Best Entry Level BMX Bike of 2019

We are almost at the end of 2019. Over the course of the year I have researched and reviewed almost 100 complete bikes. These range from Cult bike, Kink bike, Sunday bikes and so many more. I love looking at all of these bike and seeing where the company is taking the sports. But what is the BEST bike in 2019? It's kinda a tough question to answer, but heres my take...


Hands down, Cult had the most popular bikes in 2019. They went above and beyone with quality and price. Most bikes were under $500 and had all of the important quality parts. Including double wall rims, chromoly parts, and 3 pc cranks.

Many other brands had bikes that included these parts. However, the other brand bikes would cost $100-$200 more than the Cult equivalent.

This is a thing that shows me how many times my website made an impression on google. For the keyword "cult" I made almost 20,000 impressions in 3 months. This tells me that A TON of people want to know about Cult's line.

Which bike?

So here it is. The best bike of 2019 is....

2020 Cult Devotion!

I love the 2020 Cult Devotion, It has full chromoly, and double wall rims. The devotion is such a solid bike. Lets look at what makes it amazing.

prism devotion

2020 Cult Devotion Specs

βœ… – Full Chromoly
⛔️ – Under $500
βœ… – Double Wall Rims – Learn about single vs double wall rims here
⛔️ – Pegs
βœ… – Sealed Bearings
βœ… – 3 pc. Cranks


$590 – On Chain Reaction


The 2020 Cult Devotion is easily the best bike of 2019. It even sold out from Cult's website around Christmas time. People love the high quality parts and the good price.