Is Subrosa a good BMX Brand?

All of Subrosa’s 2021 BMX bike line is out and reviewed. I took a deep look at every single bike in their line this year to answer one simple question. Is Subrosa a good brand? And the short answer is yes. This bike brand has an option for almost every kind of rider. Ranging from cheap beginner level bikes all the way up to expensive pro level bikes. Let's take a deeper look and analyze what bike is best for each kind of person.

Subrosa Overview

Bike Model Weight Top Tube Length Skill Level Price
2021 Subrosa Altus 27.5 20" Beginner $315
2021 Subrosa Sono 27.7 20.5" Beginner $331
2021 Subrosa Sono XL 27.8 21" Beginner $331
2021 Subrosa Trio 27.4 20.5" Beginner $380
2021 Subrosa Trio L 27.8 20.75" Beginner $380
2021 Subrosa Trio XL 27.8 21" Beginner $380
2021 Subrosa Trio XXL 27.8 21.3" Beginner $380
2021 Subrosa Salvador 27.6 20.5" Beginner $445
2021 Subrosa Salvador FC 27.6 21" Beginner $460
2021 Subrosa Salvador XL 27.6 21" Beginner $440
2021 Subrosa Salvador Park 25.9 20.5" Beginner $460
2021 Subrosa Letum 29.1 20.75" Mid-level $540
2021 Subrosa Malum 26.3 21" Mid-level $570
2021 Subrosa Novus (Trey Jones) 26.6 21" High-level $950
2021 Subrosa Novus (Matt Ray) 26.6 21" High-level $950
2021 Subrosa Bikes

Lightest 2021 Subrosa

The lightest Subrosa from the 2021 line is the Salvador Park. This bike only weighs 25.9 lbs, which is almost 2lbs lighter than some other options.

Does weight matter?

The weight of a BMX bike plays a huge role in learning tricks. Riding A lighter bike usually means a couple of things. First, it means less rotational weight which will help you spin faster and easier. It also means that the bike is easier to throw around and control. This is going to make learning tricks a lot easier since you can maneuver the bike the way you need to.

Heaviest 2021 Subrosa

The heaviest Subrosa this year is going to be the 2021 Subrosa Letum. The Letum comes weighted down with 4 pegs and hub guards. A 30lb bike is what the pros used to ride back in the early 2000s. It's crazy to me that they still make bikes this heavy.

Why do some people prefer heavy?

For the most part, a heavy bike is going to feel more controlled. Riders who ride vert or like to go high and fast will prefer to ride a heavier bike. this is because they really want to feel in control of the bike when they're doing the stuff that they have to do. For people who like to do double whips and 720s a heavy bike is not the move.

Best Subrosa For Tall Riders

The best Subrosa for a tall rider is going to be the 2021 Subrosa tiro XXL. This bike has an extremely tall 21.3-inch top tube and will feel really comfortable for anybody over 6 feet. Now keep in mind that this bike is a beginner level. So, if you're riding at a mid-level, you're going to need to look for something else. If you're over 6 feet it's pretty important to ride at least a 21 inch top tube to make sure that the bike fits and feels comfortable.

How do I find the size for me?

We all know how important the correct top tube size is when getting a new BMX bike. And for new riders figuring out the right size can be a confusing process. Check out my BMX size guide here and it will tell you exactly what size toptube you need based on your height.

Best Subrosa For New Riders

The best Subrosa for brand new rider is a toss-up between the 2021 Subrosa Altus and the 2021 Subrosa Sono. Both of these bikes are low priced and designed for brand new riders. The geometry is set so that a new rider will have an easy time progressing with the sport. They designed it to match pro-level geometry. So as you get better with either one of these bikes and start to upgrade you will already be comfortable on high-quality bikes.

The 2021 Subrosa Altus is best for a smaller rider who's just moving up from an 18-inch top tube. Since this top tube is 20", it's about the smallest size you can get with 20-inch wheels.

The 2021 Subrosa Sono now has a 20.5 inch top tube so it is a good beginner bike for riders who need this size. The Sono also has an XL version which is excellent for a taller rider who's brand new to the sport.

Cheapest Subrosa

The 2021 Subrosa Altus is the cheapest Subrosa bike this year. It costs $315 and is designed for brand new riders. The quality of this bike is nothing special and that's why it only costs $315. While it is better than any bike you're going to find at a Department store like Walmart, you should look at getting something higher quality and shop for a bike that's right for you instead of just shopping for the cheapest bike.

Is cheaper always better?

Cheaper is not always better. A lot of popular bike companies, Subrosa included, make a really low quality really low priced BMX bike to start off their line. The reason they do this is to introduce brand new riders to the sport. The idea here is that if their first bike is a Subrosa they're going to build brand affinity and continue shopping Subrosa bikes as they progress throughout the sport.

These bikes are not designed to last because the bike companies rely on you upgrading and spending more money with them later on. They keep them priced really low so it doesn't scare away people who are interested in the sport and it gives them the option to ride a bike with real geometry and see how it feels.

Most Expensive Subrosa

The most expensive Subrosa is the 2021 Subrosa Novus. The Novus comes in two options. It comes in a Matt Ray version and a Trey Jones version. both of these bikes are extremely high quality they include full chromoly frame Forks and bars along with a ton of aftermarket Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa parts.

These bikes are totally worth that price however if you're a brand-new rider you don't need to spend this much on a bike. The 2021 Novus is designed for riders who are riding at a mid to high level I need a bike to withstand some hefty tricks.

Should a beginner buy an expensive bike?

This is kind of a tricky question to answer. But generally, I do not recommend a beginner rider to spend a lot of money on a bike. And here's why, if you're a brand new rider you probably just want to get into the sport to test it out and hang out and ride with your friends who are already doing it. The sad reality is a lot of people get into the sport and then quit riding after trying it out for a while. If you're this kind of person it would really suck to spend a ton of money on a bike and then quit riding it after only a year.

Now if you know for sure that you plan to really stick to BMX and you plan to keep progressing... spending a lot of money on a bike is actually a good idea because at this point it's going to save you money in the long run. But I always say you need to be almost 100% sure that this is what you want to do before you invest a lot of money into it.

Best Subrosa for Street

The best Subrosa bike for street riders is the 2021 Subrosa Letum. And here's why the Letum comes With parts that every street bike should have. this includes four pegs and four hub guards which is already saving you over $80. Along with four-piece handlebars and a freecoaster so that you can roll backwards without having to pedal.

Aside from these high-quality street parts, the Letum has quality built-in everywhere else. This quality is shown in the full chromoly frame Forks and bars, sealed bearings, and aftermarket shadow conspiracy parts.

It's always an option to buy any bike you want and then customize it for street riding. But by going down this path you're going to be spending a lot of unnecessary money they wouldn't have to spend if you just bought the right bike in the first place.

For Experienced Riders

The best Subrosa bike for experienced riders is going to be either the Subrosa Novus Matt Ray or the Subrosa Novus Trey Jones. Both of these bikes have a really high-quality frame, Forks, and bars.

They also have aftermarket Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa parts. This level of quality is super important for experienced riders since they're doing tricks that cause a lot of impact on the bike. Doing banger tricks takes a toll on your bike and you need something built to last.

Best Subrosa for Park

If you love to ride skate parks, the best Subrosa bike for you is going to be the 2021 Subrosa Malum. This bike has a frame geometry that is designed specifically for shredding the park. With the outstanding quality, you're going to have an easy time learning new skills in the park. A really cool thing about this bike is that it's going to hold up to some big crashes and some big bails. So don't be afraid to send your dream trick on the Malum.

Best Subrosa for Dirt

The best Subrosa bike for dirt is going to be the 2021 Subrosa Malum. Along with the long and stable 21 inch top tube, the malum has a 13.2 inch chainstay which provides a lot of control and stability. This is necessary for going high and going fast on some beefy dirt jumps. The tall 9” bars also provide a little bit extra control so you can take charge and take the sharp corners that you're going to need to take. now this geometry is not just specific for dirt it's actually really well rounded for flowing park or even flowing street.

Best Subrosa for Heavy riders

The best Subrosa for a heavier rider is going to be the 2021 Subrosa Malum. The reason this bike is best for a heavier rider is that it has features like full chromoly frame and double-wall rims. I've always weighed around 160 to 200 pounds and riding a bike with high tensile steel and single wall rims never worked out very well for me. I was constantly bending parts or twisting frames where they shouldn't twist. To avoid this, just go ahead and get a bike with full chromoly and double-wall rims. I classify most of these bikes as mid-level bikes and you can shop them here. But if you're dead set on a Subrosa the malum really is the best bet for you.

Best Subrosa for Kids

When you're looking at buying the best Subrosa for a kid, it really is between three different options. It's between the 2021 Subrosa Altus 16 inch, the 2021 Subrosa trio 18 inch, or the Subrosa Altus 20 inch.

Each of these bikes provide the perfect size option for a certain rider. So it's very important to go check out this size guide and see what size is perfect for the kid.

The Altus 20 inch is a really cool bike because it gives riders the ability to get on a 20 inch bike right from an 18 inch bike. Other 20 inch bikes have 20.5 to 21 inch top tubes and these get mixed up as a 20-inch bike. Not many people know that there are different top tube sizes and that they really affect the rider's ability to control a bike.

All of these bikes are beginner-level meaning they have lower quality parts and the parts might break as the rider progresses. But with that being said, they are good for beginner riders as they will help the rider take it to the next level.


There is literally a Subrosa option for any kind of rider out there. Whether you love street or love dirt, whether you're tall or short, new or experienced, there's a bike out there for you and Subrosa makes it. With that being said, their partnership was the Shadow Conspiracy makes their bikes stand out a little bit more than some of the other competitors. Having high-quality bikes is important for your progression as a BMX rider, so you can't go wrong shopping for a Subrosa bike.