Best BMX Related Christmas Gifts

With Christmas right around the corner, many have already started the Christmas shopping. For parents of a bmx rider, I know that shopping bmx realted gifts can be tough. Thats why I'm here to help.

Use this table of contents to skip to exactly what your are shopping for. I have broke it down between:

  • bmx part upgrades
  • complete bmx bikes
  • bmx accessories

BMX Part Upgrades

These gifts are for someone who already has a bmx bike and needs some new parts to keep the bike fresh. There are three types of riding styles.. Street, Park, and Dirt. I'll try to keep most of these parts to the general rider. However, some parts will be specialized for one type of riding, and you should check with your kid that they ride this syle before you buy them a specialized part. With that being said, let's jump into it.

1. Seats/Grips/Pedals

Some smaller parts that change the appearance of the a bmx bike without changing the specs are the seat, grips, and pedals. Here are my favorites:

BSD Soulja Seat


I wrote a review on this seat early on, and I really loved the colors on it. Find a color that matches the bike you plan to upgrade. It is a high quality seat, and unlike most seats, it is actually comfy.

Subrosa Happy Hour Pivotal Seat


This pivotal seat looks amazing. With a bottle cap theme, it add a lot of color to the bike. The Happy Hour seat is pretty comfortable but not crazy soft. It is really made for the looks. That is why it looks so good.

Ethic Pro Grips


I currently ride these on my bike. I cannot say enough good things about them. Yes they are scooter grips, but they work good for bmx bikes. I love how thick and durable they are.


  • Black
  • Black and Transparent
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Transparent

Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals


These are my all time favorite pedals. I have ridden them for the last few years. These pedals always grip perfectly for me. They are strong, last long, and grip well. What else do you need?


  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Teal
  • Neon Yellow
  • Limited Edition Colors

Odyssey JC PC Pedals


I HATE metal pedals. They always hurt and always cost so much. But when I saw these Odyssey JC PC pedals I just had to try them. I was excited because they only cost $35 instead of $60. For me, the metal pins are almost too much grip for me. They are still strong and everything is replaceable so I will still recommend them.

2. Cranks and Chains

Most complete bikes come with 8 spline cranks which are not as good as 48 spline cranks. So if you want to get a gift that will drastically improve the performance of the bmx bike, get some 48 spline cranks.

Chains are usually cheap and break a lot. Nothing is worse than snapping a chain and smacking your knee on the stem. That is why i'm recommending a new chain as a gift.

Profile Cranks Set


I run these cranks, and have run them for years. I get about two years out of them before a crank arm breaks. Luckily, they have a lifetime warranty. So if they break, just contact profile and get that warranty going.

These cranks are light, and strong with 4130 chromoly. The spindle is pretty hollow with the GHD (gun hold drive) system.

These cranks are 19mm and only work with a 19mm bottom bracket. Before buying the cranks just make sure that the bike has the 19mm bottom bracket. Just google " bottom bracket size"

Odyssey Calibur Cranks


Odyssey makes really really good products. These cranks are a beefy 22mm spindle size. Meaning they are a lot stronger than the other 19mm cranks. Odyssey is known for quality products and the Calibur cranks are no exception.

These cranks are designed for a 22mm bottom bracket. Fortunately they come with a 22mm bottom bracket. Saving you about $20.

Shadow Interlock V2 Chain


The Interlock V2 chain is the only one that I will run. I bough my first interlock chain 4 years ago after breaking Walmart chains every month. My first interlock chain lasted me 2 years. When it finally broke, only half of the plate broke and the chain was still ride able.

I am completely amazed with how strong this chain is. Putting an Interlock chain on will be a huge upgrade.

To switch this chain, it really helps to have a shadow chain breaker. You can check this out below.

The Shadow Conspiracy Pro Grade Interlock Chain Breaker


Cult has always made good product. This Halflink chain is ridden by most of Cult team riders. They put it under huge abuse. I love half link chains and the strength they have.

Complete BMX Bikes

Beginner Bikes

Beginner bmx bikes cost anywhere from $300-$500. They are made of hi-tensile steel and only last for riders who have no prior experience in bmx. If someone is serious about bmx but is just learning.. I recommend skipping to a mid level bike. If you are unsure about how long you plan to ride, go with a beginner bike.

2020 Wethepeople NOVA


matte white nova bmx bike

Bringing Wethepeople quality to a lower price point, the 2020 entry-level shredding machine is better than ever. The Nova now features a super short 12.75” oval chainstay and responsive 26mm offset fork allowing it to not only feel just like the bikes Pro riders ride, but also make it much easier to ride and progress your riding even further.



kink gap freecoaster

After its hugely successful introduction, the Gap FC continues to feature the same great Gap specs but adds a freecoaster rear hub for making backwards tricks a breeze. Featuring modern geometry, the frame, fork and bars also add some 4130 chromoly into the mix and is available in a classic Matte Guinness Black colorway. Components found on the Gap FC take things up a notch too and are not to be missed.

Not only will it look the part, the 9” Kink Grizzly CC bars, Kink Stryker forks, Kink Bold HRD stem, sealed Mission Deploy freecoaster hub, and Kink Ridge 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks help it to feel and perform the part. The addition of a Stealth seat and seat post are not to be overlooked either and add both adjustability and modern compatibility. Modern frame geometry brings a lower bottom bracket and raised standover height to the Gap FC, for a stable ride.



matte dust lliac

The 2020 Launch continues the legacy of a truly remarkable bike. This bike is still one of the best value priced models in the market, hands down, year after year. Available in Gloss Guinness Black, Matte Dusk Lilac, and Gloss Raw Holographic colorways, the Launch pairs its great color selection with even better components.

The Launch is equipped with both a sealed integrated headset and sealed Mid bottom bracket, which drastically improves performance and virtually eliminates maintenance of these components. Combined with a parts package that includes Kink Stryker forks, Kink Human CC 8.75” bars, and Mission Triumph 3pc tubular chromoly cranks, this bike is a rookies dream.




The Blueprint is a bike for new riders that is built around a pro-level geometry to help them progress faster. This bike is equipped with hassle-free parts like Odyssey Springfield brakes, a Sunday Freeze stem and Current 2.4” tires to help keep you focused on the important part – riding. The Blueprint comes with an integrated head tube for 2020 for greater durability, ease of assembly and pro style points.

Mid-Level Bikes

Mid-level bmx bikes cost anywhere from $500-$800. They have a lot of good parts, but not the absolute best. I think mid level bikes are the best to go with for riders who want to progress. They usually have full chromoly which is very important in a bmx bike. Get a mid level bike if you want something that will last longer than an entry level bike.

2020 Wethepeople Crysis


matte trans teal crysis

The Crysis is a sleek and stealthy bike designed to rip it on all terrains, with a spec that could easily be found on the same bikes the pro teams are riding on this year. You’ll find a generous helping of Wethepeople aftermarket parts including the all-terrain 2.35” overbite tyres, Logic sprocket and now the Logic stem. If that wasn’t enough, the Crysis is available in two frame sizes (20.5” or 21”), both of which use WTP’s new invest cast wishbone and taller 127mm head tube for a super clean and refined look.




Freshened up once again for 2020, the Kink Downside continues to get even better. The general construction is nothing less than you would expect, with its 100% 4130 chromoly frame, fork, bars, and sealed bearings throughout the bike. The big bars, short backend, and sealed rear freecoaster hub mean the Downside is ready for some serious riding. The special Matte Dusk Sage colorway needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated, and the paired skin wall tires and black parts keep this bike looking pro.

When it comes to the components featured on the Downside, you won’t find any shortcuts either. Components like the Kink Bold HRD stem, 2.4” wide Kink Sever tires, and Mission Dispatch freecoaster, start to really set this bike apart. This model also features the tall 9” Kink Grizzly CC bars, Kink Ridge 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks, and two Mission Targa plastic pegs.

Pro Level Bikes

Pro level completes usually cost over $800. These bikes come with the best parts and are sure to withstand anything a rider can throw at them. Pro bmx bikes should be bought for the rider who has been progressing a lot and keeps breaking cheap bikes.

2020 Wethepeople Envy


2020 wtp envy full bike

The Envy is a testament to just how far BMX design has come. Every year Wethepeople unveil this bike, they want to show the world a new direction in bicycle design, and what happens when you hand select only the very bestr products and assemble them into one masterpiece. For 2020 they wanted to take a new approach with the Envy and lighten it up where posisble to prove that strength does not have to come with a weight disadvantage. What is now a bike of the future, The Envy is built up using they super light Envy XLT frame along with the Eclat Storm XLT fork, E440 rims and ground breaking Seismic hubs. Despite the low weight, the Envy was designed for even the most brutal street and park riders and handle the raw brutality of BMX riding and features a full Lifetime guarantee on the frame and fork.

2020 Sunday Soundwave



This is the best complete bike that money can buy. Combine an aftermarket Soundwave frame and Sunday forks with a long list of Odyssey parts and you’ve easily got a bike with no equals.

The 2019 Soundwave Special continues to offer the umatched 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty on frame, fork, and cranks.

Gary Young rips on this bike daily for a reason.

BMX Accessories

F-You Valve Caps

Cult did a limited run of these in a few different colors and they sold out soooo fast. If you come across some of these.. consider yourself lucky. Ive linked to the Cult shop page and you can check if they are in stock.

Resin cast Middle Finger valve caps. Set of 2...


Handmade in Los Angeles by Vicious Cycles...

**very limited numbers**

Kink Carabiner Spoke Wrench

So I put my keys on a carabiner and clip it to my belt loop because I hate having stuff in my pockets. Using this is extra handy because you will always have a spoke wrench with you.

Animal Kotulak BMX Tool

This tool has everything that you need to get your bike fixed up. It's all compact and easy to carry around. Making it a perfect addition to your bike stuff collection.

The Kotulak is a multi-tool that has everything needed to assemble and work on most modern BMX bikes, all packaged in a durable all steel body and cap. The tool has a 17mm socket, 15mm pedal wrench, spoke wrench, chain breaker, and interchangeable hex bit

Subrosa Street Rail

Every bmx riders dream. This rail makes a boring spot so fun. Just throw it together and have a session. It is perfect for learning all kinds of grind.

Specifically designed for BMX use, the strong and stout Subrosa Street Rail will immediately turn your driveway, backyard, or a parking lot into a fun session whether you are a beginner or a rail assassin.

The Subrosa Street Rail is also one of the few rails that is easily portable! It breaks down into 4ft sections, to fit into most trucks and cars, making it easy for you to always have something to ride no matter the circumstances.

Bring it anywhere for an instant spot!

BMX specific - NOT just another skate rail
Perfect 8 foot long, 18 inch height for beginners and pros to learn and try new moves
Ease of transportation with 4 foot disassembled size
Spot enhancing capabilities, just add creativity
Bolt to the ground for a more permanent structure
Fast black coating for superior grindablility
Hardened high tensile steel, 2.25 in round tubing for limitless trick capabilities
Heat treated, 17 mm hex bolts for ease of assembly
Packaged size 51" x 5.5" x 3.5"
Weight: 40 lbs

Let me know what you think

Leave a comment and tell me if you have any questions about any of these products. I'm excited to hear from you.