Best BMX Riders of 2018

I was sitting at home watching redbull uncontained, when I started to wonder who the best riders in 2018 were. The guys killing it this year in Uncontained were claimed to be the best bmx riders of 2019. While I go through this I will be looking at the riders instagram clips and contest placings to decide who the best ones are.

This list is in no particular order, It just lists all of the best riders of 2018.

Jake Wallwork

Age: 25

Location: Australia


Fist Handwear
Vans Aus

Jake has been killing it for years now. He trains at his home park Rampfest and travels to contests all over the world. He took first place in Fise 2018 and deserves to be in this list for sure.

You can watch the 2018 Fise Reply below

Jakes Instagram

Dennis Enarson

Age: 28

Location: USA



Dennis is handsdown the best all around rider in bmx. He has a unique way of riding by mixing up crazy bangers with smooth riding. He does opposite tricks just as much as regular and it's amazing to watch him ride.

2018 Results

2018 Fise Finals 2nd
x-games Sydney Street 6th
Vans Pro Cup 1st
X-games Minneapolis Park 4th
X-games Minneapolis Stree 4th

You can watch the 2018 Fise Reply below

Dennis' Instagram

The crazy thing about Dennis is how rounded he is. Most riders that kill it at park cannot ride street very well and visa-versa.

Rimu Nakamura

Age: 17

Location: Japan



Rim is a young prodigy from Japan. He's small and absolutely kills it on a bike. He has some of the crazies whip and bar combos. Rim is said to have the "fastest hands in the wild west." haha. Light flex but he was in my cabin for a week when I counseled at Woodward.

2018 Results

Vans BMX Pro Cup Semi-Finals at Huntington Beach 4th
Vans BMX Pro Cup Finals at Huntington Beach 12th
Pro Cup Regional Qualifier at Woodward Semi-Finals 1st
Simple Session BMX Park Qualifiers 14th

Remember, Rim is really young in the bmx world. He has a lot of time to grow and keep progressing. I predect that he is only going to go up as a bmx rider.

Rim's Instagram

Just look at his x-games run. His riding is so high and smooth. He has more variation than just lots of bars and whips. I like watching him ride.

Logan Martin

Age: 26

Location: Australia


Fist Hand Wear
UCI Urban World Championships in Chengdu, China

Logan has been huge in the scene for years. He is knows as the guy who can quad whip with his eyes closed. Being the best rider is really more than how any whips and bars you can do. Logan does a ton of bars and whips but he also goes huge and has done many world firsts.

2018 Results

X Games Sydney BMX Dirt Finals 9th
X Games Minneapolis BMX Park 11th
Toyota BMX Triple Challenge 2nd

Recently, Logan had a kid and got married. He has an amazing ramp set up in his backyard that allows him to send huge tricks at home.

Logan's Instagram

Here are some crazy bangers from Logan's instagram. You can see why he is one of the best riders of 2018.

Dylan Hennesy

Age: 15

Location: U.K.


Hookup from Hyper and Snafu
Woking Class Heros U.K.

Dylan had a lot of hype surround him after he posted his 14 year old bmx pro edit. A bit of click bait if you ask me. He wasn't technically pro but it did help him blow up. Not to discred him, but he is a barspin machine. I recently rode with him in a Backyard Jam contest where he whipped out a flip quad bar. Pretty impressive for a 15 year old.

I think he's going to be one of the top bmx riders in the next 5 years.

2018 Results


Dylan's Instagram

Here is that flip quad bar. I was here for it and it was insane.

Garrett Reynolds

Age: 29

Location: USA


Cinema Wheel
Deadline Crew

Garrett is still one of my favorite riders. Even though hes pushing 30, he still kills it on a bike. Garrett has so many nbds under his belt. For the last few years he has been working on his own ventures like Fiend bmx. Fiend is a brand he created because he wanted his own parts that could hold up to his crazy riding.

2018 Results

X Games Sydney BMX Street Finals 3rd
X Games Minneapolis BMX Street Finals 2nd
Simple Session BMX Street Qualifiers 6th

The fact the Garrett is so consistent amazes me. When he sends a huge trick, there is no room for error. During his contest runs he often lands everything without any slip ups. He has 15 x-games medals under his belt. 12 Gold 2 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Garrett's Instagram

Every time I watch one of his clips, I just shake my head after. Garrett does a trick and it's like "wow that was pretty impressive." and boom. Next thing you know he throws in something that is totally unexpected.


All of these riders have put in heavy work and time to get to where they are. Many of them are making a full time living off BMX. This is rare and hard to accomplish. I cant wait to see what 2019 has in store for everyone, because these guys in 2018 killed it!

I know there are some amazing riders that were left out of the list. Leave a comments below and let me know who you think should be added to the list. 👇

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