6 Best BMX Brands of 2021

Let's face it, most of 2020 has been no fun. But a huge perk was that the 2021 BMX bikes have all been released. After reviewing all of these bikes, I decided that I'd make a quick post telling you which brands are the best and why. These brands are judged based on their quality and variety.


6. Fit

Coming in hot, or not so hot.. Fit. Don't get me wrong, Fit's 2021 line is very popular and not particularly bad. However, they really missed the mark on some bikes in my opinion.

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View the 2021 Fit bike line HERE

It seems like since 2018 the complete bikes have been coming out with lower and lower quality options. This eliminates the option of buying a bike that will really last for you, ultimately giving the sport a bad name.


  • Discipline-specific options
  • Most under $500
  • Good customer service
  • can be easily upgraded with other parts


  • No "high-level" options
  • A little overpriced for the quality included
  • Single-wall rims on most bikes


You're probably new to bmx, and you just want a bike that will help you learn some new tricks. If that is the case, any fit bike will be a great choice for you. But if you are looking to get a bmx bike that lasts while you progress to a mid or high-level, none of Fit's options will be a good fit.

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5. Fly

I really love Fly's brand and everything they put out in BMX. But they are so expensive and contrary to fit, they have too many high-level bikes. Their 2021 line is very similar to the 2020 line. Updates with fresh colors and bikes costing over $700. Yes.. $700

View the 2021 line here.

I post pictures of Fly's bikes on Pinterest, and every time they blow up. Complete fly bikes look absolutely beautiful. But they come with a price. Like I mentioned before, these bikes are almost all high-end.

The cheapest 21" Fly option is the Electron. Built with minimum chromoly, and all lower end parts, it is a beginner level bike for a mid-level price. Just being honest. It does look good though.

We felt that we needed a bit more affordable model in our range of Expert line of bikes, so we changed a few specs without sacrific- ing strength on the 2021 Electron. We are using the pinch bolt style cranks we used on previous versions of the Electron that we had no claims on, a thicker steel Trebol sprocket and 2-piece steer tube forks. Three details that add a bit of weight, but keeps the strength that we wanted, while cutting the cost of the price of the bike.

2021 Fly Electron


  • High-quality options
  • Bikes for very skilled riders
  • One of the few brands with a high-end dirt option
  • Clean look
  • parts are easily upgraded


  • Good options are expensive
  • Bikes are a little overpriced
  • Only one beginner option
  • Hard to find in stock


When I get a mid or a high-level rider ask me for a free bike recommendation, I usually include a high-end Fly bike just in case the rider wants a really strong bike. But for a lower-level rider, these bikes never make it. If you are new to the sport save your money and get a more affordable bike.

4. Sunday

The 2021 Sunday line was a little more impressive to me. Somehow they balanced affordable beginner bikes, with expensive high-level bikes. This is hard to do for a lot of companies since ordering too much of one kind will really hurt you later on.

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See the Complete 2021 line here.

After reviewing the 2021 Sunday EX, I quickly fell in love. It comes in two options (Erik Elstran or Julian Arteaga). By splitting it up like this, they made an option that will work for aspiring freecoaster riders or old school cassette riders. Each bike has some different size and quality options making Sunday a good brand to shop when looking at buying a BMX bike.

The EX is just one example of how much time and effort really went into creating great bikes for all bmx riders.

We are excited to introduce "Park" models in both the Primer and Forecaster categories. With a model-specific geometry that features accents like a lower standover height and an Odyssey Gyro kit with dual cables top and bottom, both the Primer and Forecaster Park models are built to shred right out of the box.

Sunday Bikes


  • Park options for aspiring park riders
  • Affordable beginner options
  • Pro-level options
  • Good customer service
  • Trusted brand
  • Lots of options


  • Some bikes seem a little over priced
  • Sold out fast!


For most people, you have probably seen Sunday's bikes while shopping for your new BMX. Rest assured, they are a good brand that really takes care of their customers. Just make sure you buy the right Sunday if you decide to go that route. Get a bike that fits you by checking out a size guide, and understand how the different BMX specs will affect your riding by reading my Big Book of BMX Specs.

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3. Wethepeople

I always consider Wethepeople to be a high-end street brand. Most WTP bikes cost north of $450, but they are all really good quality. This is one of the only brands that makes complete bikes using fully custom aftermarket parts. By pairing with eclat, they can deliver some really high-quality BMX bikes.

See the 2021 line here.

So many options. That's all I can say. They have a 12" strider bike, all the way up to a 27" contraption that looks like it'd be kind of fun to cruise around on. One of the most popular bikes is the 2021 Battleship. Decked out with all kinds of strong aftermarket parts, pegs, hub guards, and more.

The only problem that you will have when shopping for these bikes is that you will have too many choices.



  • Countless options
  • Good after-market parts on most bikes
  • Good colors
  • Street and park options


  • Expensive
  • No dirt specific option
  • Too many choices might be overwhelming


The only reason that the Wethepeople bikes wouldn't work for you, would be if you were on a really strict budget. Since most of these bikes add in aftermarket Salt, and Eclat parts, they will be a little more expensive than bikes with no aftermarket parts. Don't get discouraged. This is great if you want to keep progressing with BMX.

Can't find any Wethepeople bikes in stock? Check here

2. Cult

Simplicity is at the top of Cults 2021 line. Similar to fit, except they included a mid-level bike with strong chromoly and double wall rims. Cult's most expensive bike costs a little over $500 and it build to last. While your options might be limited, there is still a choice for almost every rider.

See all the 2021 Cult complete bikes here

Cult is so high up on this list because of one superstar complete bike that BMX enthusiasts go crazy about every year. The Cult Devotion provides a really good mid-level bike with everything you need to progress and keep progressing. Not at that level yet? Don't worry. They have complete beginner bikes for around $300.


  • Good prices
  • Good quality
  • Trusted brand


  • Limited colors
  • No "pro-level" bikes
  • Sold out all the time


Cult's bikes are perfect for someone learning bunnyhops all the way to someone working on 360's. The simplistic design and minimal options are what keeps this line affordable. So if you can settle for a black, raw, or white bike and you do not want to get ripper off, consider Cult's bikes.

Can't find any Cult bikes in stock? Check here

1. Kink

I was blown away by the prices in Kink's 2021 line. I remember thinking "how are they making any money?" Kink has bikes that range all the way up to pro-level, but the main core of the line is $500 or less and build with quality that will make you question the other brands.

Check out the full 2021 Kink line here.

Kink adds in quality to their already cheap bikes with mission parts. Mission provides after-market parts at a really low price. I have personally run mission parts and ran into zero issues. With that being said, mission is a lower quality brand.

Any bike that adds aftermarket parts is automatically better than competitors. Low priced bikes + aftermarket parts = big win. Keep that in mind. A good example of that is the 2021 Kink Switch, which is my favorite 2021 complete bike.


  • Great quality to price ratio
  • Lots of size options
  • Lots of color options
  • Aftermarket parts
  • great brand


  • Sold out
  • No discipline specific bikes

Everything you need to know

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Getting better at BMX

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BMX Upgrades

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