BMX Specs: 4 pc. Bars

BMX bars come in a number of options. While most range in size, there is a core difference in two different types. Riders must choose between 2 pc. and 4 piece bars. These different types of bars are built completely differently.

What are 4 pc. Bars?

4 pc. bars are BMX handlebars that contain 4 different pieces of metal welded together. They have two separate bars bent with the upsweep and backsweep. Welded to a Crossbar and a downbar.

Why is it important?

A lot of street riders ride 4 pc. bars. The main reason to ride 4 pc. bars are because of the aesthetics. Generally, most people buy and ride them because they like the look.

The few features of 4 pc. bars are

  • Stiffer Feeling
  • Hold up to big drops
  • Look cool
shows the difference in 2 pc and 4 pc bars


  • More welds = more places to crack
  • Expensive

Does it really matter?

I don't think that 4 pc. bars will really affect your riding a noticeable amount. It just depends on how you want the bike to look. Let me know what your favorite kinds of bars are.

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