Fiend Reynolds Bars Review

The Reynolds bars come in at 8.75" tall and weigh under 2 lbs. They are made of strong heat treated 4130 chromoly. You can choose between black and chrome. These are designed to hold up to the impactful riding of Garret Reynolds himself.

Price & Weight are comparative to how good the deal is.

Good deal = 5 Star

Bad Deal = 1 Star

Fiend Reynolds Bars Overview

Garret Reynolds signature handlebars from Fiend. The Reynolds bars are made from multi butted post weld heat treated 4130 for maximum strength to weight ratio. Rise: 8.75".

From Fiend

reynolds bars black
reynolds bars chrome
group picture of reynolds bars

Fiend Reynolds Bars Specs

These bars come in 8.75", 9" and 9.25". The size you get is really up to your preference.

8.75: The shortest size. This will feel tall for a shorter rider.

9": Really becoming the normal size. This is a good size if you are average size and don't have too much preference.

9.25": The tallest size. Best for tall riders or someone who like the ffeel of tall bars.

Price: $69.95



Bar Type 2pc
Width 27.25"
Upsweep 1 °
Backsweep 12 °
Bar Clamping Diameter 22.2mm
Weight 774g / 1.71lbs


Now, I really like these bars and they way they are designed. I currently ride 8.75" bars and would love to upgrade to 9". I trust the quality in these fiend bars. The 1º upsweep is nice for barspins.

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