2022 Kink Whip: Is It Right for You?

The 2022 Kink Whip is undoubtedly Kink's most popular 2022 BMX bike. I would even say this is the most popular bike of all time. Its incredible value is what makes it such a good choice for many. The Kink Whip is available in a 20.5" or a 21" XL version which can suit different sized riders. The core components are made from full chromoly and the bike only costs $500. 

Is it a good bike for you? Let's find out.

Everything in 30 Seconds

✅ - Full Chromoly Frame

✅ - Full Chromoly Forks/Bars

✅ - Only $500

✅ - Multiple Sizes (20.5" or 21" XL)

❌ - 2pc Steerer Tube

❌ - 27.7 lbs

❌ - No Pegs/Hubguards

How it Works

To help you decide if this is the right bike for you, we will break it down into 3 easy to follow sections. 

First, we will look at the geometry of the bike to decide how tall you need to be to comfortably shred it. Your riding style, height, and athletic background will play a role here. 

Next, we will break down the quality of the bike to decide if this bike is too little, too much, or just enough quality for you. Your budget, weight, and skill level will be taken into consideration. 

Finally, we will talk about the utility of this bike because certain bikes are better for certain types of riding. Do you plan to ride skateparks? Dirt jumps? Cruise street sports? After looking at the parts package, geometry, and branding of the bike, you will know what type of riding the bike is for. 

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Step 1: Sizing

The Kink Whip comes in a 20.5" and a 21" toptube size. It has a long 13.25" chainstay which adds stability to the feel of the bike. There is a standard sizing but for certain people, there are a few more things to consider. 

For the average person, the 20.5" Kink Whip will be a perfect fit for you if you are between 5' 6" and 5'9". The 21" option will fit anyone who is over 6'.

Style Consideration

If you want to achieve a certain type of "style" on your bike you might want to tweak the toptube size. Since riding a taller/small frame will change how you maneuver it, I've updated the sizing recommendation based on the style you might want to achieve.

For a technical style: Get the 20.5" if you are between 5'9" and 6'.

For a flowy style: Get the 20.5" if you are 5'3" to 5'6" and the 21" if you are 5'9" to 6'

Riding Background

Some people are coming to BMX from an MTB or MX background. If that is the case for you, you will want a BMX bike that fits a little big.

If you have an MTB or MX background: Get the 20.5" Kink Whip if you are between 5' 3" and 5' 6".

Kink Whip 20.5" Sizing

❌ - Under 5': The Kink Whip will NOT fit you.

✅ - 5' 3" to 5' 6": The Kink Whip will fit if you are used to riding bigger bikes (MTB/MX) or you want to have flowy style with your riding.

✅ - 5' 6" to 5' 9": The Kink Whip is the perfect size for you.

✅ - 5' 9" to 6': The Kink Whip will fit you if you want to have a technical style.

❌ - Over 6': The Kink Whip will NOT fit you.

Kink Whip XL 21" Sizing

❌ - Under 5': The Kink Whip XL will NOT fit you.

❌ - 5' 3" to 5' 6": The Kink Whip XL will NOT fit you. 

❌ - 5' 6" to 5' 9": The Kink Whip XL will NOT fit you. 

✅ - 5' 9" to 6': The Kink Whip will fit you if you want to have a mellow style.

✅ - Over 6': The Kink Whip will fit you perfectly

Kink Whip Geometry

A: Toptube Length:  20.5″, 21″

B: Chainstay Length: 13.25”

C: Head Tube Angle: 75°

D: Seattube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.6″

F: Standover height: 9″

At a first glance, nothing really stands out on this geometry aside from the 13.2" chainstay. This is considered long and will make the back end more stable. I like a stable chainstay so that going high and fast will feel more comfortable.

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Step 2: Quality

The Kink Whip is priced right at $500 putting it close to the top of most people's budgets. The quality is good, but not the best and for that reason, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over 190lbs. The weight limit is due to the fact that these parts can wear out quicker than aftermarket parts and I'd hate for you to be replacing parts after a few short months. Because of the quality, it is classified as a "mid-level" bike for riders who are currently riding at a mid-level with a basic set of tricks.

Kink Whip Weight Limit

Sometimes weight is overlooked when buying a BMX bike. I was always close to the 200lb mark and I broke my fair share of bikes. The general recommendation is that if you are a heavier rider, you should go with an 8+ quality. If you are light, you can get away with any quality (for the most part) but you run into toptube size restrictions. 

I go back and forth on the weight limit of the whip since a 6.9 quality is really close to an 8 and I hate to put a restriction on the best value BMX bike in 2022. Here's what I will say... if you are over 200lbs just understand that some parts on the bike might break sooner than normal. Common issues include bent bars, tweaked rims, tire pinch flats, and bent sprocket. It's a good bike but the parts mentioned are pretty standard and are nowhere near the quality of those parts found on the Envy, or Soundwave

✅ - Under 130 lbs - You will not have any issues with the Kink Whip

✅ - 130 lbs to 150 lbs - The Kink Whip is fine for your weight

✅ - 150 lbs to 170 lbs - This bike is ok for your weight

⚠️ - 170 lbs - 200 lbs - Be careful and expect some parts to break prematurely

⚠️ - 200 lbs - 250 lbs - Parts on the Kink Whip might bend or break on you.

❌ - Over 250 lbs - You need a bike with 9-10 quality.

If you are too heavy for this bike, look at the Score Sheet and the Dougsterbob App to find bikes with 9 - 10 quality scores.

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Your Skill

My main concern here is to make sure that the bike you get can withstand your level of riding. The sad reality is that a pro-level rider can not ride a beginner-level bike for a long period of time and expect it to last. So if you are a pro-levle rider.. stop reading.

I have reason to believe that most people researching this bike are relatively new to BMX. If that sounds like you, the Whip will be a good bike for you. You want to get a bike that is just outside your current skill level so there is room to progress. A beginner should buy a mid-level bike and a mid-level rider should buy a high-level bike. 

The Kink Whip is a mid-level/high-level bike. If you are a beginner or mid-level rider, the Kink Whip is a good choice for you.

Main Component Quality

A bike's main components are the parts that hold everything together. These are generally the most expensive replacements and include the frame, forks, bars, and cranks. Having strong main components will save you money in the long run since it is less likely that they will need to be replaced later on in your BMX journey. 

✅ - Frame - The Kink Whips frame is FULL CHROMOLY and this is what everyone should aim for when buying a bike. A full chromoly frame is a step above a hi-tensile steel frame and a step below an aftermarket frame. This is a good quality frame.

⚠️ - Forks - The forks are also full chromoly. However, they have a 2 pc. steertube which is weaker and heavier than the 1pc alternative. Don't stress out too much about this, I just had to point it out.

✅ - Bars - The bars are full chromoly :)

⚠️ - Cranks - The cranks are full chromoly and 3 pc which is pretty standard on most BMX bikes. The 3pc system is 100x better than the 1 pc that you find on department store bikes. The Kink Whip cranks are 8 spline which in my experience is a pain. Aftermarket cranks will be 48 spline and feel lighter and stronger. These 3 pc cranks will be fine, but look at upgrading them within a few years.

Parts Package

A bike's part package makes up the rest of the bike. What rims, hubs and tires does it come with? What stem is it rocking? The part package can really set a bike aside from the competition. Some companies go cheap and some pour it all on here. Generally, upgrades in this area are less expensive and therefore less important than the main components.

Parts Package Pros

  • Sealed bearings
  • Double Wall rims
  • 25/9 gearing
  • 2.4 wide street tires

Parts Package Cons

  • 410 chain is thinner and weak
  • Aluminum sprocket

Aftermarket Parts

✅ - Kink Hemlock NF Pedals

✅ - Kink Ace Flangeless Grips

✅ - Kink Bold HRD 50mm Stem 

✅ - Mission Mylar Rims

Step #3: Utility

Some people get into BMX to ride one thing. If you're like me, you want to ride a little of everything. Either way, the last step of checking if this is the right bike, is the utility. Each bike is a little different in the way they are designed, built, and marketed. Some bikes are better for certain types of riding than others. What type of riding do you plan to do?

Keep in mind that this section is the least important since you are always able to purchase upgrades and make the bike better for your desired type of riding.

Kink Whip Utility

The Kink Whip is built to ride dirt jumps and pump tracks. This is a bit odd since it is marketed as a street bike. I disagree with the marketing and will argue that the Whip, right out of the box, is for riding dirt. 

It scores a 7.1 in dirt, which is almost 3 points higher than it's 4.3 in park. When riding dirt, it's important to have full control over the bike and your speed. Because of the Whip's mellow 13.2 chainstay and irresponsive 75º headtube angle, you will feel comfortable and stable on dirt jumps and pump tracks.

⚠️ - Street - This is not the strongest choice for the Kink Whip. If you really want to ride street you will need to make upgrades. Consider buying pegs, hubguards, and a freecoaster for your Kink Whip.

⚠️ - Park - The Kink Whip can ride park, but it will be best with upgrades. Consider a gyro, shorter reach front load stem, and better tires for park-specific riding.

✅ - Dirt - The Whip is best for dirt riding right out of the box. You can make it even better by buying a bigger sprocket, better tires, and better pedals.

If you are just buying this bike to commute or cruise on, ignore everything I just said. The bike is fine for cruising.

Where to Buy it?

I've heard so many horror stories of people buying their brand new bike and realizing later that they bought it from a shady bike shop. There are a few out there so be careful.

If you've decided that the Kink Whip is indeed the right bike for you, click this link to see which trusted shop has it in stock at the best price. 

Buy the Kink Whip here

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Kink Whip weigh?

The Kink Whip is a heavy BMX bike, weighing 27.7lbs without pegs or hub guards.

Does the Kink Whip come with brakes?

Yes, all bikes are required to be sold with brakes and reflectors. Your Whip will come with these items, but you can remove them at your own risk.

Can I upgrade the Kink Whip?

Yes. Every single part on this bike can be easily replaced with any part on our website. The Whip is a high-quality bike with part replacement capabilities.

How do I assemble my Kink Whip?

If you purchase your bike from Dan's Comp, it will come partially assembled and you can follow their assembly video to finish it yourself. If you lack mechanical ability, take it to a local bike shop.

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