The Secret to doing a bunnyhop on a bmx bike

No matter what goals you have set for yourself as a bmx rider, you need to know how to hop good. That is why there are tons of how to videos on it. I created this as my first of many how-to's. The hop is important for park and street riders alike, let's get into it.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to hop a BMX Bike

  1. Roll at the object

    Judge the right amount of speed and roll to the object that you plan to hop over. first step for hopping a bmx bike

  2. Compress your legs and body

    Compress your body and get ready to use explosive power to hop. 2nd step to hopping a bmx bike

  3. Explode your legs & pull up the front end

    Expand the legs and throw your body straight up. While doing this, pull up the front wheel.3rd step for hopping a bmx bike

  4. Suck your knees up

    Suck your knees up and pull the bike back up into your body. This will maximize the hop.4th step to hopping a bmx bike

  5. Land

    Land and get ready for the next trick.5th step for hopping a bmx bike

If you want a more in-depth version, I made a how-to hop course on my website. It goes really in-depth and is totally free! Check it out here.