My 2019 BMX Edit

Find out about the BACKYARD JAM

England Food


I Started working on this edit years ago. I always out progressed myself so my old clips didn't seem good enough to post. The last clip was a clip I had saved since last year, everything else was filmed 2019 at camp.


Nothing crazy in this edit, just because I died on a frontie a little before the end of camp. Or is that an excuse? I chilled out after that. I tried to add a little bit of uniqueness to the video with excessive footjams and tailwhips. 😂

What's the ending?

3 Weeks before camp ended, I learned about the backyardjam. I thought "how cool if I could go to the U.K. for 4 months and compete." Somehow it's actually happening. I've been here for about 3 days and I absolutely love it.

While i'm here, I plan to attend diabetes conferences and help younger kids that are being diagnosed. I want to inspire them to continue chasing their dreams despite a disease. It's hard, but it's possible.

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