2021 Fit Series One (MD) Review


⛔️ - Full Chromoly
✅ - Under $500
⛔️ - Double Wall Rims
⛔️ - Pegs
⛔️ - Fully Sealed Bearings
✅ - 3 pc. Cranks
⛔️ - Freecoaster - What is a freecoaster?

2021 Fit Series One (MD) Overview

The Fit Bike Series One 2021 BMX Bike is made for BMX freestyle beginners and because of the all round geometry is ideal to try out in almost every BMX discipline like street, park and dirt. The Fit Bike Series One 2020 BMX Bike offers 4130 CrMo tubes (top and down tube) and 3-piece CrMo crank with Mid BB for increased stability.

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2021 Fit Series One (MD) Specs




Fit Series One MD Specs
FRAME: 20.5” TT (SM) Cro-Mo Top & Down Tubes.
GEOMETRY: Series One.
HEADSET: A-Headset.
BB: Sealed Mid.
BARS: 2-Piece 8.7”x 29”.
FORK: 33mm Offset Cro-Mo Steerer Tube.
STEM: FIT Top Load.
GRIPS: FIT Longtech.
SEAT: New More Padded Integrated Combo.
CRANKS: Tubular Cro-Mo 160mm.
FRONT WHEEL: FIT S1W w/Unsealed Hub.
REAR WHEEL: FIT S1W w/Sealed 9T Cassette.
BRAKES: New U-Brake w/more tire clearance and softer pull springs.
WEIGHT: 25.8lbs

Frame Geometry

Designed for riders who are 5'3" to 6"

Learn what size is right for you here.

This is a longer chain stay. It gives you a more stable and controlled feel. It is longer than most, and will feel really controlled but spins will feel sluggish

Learn About Chain Stays Here

Steep head tube angles make the bike "snappy" meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

The seat tube angle can adjust how the top tube feels by making it more or less steep. Most are this angle, it doesn't change very often.

The bottom bracket height adjusts how low or high your feet are off the ground. Most completes will be this height.

This is a tall standover.

A tall stand over allows you to pinch more of the seat for bars and t-bogs.

2021 Fit Series One (MD) Price

The 2021 Series One is priced right at $399. This is really close to the 2021 Kink gap, and is pretty close in quality. However, the 2021 Kink Whip is just a little more and is much better quality.

2021 Fit Series One (MD) Quality

This is an entry-level bike with entry-level parts. I would not recommend this bike if you are an experienced rider.

Buy if you are learning:

  • Bunnyhops
  • pull up bars
  • 180
  • fakie
  • footjam
  • manual

Don't buy if you are learning:

  • 360
  • drops
  • street tricks
  • tail whips
  • bar spins

2021 Fit Series One (MD) Conclusion

Last year, fit's line was a little overpriced. However, it seems like they fixed that with the 2021 Series One. It is priced close to similar quality bikes. That makes me happy. Get the MD version if you are 5'3" to 6'.

This bike is for a new rider who does not have very much experience, but want's to try out the sport. The geometry will help a brand new rider feel confident and controlled, but the quality will not hold up to advanced riding.