How Much is a Kink BMX Bike?

Earlier, I was working on some bike reviews and I started to wonder how much a Kink BMX bike costs. Generally, Kink bikes cost anywhere from $150 to $750. Most kink bikes for small kids and new riders cost under $300. While mid-level Kink bikes cost $300-$500. A high-level bike from Kink will cost over $500.

Many bike shoppers select a bike based on price. However, there are a lot of factors to consider before you buy a Kink bike. Looking into the bike specs, and quality will help you make a better decision. Shopping based on price alone is not always smart and might leave you with a bike that breaks.

Kink BMX Bike Prices

A lot of factors play a role in the price of each Kink bike. As you can see from the table below, there is a correlation with price and bike quality. The higher quality bikes will cost a lot more. However, the wheel size, frame material, and added components will also affect the price.

Bike Model Bike Price Wheel Size Bike Quality
2021 Kink Coast $149.99 12" Kids
2021 Kink Roaster $199.99 12" Kids
2021 Kink Pump $259.99 14" Kids
2021 Kink Carve $319.99 16" Kids
2021 Kink Kicker $319.99 18" Kids/Beginner
2021 Kink Curb $289.99 20" Beginner
2021 Kink Launch $329.99 20" Beginner
2021 Kink Gap $379.99 20" Beginner
2021 Kink Gap FC $399.99 20" Beginner
2021 Kink Gap XL $379.99 20" Tall Beginner
2021 Kink Whip $439.99 20" Mid-level
2021 Kink Whip XL $439.99 20" Mid-level
2021 Kink Switch $499.99 20" Mid/high-level
2021 Kink Cloud $599.99 20" High-level
2021 Kink Williams $749.99 20" Pro-level
2021 Kink Drifter $449.99 26" Mid-level

Bike Quality Impact on Price

Kids Bikes

Kid bikes don't really have much to them. Sometimes they are strider bikes with no pedals, and sometimes they are just really small (12"-16") bikes. Since these bikes are so small and easy to build, these bikes are always at the bottom of the list when it comes to price.

  • Small Bike
  • Hi-tensile steel
  • Cheapest Components

Beginner Bike

Beginner bikes are usually in the 20" wheel size category. A beginner bike requires more materials to make. Thus making it more expensive than kids bikes. But since they are weaker quality, these bikes come out cheaper than mid-level bikes.

  • Hi-tensile steel or chromoly
  • Lowest quality parts
  • Smaller top tube sizes
  • unsealed bearings

Mid-level Bike

A mid-level bike is usually represented by a hike in price. This is because mid-level bikes add full chromoly to the frame, along with double wall rims and aftermarket components.

  • Full Chromoly
  • Double Wall Rims
  • Limited aftermarket parts
  • Sealed bearings

High-level/Pro-level Bike

These bikes are at the top of the price chart. Usually, the most expensive, high, and pro-level bikes include a lot of strong aftermarket parts. This is on top of the strong Chromoly frame, double-wall rims, and so on.

  • Full Chromoly
  • Double Wall Rims
  • Lots of aftermarket parts
  • Sealed Bearings

Frame Material & Bike Price correlation

Bike Model Bike Price Frame Material
2021 Kink Coast $149.99 Hi-tensile Steel
2021 Kink Roaster $199.99 Hi-tensile Steel
2021 Kink Pump $259.99 Hi-tensile Steel
2021 Kink Carve $319.99 Hi-tensile Steel
2021 Kink Kicker $319.99 Hi-tensile Steel
2021 Kink Curb $289.99 Hi-tensile Steel
2021 Kink Launch $329.99 Hi-tensile Steel
2021 Kink Gap $379.99 Tri-moly
2021 Kink Gap FC $399.99 Tri-moly
2021 Kink Gap XL $379.99 Tri-moly
2021 Kink Whip $439.99 Full Chromoly
2021 Kink Whip XL $439.99 Full Chromoly
2021 Kink Switch $499.99 Full Chromoly
2021 Kink Cloud $599.99 Full Chromoly
2021 Kink Williams $749.99 Full Chromoly
2021 Kink Drifter $449.99 Full Chromoly

Hi-tensile Steel

Hi-tensile steel is a weaker kind of steel used when making bmx bikes and bike parts. It is a lot cheaper than chromoly. That is why we often see it used in the lower quality bikes.

Hi-tensile steel has 61,500lb/in of tensile strength.


Tri-moly is a common bmx abbreviation. This means that the frame is chromoly in the front triangle. (head-tube, down-tube and top-tube.) The idea is that if they make these parts of the frame stronger, the bike will be stronger. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that well because the back end still bends.


Now chromoly is the best material to get on a bike. It is much stronger than hi-tensile steel and will hold up to even the most abusive tricks. All pro riders ride full chromoly parts.

Chromoly has 97,000 lb/in tensile strength

Clearly, chromoly is the stronger option. Now we know why the Kink bikes with chromoly cost so much.

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Kink is one of my favorite brands for 2021. They have a wide range of bikes at different qualities to ensure that you get the perfect bike for you. Kink also supports bmx by paying pro riders and throwing contests and events.

What Size BMX Do I need?

To ride at your best level, you need a bike that fits you. The size of bike that you choose depends on your height.

  • A 20" bike is for riders 4'10" to 5'6".
  • A 20.25" bike is for a rider 5'3 to 5'9"
  • A 20.5" bike is for riders 5'3" to 6'
  • A 20.75" bike is best for riders 5'6" to 6'3"
  • a 21" bike is for someone 5'9" to 6'4"

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