Are Cult BMX bikes good?

Cult makes complete bikes, and bmx bike components. They are insanely popular due to the cult-like following that they have built up over the last few years. Essentially, they have one of the best reputations in BMX and I ALWAYS recommend their complete bikes for new riders. Only because they make good quality stuff for a good price.


I spent some time looking around on the internet to find some good and bad reviews. I was shocked to only find good reviews. Here and there you'd find something talking about how a part didn't last forever. But a lot of times that's just a defect. Cult includes a year warranty against manufacturer defects.

When you see a whole bunch of products with mostly positive reviews, you can be assured that they are good quality.


Here are the products that Cult makes:

Everything that they make is good quality. But they usually only have one or two color options. Which is super lame if you want a colorful bike.

The Story

Picture of Cult owner Robbie Morales back in the day

Robbie Morales split up with FIT/S&M and is forming his own company. He's taking FIT riders Dakota Roche, Chase DeHart, Trey Jones and Chase Hawk with him to a new brand rumoured to be called: CULT. Just when Dakota, DeHart and Hawk got their own complete bike line over at S&M this isn't exactly what Chris Moeller was hoping for.

Chris Moeller,, September 2009: "From day one Robbie helped build an amazing team for Fit. I had known Mike, Van, and BF for a long time, but I actually never imagined they’d ride for us…Robbie did, and he made it happen. He also introduced us all to Edwin, one of the most innovative and influential riders ever. Robbie definitely has a gift for spotting the best and most stylish riders around. , I called Robbie yesterday to ask him about some more shady rumors I heard at Interbike and he got frustrated and abruptly quit his job. I immediately got a call from Hawk and Dak who also quit the team. Months ago I had been approached by Robbie to start a new brand with only the younger team riders, so this didn’t surprise me, but I was bummed to lose these two because I like them both a lot. I have no hard feelings toward any of the guys and I think everyone should do what makes them happy. So good luck boys."


Cult BMX Pros and Cons


  • Trusted Brand
  • High-quality after market parts
  • BMX options for smaller riders
  • Cares about the sport


  • Smaller Company compared to others
  • Not as many complete bike options
  • Not many color options
  • Heavier because of the stronger material


Like I said before, Cult is a good trusted brand. They are mostly known for their strong after-market parts. While they do have complete bikes, the options are limited. I have a lot of reviews about Cult's complete bike here if you want to read more. If you need a brand that has a ton of color options you should check out a different company to buy from.

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