2021 Kink Williams Review

Set to be released in June of 2020, the Kink Williams is going to be a huge hit for mid to advanced level riders. The red color is one of my favorite things about this bike. Not to mention the 4 pegs and solid aftermarket parts. This will keep you rolling stronger for longer.


✅ - Full Chromoly
⛔️ - Under $500
✅ - Double Wall Rims
✅ - Pegs
✅ - Fully Sealed Bearings
✅ - 3 pc. Cranks
✅ - Freecoaster - What is a freecoaster?

2021 Kink Williams Overview

The Kink Williams is the flagship model in our line and our only signature bike with Kink Pro team rider Nathan Williams. The Williams is a no-compromises bike, that gets as close to Nathan’s personal ride as possible with a much more friendly price tag. Stacked with aftermarket parts, and superior manufacturing and materials, the Williams bike is the best of the best in BMX, no question. The bright Gloss Mirror Red colorway is truly unique and shows off the craftsmanship of the frame.

The frame itself features both a double-butted toptube and downtube and is paired up to aftermarket Kink Foundation II forks with a short 26mm offset, and aftermarket Kink Williams 9.25” rise heat-treated bars. The impressive aftermarket components list continues with the Cinema Rewind 25t sprocket, Cinema Sync half-link chain, Cinema Williams 2.5” tires, and Cinema Martinez stem. The 2021 Williams also features Kink Ridge 48-spline cranks, Cinema ZX wheelset with four nylon hub guards, and four Cinema C4 pegs, so this bike is truly ready to ride straight out of the box.

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2021 Kink Williams Specs


$749.99 on sourcebmx



FRAME MATERIAL: 100% 4130 Chromoly
FORKS: Kink Foundation II (4130 Chromoly)
BARS: Kink Williams 9.25" (4130 Chromoly)
STEM: Cinema Martinez 48mm
HEADSET: Mission (Sealed)
BRAKES: Mission Token Lever, L4 Cable, Cease V2 Brakes
FRONT HUB: Cinema ZX (sealed)
FRONT RIM: Cinema 444
REAR HUB: Cinema ZX Sealed Freecoaster
REAR RIM: Cinema 444
TIRES: Cinema Williams
SPROCKET: Cinema Rewind 25t
CRANKS: Kink Ridge 3pc
BB: Sealed 19mm
SEAT: Cinema Waxed Canvas
WEIGHT: 26.6 lbs

Frame Geometry

A: Top Tube Length: 21" - Learn what size is right for you here.

This is a long toptube.

Perfect for riders that are tall between 5' 11" to 6' 2"

B: Chain Stay Length: 12.75” - Learn About Chain Stays Here

This is a medium chainstay. It will give you a good balance of responsiveness and control.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75.5° - Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

Steep head tube angles make the bike "snappy" meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7"

F: Stand over height: 9"

This is a tall standover.

A tall standover gives you more stability and will make bars, and t-bogs easier.

2021 Kink Williams Price

$750 is NOT cheap. However, It's worth it.. For this high price tag, you get a pro-level bike with a lot of after market Cinema parts. The Williams bike will last a long time.

2021 Kink Williams Quality

If you take a look at the spec list, you will see that most parts listed have links to learn more. This means that they are aftermarket and would cost a lot of money to build on a bike separately. Any bike with aftermarket parts is automatically a higher quality.



I like pro-level bikes because they last a rider through all of the stages of progression. This is also a low priced pro-level bike. Most comparable quality bikes are at the $900 price range.



Not many people or people's parents can afford to drop $750 on a bike.

Buy if you are learning:

  • 180
  • 360 taps
  • fakie tricks
  • Barspin
  • Tailwhip
  • Flip
  • 720
  • icepick

Don't buy if you are learning:

  • Good for all tricks

2021 Kink Williams Conclusion

In 2020 the williams was one of my favorite bikes because of the clean look and outstanding quality. In 2021, they did it again and I am so excited to hear from you all and see how it rides. The quality is amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do you have to be for this bike?

This bike is great for riders between 5' 11" to 6' 3"

How long will this bike last me?

The parts are designed to last and the Williams bike will last as long as you need it to.

Is this a good bike?

One of my favorites. If you can afford it.. get it.

How much does it weigh?

The 2021 Kink Williams weighs 26.6 lbs