Cult Cuatro Bars Review

The Cult Cuatro Bars are strong 4 pc. bars designed for street riders. Cult makes super solid parts and these bars hold up to the Cult name. The Cuatro bars come in multiple sizes and are notched so that you can cut them down to a smaller size.


  • Black or Chrome
  • Notched to shorten bars
  • Chromoly
black and chrome
black close up
black and chrome

Cult Cuatro Bars Specs

Price: $64.99


  • Black
  • Chrome

Cult Cuatro Bars Overview

* Made from 100% heat treated butted chromoly *
29" width, 12° backsweep, 4° upsweep
8.65" / 9" / 9.65" rise
** black & chrome **

From Cult

Cult Cuatro Bars Highlights

Cult's parts are high quality, they have nice welds that will keep everything held together. They also have notches on the ends of the bars so you can easily cut them down to the perfect size for you.

Cult Cuatro Bars Lowlights

For people who want more colors this is a problem. Black or chrome works in most cases, but sometimes you want colorful bars. You can always get them painted.

Worth the money?

This is a good price for bars. Especially for high quality bars. 4 pc. bars are for the street dawgs. Let me know what you think about them.

Which ones should I buy?


Now days this is considered a smaller bar. I run 9" bars, but some people are running 11". Smaller bars are good for smaller people.


This is the average size. Most bars are around this size or a little bigger. Perfect for the average height rider.


Somewhat tall bars are good for the taller rider, or just the guy who wants bigger bars for more control.

About Cuatro Bars

"Want to know why Cult Cuatro 4pc. bars are so popular? Want to know more about the Cult Cuatro bars? Shop owner Larry Alvarado explains and reviews these tires. Find out why you should ride these bars."

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