6 Best BMX Brands for Street

You love street riding. Right? So you want to buy from a company that makes good street parts. Right? Over the last 10 years, I have been buying and breaking parts. Some companies are really good and some not so good.

The Best BMX Brands for Street are:

  • Fit
  • Fiend
  • Odyssey
  • S&M
  • Kink
  • Cult

When shopping for street parts, there are a few things to consider.

  • Strong parts. The focus here should be more on the quality of parts instead of the weight. Street riding takes more abuse than other forms of riding
  • Taller geometry. Street riding really popularized the 10" and 11" bars. The point here is that street riders enjoy bigger parts that make the riding more comfortable.

6. Fit

What is Fit?

Fit is a brand that focuses more on complete bike sales instead of part sales. Which means that they don't have the resources to put into the beefy street part. I'm not saying that fit is bad, they still make really good parts. Fit just doesn't have a street focus.

Why is this a good brand for street?

Fit has some parts with a really high-quality focus. Good quality is crucial for street riding. Not only do strong parts last longer, saving you money in the long run, but they also can save you from really bad injuries.

Best Fit Bike Co. Street Parts

Part Why is it good?
Fit Hangman Frame The Hangman frame features classic geometry with larger downtube and thicker dropouts designed to survive deadly drops. This frame is made entirely from the best 4130 and is hand-built in the USA.
Fit Blade Forks The third version of the popular Blade fork. Fit's goal was to design and produce an extremely strong fork with plenty of tire clearance.
Fit Sleeper Frame A really responsive setup built to last. The Tubeset on this is Vari-Wall ThermalX, butted top and seat tube with a straight gauge down tube to keep it sturdy. Double Gusset with Embossed F.I.T. Logo for added strength.
Fit Nordstrom Bar Matt Nordstrom signature bars from Fit. Made from 4Q Baked 4130 CrMo tubing with dual radius bends with a large top bend to increase strength. American Made

5. Fiend

What is Fiend?

Fiend was started by the street god Garret Reynolds. I heard that Garret needed really strong parts that could withstand his riding. This guy trucks 10 sets for breakfast. Fiend has recently started doing complete bikes, but the aftermarket parts that they put out are strong and fine-tuned for street riding.

Why is this a good brand for street

So, for the most part, Fiend parts are heavy and expensive. However, that makes them incredibly strong and able to withstand big drops. You are sacrificing the weight for added strength. If you are doing a lot of tricks that beat your bike, fiend would be a really good choice.

Best Fiend parts for street

Part Why is it good?
Fiend 2.5 Team Cranks These cranks are ridden by all of the Fiend pro team. They are strong chromoly, and are 2.5 pc instead of 3pc. This makes the cranks easier to work on, who doesn't want to save a bit of a headache?
Fiend Reynolds V2 Frame Aside from the sick color options, the Reynolds V2 frame has quality placed as #1. Double-butted chromoly tubing with gussets added for strength really makes this frame stand out.
Fiend Reynolds Bars Garret Reynolds signature handlebars from Fiend. The Reynolds bars are made from multi-butted, heat-treated 4130 for maximum strength to weight ratio. Rise: 8.75"

4. Odyssey

What is Odyssey?

Odyssey provides aftermarket components. You might see them on really high-end Sunday bikes. Famous for the old elementary V3 stem, and modern Odyssey Clutch freecoaster. They are always incredibly high quality. Odyssey even offers a lifetime warranty on bars, forks, and frames.

What makes it good for street?

Like I touched on before, high-quality parts are so important for riding street. Odyssey always delivers on some of the best parts in BMX. The fact that they have such an extensive warranty, really shows how much faith they have in their product. Read about the warranty here.

Also, check out this video of them testing their forks..


Best Odyssey parts for street

Part Why is it good?
Odyssey Clutch V2 Hub There is a reason that the Clutch Freecoaster is so popular. It provides a really good upgrade to move you closer to your street riding dreams. With easy adjustable slack, solid construction, and fair weight, you'll enjoy the clutch freecoaster.
Utility Pro Guard Sprocket The injection-molded plastic bash guard is replaceable and removable, revealing a classic and clean sprocket underneath. Compatible with all BMX chains. The Utility Pro Sprocket is Odyssey's CNC’d 7075 Aluminum guard sprocket. The injection-molded plastic bash guard is replaceable and removable, revealing a classic and clean sprocket underneath.
Odyssey M-Peg The Odyssey MPEGs are made from heat treated 4140 chromoly to help keep the cost down. They feature a smaller overall length and diameter to help save weight and come with anti roll pins and axle converters so they will fit both 10mm and 14mm axles. Simple but good pegs.

3. S&M

What is S&M?

S&M Is one of the few brands that boasts outstanding quality from being made in the USA. What does this mean? Well, technically it means much more expensive products. But with that higher price tag comes the better quality. I ride S&M parts and have only broken one set of forks. They were really good about working with me and replacing them.

What makes them a good brand for street?

The S&M Brand is so interesting to me. The team is made up of guys who just SEND IT. They throw themselves off huge stair sets, ledges, and anything else. The parts really hold up to all kinds of riding. This brand also pioneered the tall bar wave by creating the Perfect 10's and 11's.

Best S&M Parts for Street

Part Why is it good?
S&M Pitchfork Tapered version of the classic Pitchfork from S&M, made from true temper air hardened and heat 4Q Baked 4130 in USA. Super simple and strong.
S&M Credence Turtleneck Stem Team Credence wanted to tweak the classic Challenger stem to suit their brand of riding. The result is the Turtleneck – a 6061 T-6 aluminum CNC machined stem that’s a hair longer and narrower, with an internal cutout that lightens it up.

The longer reach gives you a more stable ride. Steering will feel better.
S&M Perfect 10's Personally, I hate really tall bars. But for a lot of people, they cause less back pain, and also make bunny hops easier. The only thing to do it try em out and see how they feel.

2. Kink

What is Kink?

Kink is an east coast brand with some heavy-hitting riders. They recently released the Champagne video part and it was mind-blowing. I love this brand and the persona they have in BMX.

They are primarily known for their banging complete bmx line. (some of my favorite completes are made by Kink.) Along with the completes, they make some really good parts. But since they are an east coast brand with a very strick distribution policy, I hardly see them on homies bikes.

What makes Kink a good brand for street?

My favorite thing about Kink is their involvement in BMX. You cant have a good brand without supporting what you love. Kink delivers on this by sponsoring insane street riders and sending them on trips to film projects. The aftermarket parts are built to last since they need to support crazy riders like Travis Hughes and Nathan Williams

Best Kink Parts for Street

Part Why is it good?
Kink Foundation Forks The Kink Foundation 2 forks are a traditional style fork that still uses the latest technology. Available in 2 different offset sizes to suit all types of riding. Read more about fork specs here
Kink Sever Tire The Kink Sever tires feature a simple, yet stylish and effective low profile tread pattern that rolls fast while providing a ton of grip. The entire outer tread surface is micro-knurled which adds additional traction, fresh out of the box.
Kink 24mm Pillar Cranks As the name implies, the Pillar 24 cranks are Kinks 24mm version of the proven Pillar cranks. In addition to a much-improved strength to weight ratio, the 24mm (23.8mm) spindle means sprockets mount directly without the need of added adapters. Super Strong and beefy cranks.

1. Demolition

What is Demolition?

Demolition is a brand known for making quality components. But unlike similar brands, Demolition is not found on complete bikes. In my opinion, they have some of the best riders on the team. This may be a little biased since I absolutely love Demolition and run a lot of Demolition on my bike. See my bike check here

What makes it a good street brand?

This goes back to having strong parts, and never compromising quality. They offer a lifetime warranty on a handful of parts, showing how much they really believe in them. Demolition Warranty. With people like Dennis Enarson, and even sponsoring some close friends, you can see that the team is stacked and only the best parts will do.

Best Demolition Parts for Street

Part Why is it good?
Demolition Rig Cranks Dennis Enarson Signature crank from Demolition, With a 24mm 48t chromoly splined spindle and Heat-treated Chromoly arms. These are super tough crankset that Dennis himself swears by so you know they are going take whatever you throw at them.
Demolition Rotator V3 Freecoaster A newly revamped hub shell and updated internals for Ryan “Biz” Jordan’s signature V3 Rotator freecoaster hub. 6061-T6 aluminum hub shell. 14 mm heat-treated CRMO axle w/ allen insert for easy removal.
Demolition KP Stem The KP (Kevin Peraza) Signature Stem made from 6061 CNC aluminum has a clean tapered body with a wider clamping area, rounded edges, and internal machining for weight. Simple looking but strong and reliable.