Woodward 2019 Recap

bmx bike throw

How It Went

I had the most amazing summer at Woodward West. As a bmx instructor I had the opportunity to influence younger bmx riders and show them what the sport is all about. Doing this really helped me remember why I love the sport so much.

Crazy Stories

Don't tell anyone that i'm talking about this... but a kid cut off his finger. He was working on his bike and spun the cranks with his finger under his chain..

Guess what happened next?

Screaming. Rumor has it that the missing finger tip was inside his glove. I hear the were able to sew it back on and fix it. Crazy stuff.


My favorite part was having meals at the same time every day. They aren't 5 star quality, but they are pretty good. It helped me a lot with my diabetes by eating the same time everyday.

Combined with the structured meals and constant riding, I was able to go from 15 units/meal to about 7/meal. In the 3 months that I was there my A1C went from 7.8 down to 6.5.


Whats are lowlights?

Diabetic Action Tip

If you're trying to do action sports as a diabetic... you will have a problem with low sugar. I use pens instead of a pump and If i ride longer then I planned to my sugar crashes. Its not fair or easy to plan for... but it happens. I also know a lot of kids came to camp and struggled because dinner was at 4:30. So after riding around 8-9 they were finding them selfs with low sugar. Remember....

  • Snacks snack snacks
  • Don't factor in riding when doing your shots.
  • Test your sugar

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