Shredder of the Week: Barak Michener

Shredder of the week is a series that I started to give dedicated bmx riders the recognition that they deserve. This rider gets a free Dougsterbob Tall Tee, Dougsterbob Sticker Sheet, Swifty Life Co. Soft Goods and exposure to over 15,000 other bmx riders.

I hand pick one rider each week to be featured. When choosing a Shredder of the Week, I look for someone with a good attitude that has a lot of love for the sport.

To be featured as the Shredder of the Week, follow me on instagram at bmxdouglaslaird and tag me in a post with #shredderoftheweek. I will stalk your instagram and see if you have the dedication that it takes.

About Barak

Barak is a nocturnal rider who only feels alive after 8 pm. He loves Garrett Reynolds and kills it on a bike. When I look at Barak's clips, I see a lot of crank flips, crazy grinds, and solid lines. I saw a clip on his Instagram where he did a crankflip and landed cross footed. It was insane. You can check it here..

Age 25
Park, Street or Dirt? Street
Favorite Brand Odyssey
Favorite Trick Crankflip
Tricks or Style Style
Years Riding 15
Favorite Rider Garret Reynolds
Dream Trick 360 Double Crankflip
Dream Place to Ride Barcelona, Spain
Other Hobbies? Kendama, Finger board, Cars
Dream Sponsor Odyssey

Barak's Most Recent Edit

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Barak's Bae 😍

baraks bmx bike

Barak is riding a fully custom Sunday with lots of odyssey parts. He has a freecoaster and a cassette that he switches back and forth depending on what he feels like riding.

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