Fit's Unique 2020 Completes

3 Unique Bikes for 2020

1. 2020 Fit PRK

purple fit prk


  • Responsive Frame Geometry
  • $400
  • Short 165 Cranks
  • Gyro System

Good bike for beginners who want to start off riding park!

2. 2020 Fit TRL

fit trl trans red


  • Big Frame sizes for Control
  • 30/10 Gearing
  • Straight Cable Brakes
  • Chromoly Front Triangle

Good for beginners and tall guys who want to get out and ride trails. The gearing and frame size makes it easy to control the bike on the dirt.

3. 2020 Fit STR

2020 fit str


  • Chromoly Forks
  • 20.25-20.5 TT
  • 4 Pegs

Good for street dawgs who want to learn street riding. I'm not sure why they didn't put a freecoaster on here tbh.

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