Fiend Segment Cranks Review

The Fiend Segment cranks are built to withstand tough riding from people like Garret Reynolds and JJ Palmere. They are 3 pc 48 spline cranks, which are the most quality version of cranks available. Fiend designed a wedge system so you can easily remove them.

Price & Weight are comparative to how good the deal is.

Good deal = 5 Star

Bad Deal = 1 Star

Fiend Segment Cranks Overview

The Segment crank utilises the traditional 3pc crank design. The rectangular heat-treated chromoly arms feature a proprietary internal wedge system for easier installation and removal. The hollow 48 spline 22mm heat-treated chromoly spindle reduces weight while maintaining maximum strength. Left and right hand bolt or spline drive compatible

From Fiend

Fiend Segment Cranks Specs

These cranks come in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm.

If you hit your foot on your peg when you pedal 165mm cranks will keep that from happening.

170 mm is the average cranks size. Get this if you don't have any specific crank needs.

175mm is a long crank arm. Usually gives you more room on your cranks for catching whips crank arm.

Price: $164.99



Crank Type 3 pc 48 spline
Size 165mm,170mm,175mm
includes bottom bracket no
Diameter 22mm
Weight 2 lbs


I would recommend these cranks if you have an issue breaking cranks. There are al ot of cool features that makes these cranks worth $164.99. I love the wedge system that makes them go on and come off easy. I also like the fact that there are three size options.

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