Covid-19 vs. BMX Riders

Recent events have really been stressing everyone out. We tried to go to our park today and it was locked up telling us that we couldn't ride until April 3rd. How devastating. When life stresses us out, we want to ride. That's why most of us got into it in the first place. Here's a fun little post I made to lighten the mood.

1. Practice Social Distancing

The CDC recommends staying away from groups of more than 10, and 6 ft or more away from people. For BMX riders, this isn't an issue since none of us have more than 2 friends. We ride bikes with a very small group of people (for the most part). This leaves us at a lower risk of getting covid-19.

2. Flu Like Symptoms

Most of us have been smacked in the shin by a sharp bmx pedal. That shit hurts more than anything in the world. Covid-19 symptoms include

  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • fever
  • difficulty breathing (severe cases)

I definitely think that the thing going around is worse than these symptoms. However, pedal bite hurts a lot and we bmx riders are super tough. We are also healthier than the general public because of the crazy amount of exercise we put our selves through.

Stay safe but not paranoid. You are strong and tough. You got this.

3. Stay away from germs

Seriously though, wash your hands. That is the biggest thing you can do. On another note, we ride out bikes fast which means that germs can't catch us. Riding is fun and I really think that keeping our stress levels low is important to staying happy and healthy.

Germs are bad.

Bikes are good.

4. Don't travel

One of the other recommendations is to avoid traveling. People who travel are more likely to come in contact with the virus or spread it around. The good news is that most of us normal bmx riders are too poor to travel. We don't have to worry about spreading anything around if we can't afford to leave outhouse.

Be Safe

I don't think we can actually understand what is going on, especially with so much social media. It's easy to scare and spread false information. However, people are instantly out of work, and that has a huge compounding effect on the economy. Just remember, in the last market crash there were people who got scared and lost a lot of money by making rash decisions. On the other hand, there were people who made a lot of money on the fear of others.

With that being said, remember to practice social distancing, stay strong, stay away from germs, and avoid traveling. As a community, us bmx riders all always here to help each other. If you run out of toilet paper or food or whatever reach out to me on Instagram @bmxdouglaslaird hopefully I can reach out to some of my followers and help you get what you need.

I love you guys! Stay safe.

Check out more facts about the Covid-19 here

(Please remember that this is not health-related or advice. This is simply me relating the facts from WHO, and CDC to BMX for entertainment purposes.)