2020 We The People Nova Review

The Nova is a perfect entry-level bike for someone who wants to get into bmx. The short chain stay and progressive geometry help riders progress fast. This bike weighs 25 lbs and comes in 3 sick colors. Choose between matte white, matte apple green, and matte black.

2020 We The People Nova Highlights

  • Perfect for short riders
  • Aftermarket SALT Parts
  • 25.53 lbs
  • 3 color options
matte apple green nova bike
matte apple green bottom bracket close up
matte apple green stem close up
matte black wtp nova bike
matte black nova front wheel
matte black nova pedal close up
matte white nova bmx bike
matte white nova rear wheel close up
matte white nova stem close up

Images from WTP https://wethepeoplebmx.de/bikes/nova

2020 We The People Nova Overview

Bringing Wethepeople quality to a lower price point, the 2020 entry-level shredding machine is better than ever. The Nova now features a super short 12.75” oval chainstay and responsive 26mm offset fork allowing it to not only feel just like the bikes Pro riders ride, but also make it much easier to ride and progress your riding even further.

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2020 We The People Nova Specs





FRAME MATERIAL: 1020 hi-ten
TOP TUBE LENGTH: 20" - Learn what size is right for you here.
HEADTUBE ANGLE: 75° - Learn About Head Tube Angles Here
FORKS: SALT “AM 20” fork, 1020 hi-ten , 4130 crmo steerer, 26mm offset
BARS: SALT "NOVA" bar, 1020 hi-ten
STEM: SALT "PRO" front loading stem, 50mm reach
HEADSET: SALT “PRO" int. headset, sealed bearing
BRAKES: SALTPLUS "Geo XL" alloy u-brake-rear
FRONT HUB: SALT ”Nova” alloy hub, loose ball 3/8"s axle, 36h
FRONT RIM: SALT “Nova" cassette hub, semi sealed, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h
REAR HUB: SALT “Nova" cassette hub, semi sealed, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h
REAR RIM: SALT “Nova" cassette hub, semi sealed, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h - Learn about single vs double wall rims here
TYRES: SALT “TRACER” tyres 2.35" front & rear
SPROCKET: SALT “GATEWAY” steel 25t sprocket
CRANKS: SALT “ROOKIE” tubular 3pc crank crmo 165mm, 8 Spline
BB: SALT “MID” 19mm, press fit, sealed bearing
PEDALS: ECLAT “Slash” nylon/fiberglass pedals
SEAT: WETHEPEOPLE “NOVA” mid padded combo seat
WEIGHT: 11.6kg / 25.71lbs

Frame Geometry

A: Top Tube Length: 20" - Learn what size is right for you here.

This is the smallest 20" top tube available.

Perfect for riders that are 4' to 5'4" tall

B: Chain Stay Length: 12.75”

This is a short chain stay giving your bike a very responsive feel. A short chain stay gives you less of a balance point for manuals, hops, and ice pick grinds.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75° - Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

Steep head tube angles make the bike "snappy" meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.65"

F: Stand Over Height: 8.38"

This is a smaller standover height. Small standovers make whips and spins easier, but gives you less control for bar spins and t-bogs.

2020 We The People Nova Price

$400 is a good price for an entry-level bike. Most bikes around this quality level are around $350-$400. With that being said... its the top price for its quality. Meaning you might be able to find a similar bike for less money.

2020 We The People Nova Quality

With the low price tag comes the low quality. Wethepeople is a good brand, but the parts on this bike are just designed for a beginner rider. Here are some low-quality parts that you can plan on upgrading in the next few years.

Hi-tensile steel instead of chromoly. Hi-tensile steel is a cheaper version of steel used on bmx bikes. The Nova has a hi-ten frame, bars, and forks. read about the difference here.

Single Wall Rims for doing big drops and spins, you will need double wall rims to hold up to the abuse. The single wall rims will bend as the rider gets more aggressive.



Cheap price for beginners

$400 isn't so bad compared to the $700 mid-level bikes being pushed out. For a beginner, there is nothing wrong with the bike or the price.


Lower Quality parts

Like, I mentioned, the 2020 Nova has lower quality parts. And this is bad for someone who wants to get the bike and start sending big gaps right away.

Buy if you are learning:

  • x up rides
  • pull up barspins
  • crankflips
  • feeble grinds

Don't buy if you are learning:

  • Big 360
  • big gaps/drops
  • backflips
  • 540

Conclusion 🤩

The Nova is one of Wethepeople's most popular bikes. This is due to the low price. Keeping the price low allows most beginners to get on and start riding. Only buy this bike if you are just starting out and want a bike to learn tricks fast on. Remember progressive geometry? Designed to help you progress fast! This bike will not last a rider who is already doing the hefty street riding.

If you decide to buy this bike get it from Chain Reaction, which sells in the US and UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do you have to be for this bike?

This bike is great for riders between 4' and 5'4"

How long will this bike last me?

Depending on how fast you progress, it will last at least a year.

Is this a good bike?

It is only good for beginner riders. For advanced riders, the quality of the parts are too low.

How much does the WTP Nova weigh?

It weighs 25.22 lbs

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