BMX Specs: 2 pc. Bars

BMX bars come in a number of options. While most range in size, there is a core difference in two different types. Riders must choose between 2 pc. and 4 piece bars. These different types of bars are built completely differently.

What are 2 pc. Bars?

2 pc. bars are BMX handlebars the contain two pieces of chromoly tubing. One piece is bent to have the perfect specs. While the other piece is a straight bar that is welded onto the other piece.

Why is it important?

Knowing the difference in 2 pc. and 4 pc. bars will help you fine-tune your riding style. 2 pc. bars are the most popular, with almost every type of rider using them. A 2 pc. bar has a little bit of flex in the material which will make a smoother feeling ride.

shows the difference in 2 pc and 4 pc bars


  • Sometimes heavy
  • They bend if they aren't chromoly

Does it really matter?

If you choose to ride 2 piece bars instead of 4, you won't notice much of a difference on your bike. The most important part is understanding the bars specs, like upsweep, backsweep, and rise.

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