3 Fit Completes that everyone wants in 2020

Fit has a huge bmx line in 2020. It is compiled with over 10 different bikes, ranging from 16" to 26" with a big focus on 20" bikes. One thing that I really liked about the fit line is that they are all under $500. Even though, none of them came with double wall rims.. They are in high demand. Let's talk about the 3 most popular.

Bike Level Cost Full Chromoly Weight Pegs
Series One Beginner 359.99 ⛔️ 26 lbs ⛔️
TRL Beginner 399.95 ⛔️ 26.9 lbs ⛔️
Scumbag Mid-level $489.95 28.6 lbs

3. 2020 Fit Series One

Fit Series One Highlights

✅ - Sick Colors
✅ - Multiple Frame Sizes
✅ - Chromoly Front Triangle

Fit Series One Overview

Fit's entry-level 20" BMX, the Series One, is far from basic. A chromoly top tube and down tube offer strength and durability while keeping the weight low. Responsive geometry is ideal for the modern rider, and with a choice of top tube lengths and fantastic colorways, the Series One has something for everyone!

Why I Like it

I love that this is a really good entry level bike. It is designed at a low price to get people into bmx. Once you get a bike and start riding, you will fall in love with it. The bike has lots of color options and size options to get you the perfect bike for learning the sport.

2. 2020 Fit TRL

Fit TRL Highlights

✅ - 30 tooth sprocket
✅ - 8.7" Bars
✅ - Tall Top tube (21")

Fit TRL Overview

The FIT TRL is the perfect bike for trail and makes you look good whilst doing it. The TRL has a top tube and down tube which adds strength whilst keeping the weight low with an integrated headtube drilled for gyro tabs, a FIT topload stem with 8.7" 2pc bars. With durable 175mm chromoly 3pc indented cranks with a sealed mid bottom bracket, 30T FIT Saw sprocket. The wheels have 14mm sealed cassette hub and a 3/8 unsealed front hub, FIT S1W rims with FIT OEM 2.4 tires. Fitted with Wellgo Nylon pedals, alloy U brake, and lever.

Why I Like it

This bike is super cool because it goes full-on trail. Just like Fit's other unique line bikes. Fit's TRL has a big sprocket to give you a higher top speed when pedaling. The tall top tube will make the bike feel bigger and more controllable while blasting huge airs.

1. 2020 Fit Scumbag

Fit Scumbag Highlights

✅ - Full Chromoly
✅ - Pegs
✅ - Freecoaster
✅ - Street design

Fit Scumbag Overview

The Scumbag from Fit has just about everything you need for a street session: Full chromoly, sealed bearings all round, a freecoaster to help with those fakie tricks, responsive geometry….. They even include 4 pegs to make you ready for the streets straight out the box!

Why I Like it

This is a Brandon Begin signature bike. And it is built with more quality than other Fit complete bikes. The full chromoly frame will last longer than the frames with trimoly. I also love the fact that this bike has 4 pegs. This can save you a good amount of money if you decide street riding is the way to go.

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