Alienation Venus Planetary Hub Review

The recent release of the Alienation Venus hub... it has sparked a lot of questions. The biggest thing that you need to know is yes the Alienation Venus is a planetary freecoaster that allows you to fakie without pedaling your cranks backward. The venus has instant engagement when pedaling forward. This Hub is identical to the BSD revolution and the Freenight Planetary.

Important Info about the Venus

The Alienation Venus is a planetary hub. Which is essentially a variation of traditional freecoasters. Most freecoasters use the classic "clutch" system. Freenight came up with the planetary technology and since then BSD and Alienation have developed their own variations. Read more about the planetary system here.


  • Instant engagement when pedaling forward (no slack)
  • Perfect balance between a cassette and a freecoaster
  • Fakie without pedaling


  • May engage during a high speed fakie
  • Expensive

Venus Review Video

Brant got his hands on this Hub and was able to do a really solid review on it. From what I understand, he was able to be apart of the development process so the outcome is a result of the input given by Brant.

Alienation Venus Specs

What kind of hub is the Venus? The Venus is a Planetary Freecoasting System

What colors does the Venus come in? Choose between Black & Chrome color options.

How much does the Venus weigh? It weighs 1.1 lbs without the snap on hubguards that are included.

Similar Choices

The Alienation Venus is one of 3 planetary options at the time of writing this. (4/24/21) Other options include the BSD Revolution and the Freenight Planetary Freecoaster. The Revolution is around $230 and since the planetary system is still fairly new, I think there is a lot of room for developmental improvement and cost cutting.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love the idea behind this system. Slack is the main reason why I do not ride a freecoaster, and this system gets rid of this issue. Like I mentioned above, the system is still new so I will be holding out for a little bit until the system gets better and cheaper. As more companies enter this world and make new Planetary products, the quality will improve and the price will go down. That's what I am looking forward to.