Chandler Bike Park Review

This park was designed as a bike only park. However it is pretty common to see a few skaters, and scooter riders here and there. Chandler's park is 25,000 sq. feet, and cost around $750,000 to design and build. The park viewed as a dream place to ride for most riders, after being featured in tons of pro rider edits.

Chandler Bike Park Info


Chandler Bike Park is located at 450 E. Knox rd. Be careful, sometimes if you just search it in maps, it will take you to a different address. The park is located next to baseball fields and a splash park. This location has public restrooms that aren't the cleanest, and a water fountain.

Indoor? No
Lights? Yes
Shop? No
Food/drink? Water fountian
Foam pit? No
Scooters allowed? No, but no one cares if they are in
BMX allowed? Yes
Skate allowed? No, but no one cares if they are in

Chandler Bike Park (Main Bowl)

This is one of the few parks that is not sectioned. The whole skatepark is one giant bowl. This has pros and cons, but here are the features.

Chandler Bike Park Features

Box Jump
Different sized quarter pipes
Vert Wall
Mellow fly out

The cool thing about all of these features is that they help you progress at different levels. For example, a brand new rider can have just as much fun as a more experienced rider. Everything is set up to help you get to the next level.

Edits with Chandler Bike Park

Chandler Bike Park Conclusion

Hands down, one of my top 3 parks that I have ever been to. Like I said it has everything that you need to progress. It is built so well, and little details were not over looked. I really wish that there was more effort put into places to hangout so that the park was more comfortable for families. But aside from that, you'll have so much fun riding here.

Chandler Bike Park FAQ's

What are the hours?

The park is open from 8am - 10:15pm

Are scooters allowed?

technically, the park is designed for bmx only. I have heard stories of people getting kicked out on skateboards and scooters so ride at your own risk.

Is there bathrooms?

Kind of, they are a few 100 feet away from the actual skatepark, and they are kinds gross.

How good do you need to be to rider here?

I see people here doing flips, and people here with training wheels.