Why Fit's 2020 Complete Line is Junk..

Let's be honest. Fit has a good name in bmx for making quality parts. Fit is a private bmx company that has been around for almost 20 years. Over the last 20 years, bmx has seen ups and downs. Fit has stood the test of time. But recently Fit's quality has really been slacking.

Poor Value

Don't get me wrong, some people do not mind paying for costly bikes. However, they generally want good value for their money. What really got me thinking about this fit line is that most of the 2020 complete bikes are over $400

Does that mean that they have good parts? Sadly, no.

Perceived value is a huge thing in bmx. If a company is able to make a low quality bike and slap the name of a high level rider on there, it makes the bike seem more valuable. It's not right or wrong, it's all marketing.

While the bikes are somewhat affordable, none of them oooze value like some of the other brands.

Poor Parts

Let's take a look at the $489 Fit Scumbag. After reviewing over 100 bmx bikes, I have noticed that most bikes in this price range have pretty good parts. Let's see how the Scumbag stacks up.

The 2020 Scumbag was Brandon Begian's signature bike. He left Fit, and I think it is funny that they named the bike "Scumbag" after.

Full Chromoly Frame? YES
Sealed Bearings? YES
Chromoly Bars & Forks? YES
3 pc. Cranks? YES
Double Wall Rims? NO
Pegs & Hub guards? YES
Price? $489

In all honesty everything is pretty solid. The only sad thing is single wall rims. I asked about this and they said "we used single wall rims to keep the bike low cost."

Any longterm rider understands the importance of double wall rims. 😭


Let's quickly compare this to a similar priced Kink bike. Kink does not have the same reputation that Fit does, but here we go..

Full Chromoly Frame? YES
Sealed Bearings? YES
Chromoly Bars & Forks? YES
3 pc. Cranks? YES
Double Wall Rims? YES
Pegs & Hub guards? NO
Price? $429

For about $50 less, Kink offers a bike that has double wall rims, but no pegs. Personally I have bent single wall rims and have seen how expensive new wheels are. Sadly, pegs are costly also.


I guess it really isn't that the Fit 2020 bmx line is junk. It's just that it's lacking. I think people will want to have the option to buy a top quality bike. Unfortunately, in 2020 Fit failed to offer that. Maybe in 2020 they will hear our calls for a pro level bike at a broke boy price.

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