Fit Shiv V3 Forks Review

Another strong and light pair of forks from Fit. The Shiv forks, are Fit's most popular pair of forks, coming in a handful of color options for a really low price. As I write this, they are only $94. However, I have ridden these and broke them over time.

Price & Weight are comparative to how good the deal is.

Good deal = 5 Star

Bad Deal = 1 Star

Fit Shiv V3 Forks Overview

Our goal was to design and produce an extremely strong fork with plenty of tire clearance. After 2 years of R&D and a lot of investment in tooling, the Shiv V.3 is available with a quick 25mm offset. Here are a few features that make these forks so strong.

  • Using left and right specific investment cast drop-outs instead of traditional Cr-Mo plate, we’ve eliminated the weld gap on the inside of the drops, and were able to thicken up the drops toward the top making a much stronger drop-out/leg connection.
  • Seamless, swaged legs provide more strength than welded or fused caps-especially if pegs are installed. The ends of these legs are formed, not capped and welded so there is nothing to fracture.
  • A longer 166mm CNC’d steerer tube with increased wall thicknesses wherever possible and a 24mm x 1.5 compression cap with integrated race.
  • Tapered and butted legs provide tons of strength, crown weld surface, and peg clearance./li>
  • Post weld 4Q Baked heat-treatment

From Fit

Fit Shiv V3 Forks Specs

Price: $119.95 on sourcebmx



Steerer Length: 166mm
Wheel Size: 20"
Material: 4130 Chromoly
Dropout Size: 10mm
Offset: 25mm
Weight: 1020g / 2.25lbs

Fork Geometry

A: Steerer Length: 166mm

This steerer length is average sized. Longer steer tubes require more headset spacers or a frame with a longer head tube. They will also make the bars higher up naturally.

B: Offset: 25mm

This is a short offset, designed for a snappy and responsive feel. Shorter offsets make the bike feel quick in corners and nose manuals are easier to get into.

C: Dropout Size: 10mm

Designed for front wheels with a 10mm front axle. If your front axle is smaller than your rear, its 10mm.


I really like the Fit shiv forks. Especially because right now they are only $95. I think that means that fit has something new coming up... If you are a rider who likes tech park or street, these are good forks. The investment cast drop outs can hold up to grinds.

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