute best BMX bike for beginners.

2021 Kink Whip

Like the EX and the Letum that were already covered more in-depth, I'm just going to touch on why this is the best bike for new BMX riders. Read my in-depth review about the whip here.

Why is is for beginners?

There are actually a few different reasons that I chose this bike as the best one for beginner riders. I wish it had a little more variation and quality but it is what it is.


The 2021 Wink Whip is one of the only bikes to come with full chromoly for less than $500. It costs $459 which is a really good price point for new bike riders who don't want to spend a ton of money on a really good bike.

I also think that anything under $500 has the chance of being considered for a birthday present or Christmas present. I'm not blind to the fact that $459 is a lot of money and it's definitely more than some of the really low quality BMX bikes you might find. But it's going to last you a lot longer than those cheaper bikes.


If I'm a beginner BMX rider why do I need a bike with quality this good? Well, it's always a good idea to shop for the quality that you plan to be riding at. And what I mean by that is if you're beginner rider but you plan to eventually ride at a mid level, you should get a mid-level bike. And that's exactly what this bike is, the quality is built so that a mid level rider can progress and learn tricks on it without absolutely destroying it.

Size Options

Something that is commonly overlooked is how many different options is there with a certain bike. The Kink Whip has two different size options. You can get the normal version which is a 20.5“ or you can get the XL version which is a 21” inch.

A big problem is that some bikes only have one size toptube. And I cannot stress how important it is to get the correct size top tube for your height. So if you're a taller rider you need to be able to get a 21 inch toptube and some bikes just don't give you that option.

Best BMX Bike for Adults

It seems like a lot of riders are getting back into BMX in 2021. Just last week I had a guy send in a Free BMX Bike Recommendation, he was over 50! The moral of the story is that you can get back into BMX at any age and have a killer time. The most important thing for an adult is getting a bike that is the right size for your height and the right quality for your skill level.

Best BMX Size for Adults

The best BMX size for most adults is going to be anywhere from a 20.5" to a 21". Depending on your height that can change. So check out the size guide and figure out the perfect size for you.

As an adult, you really want to stay away from anything 20.00" or 20.25". Since these are much smaller toptube sizes designed for kids who are transitioning from an 18" bike.

Best BMX Bike for Tall Adults

The Best BMX Bike for tall adults is the 2021 Kink Whip XL. The XL version is a 21" toptube so a taller rider will fit comfortably on it without back pain. You will see a number of XL versions on different BMX bikes, however, none of them will come close to matching the quality of the Kink Whip.

The Whip XL is a mid-level quality bike, so it will hold up as you get back into doing the tricks you used to do, and as you take your riding to a new level.

I already talked pretty in-depth about the Whip up above so I won't cover it too much here. I just wanted to mention the reason that it is the best for adult riders. Read my in-depth review about it here.


The Kink Whip XL is right under that $500 price point. A lot of adults getting back into the sport are looking to spend no more than $500 so this bike is reasonably priced. For $469 you're getting a taller bike with mid-level quality they can withstand your riding and the riding you plan to do.


Probably the most important aspect for tall adults is the quality of the bike. Generally taller adults weigh a little more and that extra weight puts a lot of pressure on the bike. So it is extremely important to have a strong bike under you.

The Whip XL is full chromoly with double-walled rims. This is the quality that you're going to need in a bike even if you're just starting out. Nothing is more frustrating than snapping some handlebars.

If you have a high budget and just want a really nice looking and comfortable BMX bike, I'd check out the Sunday Soundwave Complete. It is AFTERMARKET full chromoly, and many parts come with a warranty. This is pro-level bike that will almost never have any issues. Check it out here.

Best BMX Bike for Bigger Guys

So we talked about bikes for taller riders, but what about the bigger riders? By bigger, I mean heavier guys. Even as a kid I weighed around 180 lbs and low-quality parts would not last. For some of those riders that weigh over 200lbs, it is so so important to get something high-level.

The best BMX bike for bigger guys is going to be the 2021 Cult Devotion. It is a high level bike with full chromoly and double wall rims. The geometry is really big. With a long 13.65" chainstay it will feel stable and controlled.

2021 Cult Devotion is the best BMX bike for bigger guys

Why this bike?

I want to reiterate that you need to ensure that the toptube is the correct size for you. Check out the size guide to see what size is right for you. I'm assuming here that you are more of a taller rider and the Devotion will fit perfectly.

But aside from the tall 21" toptube... the quality is the key factor here.

With full chromoly and double wall rims and some aftermarket parts, the Devotion can hold up to a heavier rider that absolutely shreds. I really think if you are over 180 pounds, you need a bike with full chromoly and double wall rims.

Even if you are a heavier beginner rider I recommend a mid-level or high-level bike since a beginner bike will break and bend.

Check out my in-depth Devotion review here.

How to be a better BMX rider..

Now you chose the perfect bmx bike.. But what do you do after that? How can you become a better BMX rider? There are a lot of ways that I talk about so I'm just going to drop a few useful links for you.

Bike School

Bike School is a huge course designed to help you become better at BMX or MTB. We cover the fundamentals, the learning process, and also specific tricks so you can learn them FAST.

If you want to learn more about it and see how you can get an early deal... Go here to sign up.

BMX Coaching

This is a little project I just started up to help people who like my content take it to the next level. After signing up you get my secret whatsapp number. After that you can send me trick questions or attempts. I have a ton of videos of me doing tricks in slow motion that I can send back to you with me talking about how to fix your mistakes.

I have a lot of fun helping people learn new tricks. Coaching at Woodward really helped me understand how to adapt to each persons specific way of learning.

Go here to sign up for $23/month and bug the heck out of me.

BMX E-Books

I've written 3 BMX E-books that will help you take your riding to the next level. The information is organized so you don't spend hours on the internet looking for the answer to your question. These E-books are only $10 ea. or $20 if you buy the Power Pack.

Shop the E-books here.

Dougsterbob Youtube

I started my youtube to reach more BMX riders who were struggling to get better at bmx and understand all of the confusing aspecs of it. You will get passed the self filmed quality when you hear how fire the information is haha. Check it out below.

Subscribe to the channel and binge watch everything here.

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