BSD Acid Fork V2 Review

The Acid fork is designed for hefty street riding. Investment cast drop outs and Sanko chromoly keep the forks strong. BSD kept the Acid fork weighing around 2.2 lbs which competes with all of the other forks designed for street riding. A lot went into making these some really reliable and affordable forks.

Price & Weight are comparative to how good the deal is.

Good deal = 5 Star

Bad Deal = 1 Star

Kriss Kyle Rides the Acid V2 Fork

BSD Acid Fork V2 Overview

The Acid V2 fork is constructed from heat-treated chromoly tubing that's been beefed up in high stress point areas for maximum strength and ready to take some serious riding abuse.

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BSD Acid Fork V2 Specs


$139.99 from sourcebmx



Steerer Length: 157mm
Wheel Size: 20"
Material: 4130 Chromoly
Dropout Size: 10mm
Offset: 30mm
Weight: 2.2 lbs

Fork Geometry

A: Steerer Length: 157mm

This steer tube is just a little shorter than average. It might make your bars feel lower because the stack height of your stem will be lower.

B: Offset: 30mm

This is a more mellow feeling offset, giving you lots of control. Nose manuals will be harder to get into and steering will feel slow. This is good for a more controlled feel.

C: Dropout Size: 10mm

Designed for front wheels with a 10mm front axle. If your front axle is smaller than your rear, its 10mm.


If you like to ride street, and you need a fork to hold up to hefty riding... This is a good fork for you. BSD is known for backing some of the biggest riders in the street scene. The extra effort that they put into designing this fork really shows.

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