How to embed a Tiktok Video to your website

I put my TikTok videos onto my posts just like I do with instagram, as a way to get people to follow me and keep up. Since Tiktok is not as established as Instagram, and Youtube, it will be harder to find plugins that let you one click embed. You have to get creative when doing it. Here's what I do...


Time needed: 15 minutes.

Using a Macbook + Iphone

  1. Find The Video To Embed

    Decide what video you would like to embed and find it with your phone.

  2. Click the "SHARE" Option

    While on the video that you want to embed, you need to click on the share option.
    This brings up a list of ways to share the masterpiece

  3. Scroll all the way left

    Scroll all the way through the social media options until you see the "OTHER" option.

  4. Choose "OTHER" Option

    this brings up EVEN MORE sharing options.

  5. Click "AIRDROP"

    make sure your mac is on and nearby. You need to have AIRDROP on to do this.

  6. Find "EMBED" Option on your mac

    When you airdrop the video from tiktok app to your mac, it will open in a web browser.
    Look for the "embed" option and click it.

  7. Copy Embed Code

    When the box pops up, simply click "COPY CODE"

  8. Go to your website and add "CUSTOM HTML BOX"

    I use Wordpress and Guetenburg. So for me I just add HTML box and paste the code in there. It may very depending on your method of web design.

  9. Enjoy!

    Having links to tiktok videos in my opinion move them up in ranking. I like to point to my tiktok through my website.

Using any phone + EMAIL

Follow all of the step above except STEP 4 and STEP 5.

Step 4. Click "EMAIL"

Step 5. Open Email and follow link to TIKTOK on WEB.

Continue to STEP 6.

Let me know how this worked for you. 👇