Top 3 Sunday BMX Bikes (2022 Version)

Sunday has a reputation of making high-quality BMX bikes. Every year when Sunday's complete BMX bikes come out I take an in-depth look at the parts and the specs to figure out which bikes are worth the price. Generally, Sundays complete BMX bikes are a little bit overpriced. But there are a few solid options and that's what we're going to talk about in this post.

When I am determining whether or not a bike is good value, I look at the quality score. The quality score is a variation of the Dougsterbob score and it basically determines how much quality the bike has built into it. Then I compare the score to the price and look at similar priced bikes and cross reference the score. Some bikes cost a lot and have a very high quality score, and some bikes cost a lot and have a very low quality score. All of the bikes that I'm talking about in this post have a pretty good quality score and therefore their value is solid.

The top three Sunday BMX bikes in 2022 are going to be the 2022 Sunday EX, the 2022 to Sunday Primer Park, and the 2022 to Sunday Soundwave.

3. 2022 Sunday Primer Park

Sunday’s 2022 Primer Park bike is a park specific bike designed for beginner riders. It has compact and responsive geometry along with a gyro brake system. The bike will feel snappy and responsive for learning spins and technical park tricks. For $449.99 you will get a BMX bike that weighs 25.8lbs.


  • Park Specific
  • Under $500
  • Responsive Geometry

Sunday Primer Park Scores

Category Points
Street Score 1.25
Park Score 5.67
Dirt Score 2.67
Quality Score 1

No, as you can see, the Sunday primer park is not a super high-quality bike. But, it is one of the few bikes to score over a 5 in the park section and cost less than $500. This bike is strictly for a beginner level rider who likes to focus on park specific riding.

This bike has a responsive geometry paired with gyro brake system along with a few other things. These things make it perfect for riding skate parks and learning beginner level tricks.

Why this bike?

I have a really in-depth review on the Sunday primary park, and you definitely need to check that out before you make your purchase. In that review I explain exactly why this is one of my favorite bikes and why it shows up on my free BMX bike recommendations so often.

Sunday Primer Park Review

Sunday Primer Park Video

The sad reality is, most bikes that are park specific are way up in price. The Primer Park might not be the best quality, but it is one of the best priced Park specific models available. I like to get this bike to people who are newer to the sport but have their dreams set on riding skate parks all the time. If you like to ride park and you're new to the sport you need this bike.

2. 2022 Sunday EX

The 2022 Sunday EX Arteaga is a mid-level BMX bike. It is medium quality and designed for riders with some experience, but not experts. This bike comes at a very competitive $589.99 price point and a cassette hub. Progressing riders will continue to enjoy BMX on this 25.75lb responsive bike.


  • Clean look
  • Choose between free coaster and cassette
  • Full chromoly
  • Single wall rims

Sunday EX Scores

Category Points
Street Score 3.25 CS
5.50 FC
Park Score 3.33
Dirt Score 2.67 CS
1.33 FC
Quality Score 4

Since the Sunday EX has two different variations, they both scored differently. The cassette version is going to be slightly better for riding dirt jumps and pop tracks. While the free coaster version it's gonna be a lot better for street riding. Again this factor is just based on preference, there are plenty of street riders who ride a cassette and some dirt riders who ride a free coaster.

I like this bike because it scored a four in quality. I'm a little disappointed in the single-wall rims but including full chromoly makes it almost worth the price. My favorite thing is the fact that you get to choose between a cassette and a free coaster. A free coaster is it for everyone so having the option for those people who hate free coasters was a very good move, and it gives a lot more flexibility to the bike.

Why this bike?

Check out my in-depth reviews on the Ex here.

Sunday EX Review

Sunday EX Video

Giving riders an option between two colors and different types of drivetrain is a really cool thing to do. Not many companies offer multiple options at a bike priced this high. And I really appreciate that Sunday with the extra mile to make this a possibility. Like we've mentioned it's not the best quality, but I do think it's a little overpriced. However, it does show up on my free bike recommendations periodically because this bike is right for some people.

1. Sunday Soundwave 2022

The 2022 Sunday Soundwave Special is an expert-level BMX bike. It is very high quality and designed for experienced riders who are serious about BMX. This bike comes at a $1299.99 price point which is great for the value. Only one color option, but you will need to choose between LHD, RHD, cassette, or freecoaster. Dedicated riders will be able to take their BMX skills to the next level on this 23.41 pound bike.


  • Full chromoly
  • $1000+ in after market parts
  • Lifetime warranty on many core components
  • Well rounded bike
  • Pro-level quality

Sunday Soundwave Scores

Category Points
Street Score 6.5 CS
8.75 FC
Park Score 5.33
Dirt Score 4 CS
2.67 FC
Quality Score 10

Very similar to the EX, the Sunday Soundwave also comes in a free coaster version and a cassette version. The free coaster version is going to score significantly higher in Street while the cassette version is going to score higher in dirt. It's important for you to make your purchase decision based on the type of riding that you like. If you'd like to ride Street and you like the style of a free coaster get the free coaster version. If you're like me and you can't figure out how the slack of a free coaster works get the cassette.

If you watch my video review on the Sunday soundwave you'll understand why I am so impressed with this bike. Sure it's a ton of money. But the quality that you're getting outweighs the price by 1 million. I always encourage BMX riders who don't want to tinker with their bike or don't want to deal with any broken parts to spend the extra money and get something like the Sunday soundwave.

This is also one of the only bikes to score a 10 in the quality section. A big factor for this, is that the soundwave comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, forks, bars and cranks depending on which variation you buy. This is unheard of in the BMX world. Sunday did a great job coming up with this idea and offering quality components that they guarantee will last.

Why this bike?

Check out my in-depth reviews on the Soundwave here.

Sunday Soundwave Review

Sunday Soundwave Video

I'm mostly impressed with the high quality of this bike. I did a video comparing this to a similar quality option the Wethepeople Envy. And the amount of aftermarket parts found on the Sunday soundwave blew the Envy out of the water. The soundwave really is a super high quality bike and you don't have to worry about what you're gonna buy after the parts break because you're able to cash in on that lifetime warranty.

If you're serious about BMX and you want a bike that's going to last for a long time the sound wave is the way to go. If you just getting back into the sport and you want to high-quality bike that's not gonna leave you stranded at the skate park the sound wave is a very good choice.