Top 5 BMX Bikes to get for Christmas 2021

Christmas is right around the corner, and as you start you shop for a BMX bike this holiday season, you will realize that finding the right bike is kind of confusing. There are countless different specs, parts, qualities, and sizes but will make it easy to get the right bike.

The BEST BMX Bike this year is the 2022 Kink Whip. It comes in two different size options and is built from strong chromoly for only $500. The Whip is the best "bang for your buck" bike. But depending on your size, budget and riding skills this might not actually be the best bike for you.

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1. 2022 Kink Whip

The 2022 Kink Whip is one of the best BMX bikes for the price. For only $500 you get a full chromoly frame, fork, and bars, double-wall rims, and a few after-market parts. The Whip comes in a 20.5″ and a 21″ XL version. This bike weighs 27.7 lbs and is suited for any beginner or mid-level rider.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Only $500
  • Full chromoly frame, forks, and bars
  • 20.5" and 21" option


  • Not many color options
  • No pegs/hub guards

Kink Whip's Dougsterbob Scores - What's this?

Learn about the scoring system here.

Street: 3.25

Park: 2.67

Dirt: 3.33

Quality: 6.25

Kink Whip Conclusion

If you are a rider who is pretty new or returning to the sport of BMX after a break, this will be an amazing bike for you. The person who gets this bike plans on riding a little bit of everything since the Whip is not specific for one area of riding. It is made to dabble in all 3 (park, street, and dirt) until you find the one that is the most fun for you. Please double-check the size guide to make sure the Whip is the right size.

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2. 2022 Cult Devotion

The 2022 Cult Devotion has been a fan favorite for years. This is Cults highest quality complete bike. It comes with full chromoly, double wall rims and some after market parts. The Devotion only costs $569.99 and weighs around 26 lbs. This bike only comes in a 21" toptube option so make sure you visit the Dougsterbob Size guide before you make your purchase.


  • Full chromoly frame, forks, and bars
  • Double wall rims
  • Good price (only $569.99)
  • Nice color options


  • Only one toptube size option
  • Really big toptube and chain stay can be hard for small riders
  • no hub guards

Cult Devotion Dougsterbob Scores - What's this?

Street: 4

Park: 1.67

Dirt: 4.33

Quality: 6.25

Cult Devotion Conclusion

The 2021 Devotion is a mid to high-level bike. Perfect for a rider who has been riding for a while. This person should have some tricks down already and should be working on harder tricks. The Devotion has the quality to help you progress to a high-level of riding. I hope you find one that’s not sold out.

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3. 2021 Wethepeople Revolver

The Revolver is one of the only BMX bikes to score over an (8) in the dirt section of the Dougsterbob scoring system. It also scored a (10) in quality. Making it the highest quality dirt specific BMX bike available. This bike has full chromoly frame, forks, and bars, double wall rims, and aftermarket components that are a little better for dirt. Even though it comes at a steep $1200 price point, you know you are getting great value.


  • Dirt Specific
  • High quality parts
  • Lifetime guarantee on the frame and forks
  • 26.6 LBS


  • Very expensive
  • 1 color option
  • 1 toptube size option

Wethepeople Revolver Dougsterbob Scores - What's this?

Street: 5.5

Park: 3.67

Dirt: 8.44

Quality: 10

Wethepeople Revolver Conclusion

The 2021 Wethepeople Revolver is designed for a rider who’s riding at a really high-level. This person likes to ride park and dirt. The geometry is a little bigger to suit high speed riding on dirt and bowls. The Revolver has some of the best quality that I have seen on of any bike so far this year. It is a little bit expensive but with all these aftermarket parts it’s totally worth it.

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4. 2022 Sunday Primer

The 2022 Sunday Primer is a beginner-level BMX bike that is for new riders. The Primer will help new riders get on the bike and get comfortable learning small tricks. This bike comes in a 20.00″, 20.5″, 20.75″, and 21″ toptube size and it weighs 25.8lbs which is considered really light. It is a kind of high-priced bike but this is one of the few beginner level bikes that I recommend.


  • Multiple toptube size options (20.00", 20.25", 20.5" and 21"
  • Great geometry for beginners
  • Under $500
  • Lots of color options


  • Uses hi-tensile steel
  • Lower quality parts
  • Usually sold out

Sunday Primer Dougsterbob Scores - What's this?

Street: 1.75

Park: 2.67

Dirt: 2.67

Quality: 1

Sunday Primer Conclusion

My favorite thing about the Sunday Primer is the 20.00" and 20.25" toptube options. For anyone who could fit on a 20.5" toptube, I recommend looking at the Kink Whip or something with similar quality. But for smaller riders, their best bet is getting on a 20" or a 20.25" and the primer is perfect for that. Since the smaller riders don't generally weigh very much, the lower quality will not be impacted and they can still have a good time on this bike.

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5. 2022 Sunday Soundwave

The 2022 Sunday Soundwave Special is an expert-level BMX bike. It is very high quality and designed for experienced riders who are serious about BMX. This bike comes at a $1299.99 price point which is great for the value. Only one color option, but you will need to choose between LHD, RHD, cassette, or freecoaster. Dedicated riders will be able to take their BMX skills to the next level on this 23.41 pound bike.


  • Lifetime Warranty on frame, forks and bars
  • Full after-market parts package
  • Freecoaster or cassette option


  • Very expensive
  • Only available in 21" toptube
picture of the 2022 sunday soundwave bmx bike at a ditch

Sunday Soundwave Dougsterbob Scores - What's this?

Street: 6.5(CS) 8.75(FC)

Park: 5.33(CS) 5.33(FC)

Dirt: 4(CS) 2.67(FC)

Quality: 10(CS) 10(FC)

Sunday Soundwave Conclusion

The Soundwave is a fantastic value. To build a custom bike of this quality, it would be much more pricey. When you buy this bike, you are getting something designed to last forever, and rarely need maintenance. It is a great bike that I recommend if you have enough cash.

Watch my video review here


All of the bikes listed here are popular and trusted. At the time of writing this, all options are in stock and hopefully they stick around throughout the holiday season. I understand that buying a BMX bike (especially if its for a loved one) can be confusing. Let me help!

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