What happened to Deeside Skatepark?

Deeside skatepark is actually a "leisure Center" in north Wales. This center has a world class skatepark, Ice skating ringk and more. I have seen a few instagram posts of broken hearted bmx riders, talking bout how the deeside skatepark is being torn down. Here is why..

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What is Deeside?

This looks like a really fun skatepark with a little bit of age. However you can see marks from use. From everything that I have read, Deeside has been around since the 70's and is owned and operated by Flintshire County Council.

A professional hockey team was here earlier, along with multiple concerts. As of March, the center has been doing good, adding a $1,000,000 field for sports. It looks like a lot of changes are in store,

Here's the instagram post I saw April 2nd...


Why did they do that?

Here' s where it all gets interesting, The video shows a huge back-ho literally ripping apart the skatepark. Not just taking it down, but deleting it completely. I found an article from Deeside and heres a highligh:

"Deeside Leisure Centre will be the third location of a temporary hospital to treat North Wales residents.


Around 250 additional beds will be made available to the NHS as part of the multi-agency partnership between Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Flintshire County Council, Aura Leisure and Libraries, and Wrexham County Borough Council.


Read the full article here


Isn't a soccor field better?

A lot of instagram comments ask, why can they just use an already flat surface and save the poor skatepark from being torn to shreds.

I don't think it's that simple. Let me tell you why.

  1. The Deeside Center is owned by the City Council. Meaning they can partner with the government a lot easier.

    If this place was privately owned, I think it would be a whole different story. Imagine the government going to the owner of the NE Patriots and asking to take over. He might go for it. However, he would be expecting a fat paycheck.
  2. A Cool Place for bodies. (this is total speculation, and there are no facts on this.)

    But remember the Ice rink? How perfect is this huge facility with lots of room and a refrigerated building? A refrigerated building that can be used as a morgue... Spooky.


As we learn more I will continue to update the post. But heres what is going on. NHS has a plan to increase the available beds by 850 total in North Wales. They felt that the best way to go about it is to build one here in place of a leisure center.

Will they replace it? My opinion, no. I don't think they will. Skateparks cost a lot of money and to redo all of the materials and labor would probably cost upwards of $300,000 (my guess). Not to mention the long term effect in the economy. If they do rebuild it, I bet it wont be for 5 years or so.

Rest In Peace Deeside. Remember to enjoy every park you have because it might not be around forever. If you have ridden there before, leave a comment and let me know your favorite memory.

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