Sunday Saker Cranks Review

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chrome and black

Sunday Saker Cranks Specs

Price: $69.99


  • Black
  • Chrome


  • 155 mm
  • 165 mm
  • 175 mm
  • Tubular CRMO 3-PC
  • 155mm, 165mm, and 175mm options
  • RHD/LHD compatible
  • Includes mid-sized bottom bracket
  • Spindle Type: 8 spline
  • Spindle Size: 19mm spindle
  • Drive Side: RHD/LHD Compatible

Sunday Saker Cranks Overview

The Saker Cranks are designed to be an affordable 3-pc crank with tubular chromoly arms that have a single pinch bolt design. It uses a 19mm chromoly spindle with 8 splines. The cranks include a 19mm Mid BB with spacers. RHD/LHD compatible. Comes in black or chrome.

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