7 Best BMX Brands of 2020

I have been riding bmx for over 10 years. In that time, I have seen brands come and go. Sometimes they change standards, and quality. Sometimes companies go out of business. And sometimes they just have a bad year. Here are the top 7 brands in 2020.

When writing these top brands, I look into the quality/price ratio. Meaning the amount of quality you get for the lowest price. A company that makes low quality bikes for a very high price will rank worse on the list.

7. Fit

From a brand perspective, Fit is a great brand. I rode fit parts through many years of my bmx life. The warranty was always great because they had no problem replacing parts as they broke. This year, the 2020 line was disappointing.

None of the 2020 completes had double wall rims. Is it really a big deal? I mean only to riders who plan to progress. If you don't ever plan on trying whips and big 360's the bikes will be ok. But if you want to go somewhere with your riding, you should have a bike that can get you there.

To be fair, the specific bikes like the Fit TRL, Fit PRK, and Fit STR are cool. I like that they are designed specifically for a certain type of riding. I just wish Fit focused a little more on the quality aspect.

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6. Fiend

Fiend was started by the street god Garret Reynolds. I heard that Garret needed really strong parts that could withstand his riding. This guy trucks 10 sets for breaskfast. Fiend has recently started doing complete bikes.

The fiend 2020 line is relatively limited and confusing. All bikes were the "Embryo" however they had different types ranging from: Type O, Type B, and so on. Each had a '+' or a '-' version. Like "2020 Fiend embryo A+" Anyway, the A+ is the best version and the quality trickles down from there.

The bikes are not cheap. However they are strong, I mean Garret Reynolds rides these parts. 😎

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5. Fly BMX

Fly is a bmx brand from Spain that started in 1999. The focus on game changing riders and sleek designs keep them relevant for all years.

I was really impressed by their 2020 line of bmx bikes. To me, most of them seemed really expensive, but were built really well. Some bikes were over the $700 price point, but you were getting all of the top parts.

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4. WeThePeople

So heres the deal about wethepeople. I was really impressed with the high-end bikes. These bikes came with really good parts and were just a little over $500. WTP made specific bikes targeted to certain types of riding (eg. street, trails, park) and I loved that!

The 2020 line had a pretty big list of completes ranging from $400-$1100. No matter what your skill level is, you can find a WTP bmx bike that will work perfect for you.

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3. Sunday

Sunday has been around since 2005. They started with bars and forks, and eventually made frames with some unique attributes. Sunday kept changing the game with integrated gussets and wave down-tubes that made the frames a lot stronger.

This company has a list of very talented riders that they support. In 2020 Sunday came out with a lot of signature completes with a good list of strong parts, for a good price. This included the Street Sweeper and the Gary Young Signature

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2. Kink

Kink is an east coast brand with some heavy hitting riders. They recently released the Champagne video part and it was mind blowing. I love this brand and the persona they have in bmx.

The 2020 Kink line was huge. With bikes ranging from $300-$700 and multiple color options per bike. Kink put out a ton of options in 2020. Need a free-coaster? Kink gave you that option.

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1. Cult

Cult has a cool story. From what I have heard, a guy named Robbie quit at Fit and started cult with ex Fit rider Dakota Roache. Cult was started on the foundation that "a bmx brand should be about the sport and everything that makes it great. Not about the money." The money followed with Cult being one of the best brands in BMX.

There was only a handful of 2020 bikes in a limited amount of color options. In comparison to the other 2020 lines, Cult had the best quality/price ratio. Most bikes were very well priced and had high quality parts. Good job Robbie!

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