Top 3 FIT Bikes in 2021

So, Fit just dropped it's 2021 line. A lot of people asked me what the top 3 were, and I decided to make a post outlining them for you all. The 2021 Line is a bit confusing and bland. However, the top 3 are 2021 Fit STR, 2021 Fit PRK, and the 2021 Fit TRL.

These bikes each have a handful of different options that vary in color and top tube length. The "best" bike depends on what kind of style you have and what size top tube you need. Let's talk about it

What is best for you?

Top Fit Bike Skill Cost Full Chromoly? Discipline Top Tube Size
2021 Fit PRK Beginner $449.95 ⛔️ Park 20"|20.5"
2021 Fit STR Beginner $439.95 ⛔️ Street 20.5"|20.75"
2021 Fit TRL Beginner $449.95 ⛔️ Dirt 21"|21.25"

Skill Level

Generally, with most bike lines, you need to know where you fit in on the skill spectrum to pick the perfect bike. All of Fit's 2021 line is made up of beginner bikes, so if you are not a beginner don't get a fit. It's that simple.

Usually, beginner level bikes have full hi-tensile steel or a little chromoly. Mixed with single wall rims, and lower quality parts. All of Fit's line meets this description.


A solid BMX bike will cost you anywhere from $300-$700. The whole 2021 Fit line is between $400-$500. There is not much variation here. It's kinda sad.

Full Chromoly

All of these top 3 bikes have a tiny amount of chromoly. I really try to recommend full chromoly to everyone. However, if you just want a bike to learn a little about the sport and slowly get into, these bikes will work.

Technically, these bikes are tri-moly. This means that the front triangle is chromoly and the rear end is hi-tensile steel. This is an issue. A hi-tensile steel back end will bend when you do spins. Chances are that you won't even notice it until it's too late. Read about tri-moly here


By this, we are talking about what kind of style you ride. Do you like park or dirt? Maybe street? Either way, each of these bikes are geared at a specific type of riding. So pick your bike according to how you want to ride.

Top Tube Choice

I did not understand toptube sizes for the longest time. Once I started to understand how it affected my riding, I was surprised. Some of these bikes only have a small selection of top tube options. Meaning you might have to go with a different brand. Read the size guide here to see what size you need.


It's important to know how different sizes affect your riding.

If you get a bike with a toptube on the taller end of the spectrum, it will be really stable and controlled.

If you get a bike with a toptube on the smaller end of the spectrum, it will be really responsive and snappy.

3. 2021 Fit PRK


✅ - For park riding
✅ - light weight
✅ - cool colors


Built with park riding in mind, from the components to the geometry. The PRK features a tough CrMo top tube and down tube which adds strength whilst keeping the weight low. The reliability is taken care of by tubular CrMo cranks and 8.7″ 2pc bars. The wheels have FIT S1W rims and a cassette rear hub and are finished with Fit 2.4″ OEM tires. Topped off with Fit Savage flanged grips and gyro.

Why I Like it

I love that this bike is designed with a park rider in mind. Normally, it is hard to find a complete bike with a low standover, gyro brake system, and a short chain stay.

What I don't like

This bike would be so much better if it had full chromoly and double wall rims. Especially for the price that Fit is charging. I feel like they could have made the bike a little cheaper or a little higher quality. I understand that you can't have both, but one of those would be nice.

2. 2021 Fit STR

2021 Kink Cloud Highlights

✅ - Pegs
✅ - Freecoaster Options
✅ - 4pc bars


Pro team inspired and budget approved. Chromoly tubing and Fit’s street geometry along with 4-piece bars, a forged Fit topload stem, big 2.4” tires and attention to detail make the difference. Bold Fit branding stands out in the crowd and includes a set of four steel pegs.

Why I Like it

Street specific bikes are a little more common. But after reviewing 100's of bikes, I noticed that not many of them came with pegs. Pegs usually cost $10-$20 PER PEG. So getting 4 included can save you a good chunk of money. I also think the colorways look really good and sleek.

What I don't like

Again, this bike is just a little over priced for what you get. I'll still recommend it for beginner street riders. Only because it's one of the only street specific options.

1. 2021 Fit TRL


✅ - For dirt riding
✅ - 30/10 gearing
✅ - Tall toptubes


Hard-hitting and trail-ready, this robust and rapid BMX by Fit are well-equipped to be pushed to the limits on every rowdy run. Built from a sturdy and dependable CrMo front triangle, the frame and fork provide a supple and responsive base as you weave your way through rougher routes and take on everything the skatepark has to offer.

Why I Like it

The TRL is probably the most unique bike in 2021. I love that they changed the gearing to make the bike have a higher top speed. This helps you out a lot when getting the right speed.

Fit's TRL bike also has big geometry that will make the bike feel more controlled. Control is super important when riding dirt. The longer back end will keep you from looping out, while the mellow head tube angle makes steering smoother.

What I don't like

Have you ever cased a dirt jump? I have and it usually does bad things. Even to my $1500 bike. Imagine a bad crash on this bike without full chromoly or double wall rims. The reality is that it's a good bike for beginner dirt, but anything more will break it.

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