Mission Battalion Forks Review

Mission 'Battalion' Forks are full chromoly and designed to be a good upgrade for only $59.99. For anyone looking to upgrade bent or broken forks from a complete bike. They come in black and chrome and weigh 2.6lbs.


These 100% chromoly steel forks are built to last! Featuring an integrated bearing race, 2pc CNC steerer tube, and an aluminum fork compression bolt. The tapered fork legs and 5mm thick dropouts look slick, while keeping these forks strong. The 26mm axle offset makes the forks more responsive, while still providing plenty of clearance for pegs.

From Mission

Key Features

2.6 lbs
Black or Chrome color

Important Info

Don't let it fool you, these Forks are not the same as the $140.00 aftermarket Forks that you will commonly see. While these are full cromoly, they just don't have those added features like the other Forks do. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing unless you are writing at a really high level an you send yourself off big drops. If you're just a mid-level writer doing some basic mid-level tricks these folks are going to be just fine for you.


Price: $59.99



Steerer Length: 165mm
Wheel Size: 20"
Material: 4130 Chromoly
Dropout Size: 10mm
Offset: 26mm
Weight: 40.9oz

Fork Geometry

A: Steerer Length: 165mm

This steerer length is average. Longer steer tubes require more headset spacers or a frame with a longer head tube. They will also make the bars higher up naturally.

B: Offset: 26mm

Which offset is right for me?

26mm: Steep, responsive, and snappy. Turns will happen fast and feel quick. Nose-manuals will pop up really easily.

C: Dropout Size: 10mm or 3/8"

Designed for front wheels with a 10mm front axle. If your front axle is smaller than your rear, its 10mm.


You're probably wondering why these forks are so cheap because they seemingly look Like other $140 forks. While the mission battalion Forks are full chromoly that's about it. They're going to be a lot stronger than the forks that come on a stock BMX bike, but not nearly as strong as forks like the Odyssey R series.

Here's why, the battalion Forks are missing things like investment-cast dropouts, heat-treated chromoly, and any kind of warranty. They are best for a mid-level rider who just needs an affordable upgrade for the BMX bike.

Common Questions

  • Are these for Dirt, Park, or Street riding? These forks are good for all 3 types of riding. However, the steep offset makes technical riding easier.
  • Where can I buy them? I found them in stock here on Mission's website.
  • How much do they weigh? 2.6lbs