Top 18" BMX Bikes (for 2022)

Look, when you're small and trying to learn BMX, you need a properly sized bike. People under 4' 10" should really have an 18" bike. If you are still growing, it's possible to grow into a small 20" but riding the 18" will maximize your ability to learn bike control and tricks.

For the most part, 18" bike are all the same. There is one bike that really stands out in quality. But other than that, you will want to look into some lighter 18" bikes and can really choose based on weight and looks since the quality is generally low on 18" bikes. Here are some of my favorites.

Fly Supernova

The Supernova is the best 18" BMX bike that money can buy. Even though it is a smaller bike, Fly did NOT skimp on the quality. It has full chromoly and double wall rims. This is just insane to me since most smaller guys do not need this level of quality. However it's perfect for the smaller rider who keeps breaking lower quality bikes.

  • Full Chromoly
  • Double Wall Rims
  • 21.1 LBS

Learn more about the Super Nova here.

Colony Horizon

The frame is aluminum, which contributes to the low weight of 21.6 lbs. This bike is good for a small rider who is just starting out. The light weight makes the bike easy to control and learn tricks on. But if a small rider with a big bag of tricks got on the bike, it wouldn't last very good.

  • Aluminum frame
  • Single wall rims
  • hi-tensile bars
  • 21.6 LBS

Check it out here

Verde Vectra

Just like the Colony, the Verde has a lightweight aluminum frame and low quality components. It's a light bike that a new smaller rider can use to progress. I would not worry too much about the quality of this bike since the person riding it will not weigh enough to damage it.

  • Light Aluminum frame
  • Hi-tensile bars and forks
  • single wall rims
  • 22.6 LBS

Check it out here


Basically, for a new rider the Colony or the Verde will be sufficient for the level of riding. If you are more serious about BMX and have some advanced skills, go with the Supernova. It's pretty much that simple.