Wethepeople Battleship Frame Review | A Solid Upgrade

The Wethepeople Battleship frame is very responsive. Including the famous hydroformed tubing, a 12.7" chain stay, and thick drop outs... It has what you need as a technical street rider. There are 3 color options and it weighs 5.1lbs.

This review is about the 2020 Wethepeople Battleship frame.

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Frame Features
12.7" Chainstay (slammed)
Hydroformed tubing
Invest Cast seat clamp
3 color options


Combining cutting edge hydroforming technology with input from the wethepeople team, the battleship frame is the perfect match for the progressive street rider. Boasting an incredibly short 12.7" chainstay, thicker cnc machined dropouts (designed to work flawlessly with hub-guards and pegs) ; the battleship is a super tough, no-nonsense street weapon with our most responsive geometry yet.

New for 2020, the battleship now features new graphics, removable brake mounts and an invest casted seat clamp.

Includes lifetime guarantee

From Wethepeople


Price: $349 on Danscomp



  • 20.5"
  • 20.75"
  • 21"

Learn about frame sizes here


MATERIAL: Full 4130 Chromoly
BB HEIGHT: 11.7"
HEADSET TYPE: Integrated
WEIGHT: 5.2lbs


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is geometry.png

A: Top Tube Length: 20.5" 20.75", 21" – Learn what size is right for you here

Check the size guide to see if its right for you..

Getting a top tube that is taller than suggested will make the bike feel more controlled and less responsive

Getting a top tube size that is smaller than normal will make the bike feel a lot more snappy and responsive.

B: Chain Stay Length: 12.7" SlammedLearn About Chain Stays Here

This is a medium chainstay.

A short chain stay makes the bike feel twitchy. Spins will be easy, but airing and jumping might feel hard to control.

A long chain stay will make the bike feel really controlled. Spins will feel sluggish, but manuals and air tricks will feel nice because it will be more stable.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75.5° – Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

This is a steep headtube angle.

Steep head tube angles make the bike “snappy” meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7″

F: Stand over height: 9"

This is a medium/tall standover.

A tall standover makes your seat higher up and will allow you to pinch it easier when learning barspins.

While a Small Standover will make it harder to bar but easier to whip

What is the Price?

The Wethepeople Battleship frame costs $309.99. I'm pretty sure that this is currently a sales price, and the price they used to push out the 2020 models. The 2021 frames should be around $350.

Available on Dougsterbob.com

Why does it cost as much a complete bike?

It's kind of crazy to think that you can get a complete bike for less than this frame. However, this frame is for high-level riding and will outlast a complete bike by YEARS. Here are a few things that make it more expensive than a complete bike.

These are a few reasons that this frame cost's so much:

  • Lifetime Guarantee: WTP is confident in the frame's ability to hold up. So they have a lifetime guarantee.
  • Sanko Chromoly: The Elite Japaneese frame material.
  • Hydroformed Tubing: A way to connect the metal that improves strength without compromising weight.

What is the Weight?

The Battleship BMX Frame weighs 5.2lbs. This is for the 20.75" toptube. The 20.5" will be closer to 5.1lbs and the 21" will be around 5.3lbs. This is one of the lightest WTP frames.


You may have seen the Battleship frame on the 2021 Wethepeople Battleship. It is a really strong frame designed for street riders who really test their frames. I do thing it is a really good price, with great quality. And the fact that WTP includes a lifetime guarantee, makes it even better.

Wethepeople says that it is a really responsive 12.7" chain stay, but this is slammed meaning the wheen is as close as possible to the front. This means that it is probably 12.95" centered which is where most people run their chain. Still responsive, but not as responsive as a slammed CS would be. It also rocks a 75.5º head tube, which is half a degree steeper than most frames. It will feel responsive and nose manuals will be somewhat easy to pop into.

This frame will be able to replace any frame on any bike that I review on this website.