Cult Sect Fork Review

The Sect Forks are made of high quality chromoly steel. This keeps them in shape for everything you need them to do. These forks have various offsets ranging from 18mm, 28mm, and 32mm giving you a bunch of options to suit your riding style.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Strong Chromoly
  • 1 pc dropouts
sect fork heatube
sect forks black
sect forks chrome
black sect fork
black and chrome

Cult Sect Forks Specs

Price: $129.99


  • Black
  • Chrome

Cult Sect Fork Overview

Made from revised 100% Cult Classic tubing for increased strength and then 100% post-weld heat treated. Investment cast 1pc drop outs for maximum strength and a super sleek finish with a 28mm offset or a steep 18mm offset. 32mm offset fork features welded heat treated dropouts not investment cast dropouts... 1-pc machined steerer tube with an integrated bearing race, tapered legs, and tire clearance for 2.40” tires.

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Cult Sect Fork Highlights

These forks are so solid! They are wide enough to fit the new wave of tires. (2.4") They have multiple offsets to suit your riding style. The 1pc drops outs are so much stronger than other forks. Since they are built in they wont crack like cheap forks will.

Cult Sect Fork Lowlights

The only lowlights that I can really see, is that they didn't include more colors. All you get with these forks are black or chrome.

Worth the money?

Very worth the money. $130 is a good price for super good forks! You won't need to buy forks for a while if you go with the Cult Sect forks.

Which ones should I buy?


Very Responsive. This is the shortest that I have seen. This will make your steering super fast and responsive. In turn, you will have less control.


This is the average size. Most forks are around this size, giving you a good balance in responsiveness and control.


Very long dropouts. This size will give you lots of control, but not much responsiveness.

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