Premises Park Skatepark Review

Premises is a 28,000 sq ft. skatepark with a number of different obstacles to practice on. Located in Tucson, Arizona, premi has a foam pit, box jump, step up, street section, and more. If your shred device breaks, don't worry because the place has a full shop that sells skate, bmx and scooter equipment.

Premises Park Overview

So I actually grew up south of Tucson, and when Premises opened in 2011 my friends and I would take trips up to ride. It has come a long way since then. Ian (the owner) started it because Tucson didn't have a safe place for action sport riders to hangout and train.

Because of this indoor park there has been a number of really talented people come out of Tucson.

Indoor? Yes
Lights? Yes
Shop? Yes
Food/drink? Vending machines
Foam pit? Yes
Scooters allowed? Yes
BMX allowed? Yes
Skate allowed? Yes

Park Section

The park sections consists of a compact bowl featuring:

  • Box jump
  • spine
  • vert wall
  • spox (spine box)
  • step up
  • quarter to bank

The lines and possibilities are endless. It usually takes me a while to get used to the flow of the park. For progression though, this has everything that you would need to get comfortable on in order to step it up to contests.

Watch Kevin Destroy the park

Street Section

There are technically two street sections. The first one has been there for a little while with a few boxes, rails and an a frame box. The new one is really cool and it added another 8000sq feet. It is in its own separate room and most of the obstacles are concrete, exactly like you'd find out riding street. It is VERY hot in this room during the summer. Fortunately, Ian has a few $5000 swamp coolers scattered around.

Foam Pit

Premises Park is one of the only parks in the south with a foam pit. This is a huge plus because 99% of people need a foam pit to attempt back flips. The last few times that I have been there, everyone was really respectful and took turns in the pit.

Premises Park Conclusion

I'm their biggest fan. ha ha. Get my bad joke? because of the fan? no? oh well. Its a really fun park, and it is super affordable. The best part is how everyone interacts with each other. They are so welcoming and friendly. They will help you with lines or even show you some street spots around Tucson.

Last trip with the El Paso boys, we rode all day, they learned flips, then we ordered pizza and sat on the couches.

If you are around Tucson Az and need a good place to ride, skate, or scoot go here.

Premises Park FAQ

What are the hours?

Premises park hours are 10am - 9pm Sun-Fri and 10am - 10pm on Saturday.

Are Bikes allowed?

Bike are allowed here

Are Scooters allowed?

Yes! Scooters are allowed here

What is the price?

1 hour $7 | 2 hour $10 | 3 hours $15 | All Day $20
However, during Covid times they are limited to 1 or two hour sessions. $5/hour

Is this park safe for young kids

Everything that I saw when I was there, was family friendly.

Can beginners be here?

Like I mentioned before, there is everything for all skill levels. Just be smart and be safe!

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