Top 3 BMX Bikes for STREET Riding

To find the top 5 BMX bikes for street, I had to compare a ton of different specs from each bike. After a ton of analyzing and comparing, I came to the conclusion that the Sunday Darkwave is the best BMX bike for street riding in 2022. The Darkwave is pro-level quality with a full aftermarket parts package. The pegs/hub guards and freecoaster give you everything you need to shred street.

Right behind it was the Wethepeople Battleship and the Kink Williams in that order. Let's take a deeper look at these bikes to see why they earned their spot on this list. 

Finding the BEST Bikes

I created a handy tool to compare and analyze all 80+ BMX bikes and you can use it for free. The Dougsterbob App lists scores for each bike according to how well they perform in street, park, and dirt. It even analyzes their quality and their value so you know how good of a bike you are looking at. 

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When you are buying a BMX bike for street riding, there are a ton of important factors to consider. You will need pegs to grind, hub guards to protect those hubs, and maybe a freecoaster to do certain street tricks. While these are important things to consider, the reality is that a lot of it is preference. 

I'll explain some things you need to look for when buying a BMX bike for riding street and help you understand what is the right choice for you. 

  • Quality - Quality is crucial for street riding. The last thing you want to happen is your forks snapping in half on a small drop. I can think of hundreds of examples where a street rider had their bike fail on them, leaving them injured and sad. Get a bike with a quality level just above the level you are currently riding at. If you are a beginner get a mid-level bike. This will ensure that the bike can withstand your riding and leaves room for your progression.
  • Size - Most people overlook the size. They think all BMX bikes are the same and this can't be further from the truth. Getting a properly sized bike gives you the ability to control it and maneuver it as designed. Each review goes more in-depth on a bike's specific sizing so if you are interested in a certain bike, check out its review to see how it will fit you.
  • Parts Package - Some bikes have bare-bones quality and some have all of the bells and whistles. Obviously the more bells and whistles, the better the bike. But sometimes you don't need all of the extra stuff. For a street bike, you need pegs and hubguards. A freecoaster and sprocket with a bash guard are nice but optional. 
  • Budget - How much do you plan to spend on a bike? You might be shocked at the price of some of these bikes, but they are usually worth the price. A low-priced bike = low quality. In the Dougsterbob App, there is a value score that tells you how good the value is on the bike you are considering.


Best BMX Bike for STREET in 2022

1. 2022 Sunday Darkwave

Best BMX Bike for Tall Street Riders


Frame: Sunday Darkwave, 21.25" TT, 100% chromoly, aftermarket frame

Bars: Odyssey BROC Bar, 41-Thermal, aftermarket bar

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 170mm, 100% chromoly, 41-Thermal, LHD

Street Score: 10

Quality Score: 10

Best Price

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Reasons to Buy

  • Strong Quality
  • Has pegs and hubguards
  • Lightweight

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only good for taller riders
  • Very expensive

The Sunday Darkwave is Sunday's NEW top-of-the-line complete. It has a big 21.25" toptube and full aftermarket chromoly parts. This bike is equiped with 4x pegs & hub guards, a freecoaster, and a sprocket with a bashguard. It will hold up to huge drops and respond to technical street lines. This is the perfect bike for street.

because of the big 21.25" toptube, this bike is really only for taller riders (6+) if you want the best street bike based on your height, get a free bike recommendation from me and i'll find it for you. 

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2. 2023 Wethepeople Battleship

Best All-Around Street BMX Bike





Street Score: 9.11

Quality Score: 9.8

Best Price

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Reasons to Buy

  • Strong Quality
  • Nice Color options
  • LHD and RHD options
  • Full aftermarket parts

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only 2 pegs
  • Only one size option

This bike is one of the best available. With a full pro-level parts package and 100’s of dollars in aftermarket parts… you really can not go wrong. The Battleship is designed to be exactly like a pro BMX rider's bike. With good parts that can withstand harsh riding and harsh crashing. It comes with pegs and hub guards, you’ll never need another bike.

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3. 2022 Kink Williams

Best Street BMX Bike on a Budget


Frame: Kink Williams 100% 4130 Chromoly Double Butted TT/DT (NOT AFTERMARKET)

Bars: Kink Williams 9.25" 100% 4130 Chromoly

Cranks: Kink Ridge 3pc Tubular Chromoly 165mm – 48 Spline

Street Score: 8.89

Quality Score: 8.4

Best Price

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Reasons to Buy

  • Good quality for a lower price
  • High street score
  • 4 pegs & 4 hubguards
  • Some aftermarket parts

Reasons to Avoid

  • The frame is not aftermarket
  • Only in 21" toptube

I recommend the Williams for riders who want a great street-specific bike, without spending a ton of money. The Williams is marketed as a pro-level aftermarket bike and this is only partially true. It has some aftermarket parts but the most important one, the frame, is not. This results in a lower quality score than bikes like the Battleship, Soundwave, and Envy. All in all, it scores over an 8 in value meaning it's a good bike for the price.

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