2021 Kink Whip Review

The 2021 Kink Whip blows me away. I'm not sure how they can get a bike that weighs 27lb 10oz and throw full chromoly and double wall rims on there. Then make it cost only $439. Kink did really good with this one… even though the color is basic.

This is about the 2021 Kink Whip. Read about the XL version HERE


✅ - Full Chromoly
✅ - Under $500
✅ - Double Wall Rims
⛔️ - Pegs
✅ - Fully Sealed Bearings
✅ - 3 pc. Cranks
⛔️ - Freecoaster - What is a freecoaster?

2021 Kink Whip Overview

The Whip is where our line really gets exciting. This beast is constructed using full 100% 4130 chromoly throughout the entire frame, fork and handlebar set. Complimenting this strong, durable structure are sealed bearings everywhere; headset, bottom bracket, and both front and rear hubs. The front rim has also been upgraded to the Mission Mylar, giving this bike double-wall rims both front and rear. Topping off all the great functionality, the Whip comes in a Matte Granite Charcoal colorway.

Featuring Kink Stryker forks, 9” Kink T900 bars and Kink Ridge 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks, the Whip is fitted with great components featuring modern geometry. Adding to all these specs are the comfortable Kink Ace flangeless grips, Kink Hemlock pedals, and Mission Nexus sprocket. Retailing for a price everyone can agree with, the Whip cannot be beaten.

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2021 Kink Whip Specs


$439.99 on sourcebmx



FRAME MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Chromoly
FORKS: Kink Stryker 100% 4130 Chromoly Tapered Fork Legs
BARS: Kink T900 9" 100% 4130 Chromoly
STEM: Kink Bold HRD 50mm
HEADSET: Mission Sealed Integrated (41.8 x 45)
BRAKES: Mission Cease V2
FRONT HUB: Mission Foxtrot Sealed 3/8″ Axle
FRONT RIM: Mission Mylar
REAR HUB: Mission Engage Sealed Cassette 14mm
REAR RIM: Mission Mylar
TYRES: Kink Sever 2.4"
SPROCKET: Mission Nexus 25T 6061 Aluminum
CRANKS: Kink Ridge 3pc Tubular Chromoly 170mm – 8 Spline
BB: Sealed Mid 19mm
PEDALS: Kink Hemlock NF
SEAT: Kink Duran Stealth
WEIGHT: 27lb 10oz

Frame Geometry

A: Top Tube Length: 20.5" - Learn what size is right for you here.

This is a short toptube.

Designed for riders who are 5' 6" to 5' 9"

B: Chain Stay Length: 13.25” - Learn About Chain Stays Here

This is a longer chain stay, it will give you more balance when doing manuals and pulling up for higher bunny hops.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75° - Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

Steep head tube angles make the bike "snappy" meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.6"

F: Stand over height: 9"

This is a medium/tall standover.

A medium stand over provides a good balance between responsiveness and control.

While a tall stand over allows you to pinch more of the seat for bars and t-bogs.

Common Questions

What is the price?

The 2021 Kink Whip costs $439. Which is really low priced for the quality. I'm trying to figure out why this bike is only $439. It has all of the quality parts, but costs so little. It really makes it a good bike for a crazy good price. The price tag suggests "mid-level" bike. However, I'd say with the quality it can even be considered to be a high-level bike.

It is good quality?

The Kink Whip is a mid-level to high-level quality bike. Meaning the parts will hold up to riders of the same skill level. The fundamental parts that make up a good bike include Full chromoly bars, forks and frame. Double wall rims, and 3 pc cranks. This 2021 Whip has all of that. Remember these aren't all top line aftermarket parts, however, they are still good.

How much does it weigh?

The Whip is a little heavier than most at 27lb 10oz. The weight does correlate with quality. Chromoly weighs more than hi-tensile, so it makes sense for a full chromoly bike to weigh more than a lower quality hi-tensile bike. Keep in mind that the XL version will be a little heavier.


Super affordable

I talk a lot about the $500 price point, being the perfect price for a new BMX bike. Because it is the budget of a lot of parents for Christmas or birthdays. That gives this bike a big GOLD STAR for costing less than that.


No Pegs

How do they expect you to ride street if they sell you a bike without pegs? Keep in mind that pegs are not very expensive. I still think it would be nice if they included some. 😒

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Made for BMX Riders

Buy if you are learning:

  • 180
  • 360
  • Manuals
  • Barspin
  • Tailwhips
  • Turn downs

Don't buy if you are learning:

  • Freecoaster tricks
  • Grinding hand rails
  • Huge drops
  • 720
  • Flips

2021 Kink Whip Conclusion

Kink's 2021 Whip is affordable and good quality. It is built for the rider who has been riding long enough to know a decent amount of tricks. Upgrading to the Whip will be good if you have a bike that is starting to break from 360's and bails. Don't get this bike if you need to ride pegs and a freecoaster to have fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do you have to be for the 2021 Kink Whip?

This bike is great for riders between 5' 6" to 5' 9"

How long will this bike last me?

Around 2 years depending on how many times you throw your bike.

Is this a good bike?

For a mid to high-level rider, its a perfect bike.

How much does it weigh?

The 2021 Kink Whip weighs 27 lbs 10 ounces