Guide for New BMX Riders (Part one)

PT. 1 Complete BMX Buying Guide Overview

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting into a new sport and not knowing what is going on. Bmx is a unique sport with a diverse culture. To me, this sport has helped me make amazing friends, stay in shape and travel the world. I know it is a daunting process to buy a bike and learn new tricks. That is why I started this blog. Let’s learn what you need to get the most perfect bike for you!

Here is a 5-part series that will help you:

  1. Learn how to perform common repairs
  2. Buy the perfect bmx bike
  3. Learn Skatepark etiquette
  4. Learn beginner tricks
  5. Learn how to get sponsors

There are 3 things that need to be heavily considered when buying a new bmx bike. I remember buying my bike and I read all over before making my first purchase. It was a LOT of information. The three key aspects when buying a bike are: PRICE, SIZE, and QUALITY. After you understand that each thing means, you will not have a problem buying a bike.


The price tag on a bmx bike is made up of a few things. Generally, the higher quality bikes will cost more. The more popular brands will usually cost more. Signature BMX bikes will also cost more to pay the rider their commission.

So remember this when you are looking at bikes. When you see a bike that is expensive, make sure it is a really good brand with really good quality. If it is not... something is not right here.

Price Points

Beginner Bikes $200-$350
Mid-Level Bikes $350-$500
High-Level Bikes $500-$700
Pro Level Bikes $700+


Having the perfect sized bmx bike will make it easier to progress at a good speed. One of my first bikes was a 19.5". I was close to 6' at this time. Let me tell you, trying to ride this bike was awful for me. I still tried. Once I got a bigger bike it felt like my whole life changed.

If you get started with the right sized bike, bmx will be a lot more fun for you.

I wrote a size guide here. This guide will make it really easy to get the correct sized top-tube based on your height.

Here are the bmx sizes out right now

Wheel Size Toptube Length Rider Height
12" Wheel Size 11.5" - 13" Toptube 2ft to 3ft Tall
14" Wheel Size 12.8" - 15" Toptube 2' 8" to 3' 4" Tall
16" Wheel Size 14.5" - 17" Toptube 3' to 3' 8" Tall
18" Wheel Size 17" - 18.5" Toptube 3' 6" to 4' 6" Tall
20" Wheel Size 18" - 20.25" Toptube 4' to 5' 4" Tall
20" Wheel Size 20" - 20.5 Toptube 5' to 5' 8" Tall
20" Wheel Size 20.25" - 21" Toptube 5' 6" to 6' Tall
20" Wheel Size 20.75" - 21.5" Toptube Over 6' Tall
22" Wheel Size 21.25" - 22.25" Toptube Over 6' Tall

Weight Recommendation

A riders weight isn't something that is usually talked about. However, it does matter and should be addressed. For the most part go off the height recommendations.

If the rider is heavier than average I would recommend going up a size and taking a bigger step in quality. I have always weighed close to 200 lbs and I break a lot of parts. So steeping up quality was crucial to me.

If a rider is lighter than average, I would recommend going down a size. A smaller size will make it easier for a lighter rider to control the bike.


Getting a good quality bmx bike is perfect for someone who wants to stay committed to riding. If you plan to get a bike just to test out the sport, you won't really need a top of the line bike. It is pretty important to understand where you are with bmx riding. This way you can make a smarter buying decision.

There are 4 different types of quality when you are shopping for bikes. This correlates with the price point that I mentioned earlier.

Beginner Bikes Low Quality ✅ Hi-tensile steel parts
✅ Single wall rims
✅ Unsealed bearings
Mid-Level Bikes Medium Quality ✅ Trimoly frame
✅ Single wall or double wall rims
✅ Semi-sealed bearings
High-Level Bikes High Quality ✅ Full chromoly parts
✅ Double Wall Rims
✅ Sealed bearings
Pro Level Bikes Pro Quality ✅ Full chromoly
✅ Double wall rims
✅ Sealed bearings
✅ After market parts

Whats right for you?

Low Quality A rider who is just getting in to the sport. This person should be getting a bmx bike to test it and see if it is a good sport for them.
Medium Quality This is for a rider who has been riding for a little while and has learned a few tricks. This person is looking for a better bike to hold up to their tricks.
High Quality A rider looking for a high quality bike should be pretty experienced. This person needs a bike that can hold up to a wide range of tricks.
Pro Quality Pro quality is for someone who wants a completely custom bike with really good quality parts. A pro level bike will last for many tears.

Where To Buy From

In the USA


Amazon has a lot of other bmx bikes and they are priced pretty good. I have seen Cult and Colony completes. The cool thing about amazon is they have Prime, and bike assembly.

Chain Reaction Cycles

I have a few friends that got their first bike form Chain Reaction. Chain Reaction promises to always have the best price, and ship orders the same day. However, don't buy KINK from them because the kink bikes are way over priced.

Albes BMX

Albes is a Michigan based "mail order" site that has stood the test of time. I have never actually bought from Albes but some of my closest friends trust them a lot!

Source BMX

Source is a huge bmx shop in the U.K. They have started to ship to the USA by using a warehouse in the north east. This makes shipping a lot faster for the American residents. Bad news, I don't think they have figured out how to work with the warehouse correctly. 2 of my friends have gotten the wrong items from Source and they did not take care of the problem very well. For this reason I don't recommend Source until they get their stuff together. Hopefully they get it together in the next year.


Now that you have read through this post, you can confidently choose the perfect bike for you. Make sure to get a good bike that fits right. I want to see you progress fast and this will help. Leave me a comment and tell me what you to see me post so I can help you become a better bmx riders. Make sure you click here and head to PT. 2 of this series.

Next post is talking about common bmx repairs that you will face with your new bike. This includes changing flats, keeping your bars from slipping, and even changing a chain.

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