BMX Specs: Freecoaster Hub Explained

If you hate pedaling backwards, it is time to look into a freecoaster. Lots of tech street riders do their tricks on a freecoaster. Picking a hub has an impact on your riding and your style. So lets figure out if a freecoaster is right for you.

What is a freecoaster?

A freecoaster is a hub on your bmx bike that allows you to roll backwards without pedaling backwards. This makes it so much easier to go distances and look behind you while going. It's also handy if you need to half cab really fast after 180. Example: 180 on a sidewalk and halfcab down a set of stairs. On a cassette, you need to do a full pedal backward before you can comfortably cab out.

How it works

Here is a really good video from Odyssey about how their clutch freecoaster works.

A Freecoaster works by moving a clutch in and out depending on the direction you pedal. Pedaling backward disengages the clutch allowing the freecoaster to roll backwards without pedaling. When you pedal forward it pushes the clutch in and engages the hub.

I hate the idea of slack and would have a really hard time getting used to it.


  • Slack is hard to get used to
  • Need more maintenance
  • No pedal pressure

Do I need a freecoaster?

If you want to ride like Garrett Reynolds or Pat Casey, get a coaster. I love the different styles that a freecoaster provokes. It really is all personal preference.

what type of riders need a cassette hub

Unique Free Coasters

I can only think of one true cutting edge free coaster at the moment. And this is the freenight freecoaster.

Free Night brags that they have a coaster that feels like a cassette while going forward and instantly disengages when you go backwards. It is 200g lighter than most hubs and has no slack. This would be something I'd ride.

This video explains how it works.

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