What Happened to the El Toro 20 Set?


Posts and memes are circling the internet starting on June 16, 2019 talking about the last days of the famous El Toro 20 set. This giant stair set is a historic proving grounds for BMX, skate, scooter, and roller blades. People come to this set to send the biggest trick they can think of.

Why Tear It Down?

Schools don't generally enjoy having visitors come down to ride their campus. I know growing up with NMSU as a street spot, we would often get chased down by campus police. My favorite game was trying to out run them.

The school just doesn't understand the history and importance of a gnarly spot for action sports. From their perspective, they only see kids coming here and getting hurt. They see potential law suits.


El Toro's Future

According to The Come Up they are re-doing the stair set. El Toro will still have stairs. They are just going to throw down a bunch of concrete pillars on top and bottom of the stair set. Here is the video TCU did about the set. VIDEO Skip to 2:16 for the part that talks about the concrete blocks.

What do you think about the removal of El Toro? 👇👇