Best BMX Helmets - That Prevent Your Head From Exploding

So you just got a new BMX bike. But you want to keep your head intact. Good choice. We all know the importance of a helmet. This post is going to cover every aspect of BMX helmets and tell you which one is the best choice for you.

I analyzed 11 different helmets and compared them for a ton of different specs. Each helmet got a DOUGSTERBOB score based on its performance in each category.

Ranking Price Brand Model Dougsterbob Score
1 $225.00 Kali Invader 84/100
2 $275.00 POC Coron Air 80/100
3 $99.00 Demon United 71/100
4 $120.00 POC Crane MIPS 62/100
5 $44.99 Kali Maha 54/100
6 $64.99 Shadow Featherweight 52/100
7 $44.99 Shadow Classic 48/100
8 $65.00 S1 Lifer 47/100
9 $64.99 Protec Full Cut 46/100
10 $49.99 Protec Classic 45/100
11 $39.99 Fox Flight 40/100

Absolute BEST BMX Helmet

From POC

I'm going to cut right to the chase. The POC Crane MIPS helmet is the best BMX helmet of all time. It offers unparallel protection, it is very lightweight and fits your head for a nice look.

This is the helmet I ride and trust my life with.

POC's Crane Mips helmet is expensive. It will cost you around $150, but that is a lot less than a hospital bill.

Protection: 21/30

Here's why this is the best BMX helmet of 2021

  • Lightweight at 400g or .8lbs
  • Extra tough outer shell to prevent denting
  • Size adjustment system
  • Strap anchors molded inside the liner
  • MIPS rotational impact protection

Make sure you get the Adult size if you're an adult and a pocito if you're shopping for a kid!

Overall this helmet outperformed EVERY other half cut helmet that I looked at. The added technology and protective measures helped the POC Crane come out on top. Despite the expensive price point.

Wrong Helmets to Buy

Now, just because you have a helmet, DOES NOT mean it is a good BMX helmet. The right BMX helmet is a certified helmet designed for BMX. We talk about this in one of our Bike School videos. Each type of helmet has different impact ratings. So a motocross helmet will be rated for higher speed impacts. Meaning if you crash your BMX with a motocross helmet on, you will be going too slow for it to actually protect you.

So throw out your other types of helmets, or stop riding your BMX bike with them on. Let's get you the right helmet.

Do not ride BMX with

  • Snowboard Helmets
  • Motocross Helmets
  • Skate Helmets
  • Road bike helmets

Do not ride bmx with an uncertified helmet

Just out of curiosity, I ran an uncertified triple 8 skate helmet through the Dougsterbob score sheet. The helmet ranked 39/100, and most of those points being from the lightweight and breathable design. An uncertified helmet offers no protection the the brain and is actually worse than wearing no helmet.

3 Best BMX Helmet Brands

Now that you're ready to find the right BMX helmet, let me tell you which helmet brands are the best. This is judged on the quality, comfort and look of the helmets.

1. POC Helmets

The best BMX Helmet brand is POC. POC makes helmets for snowboarding and cycling. Their most popular bmx/mtb helmet is the POC CRANE helmet.

This is the brand of helmet that I ride, and when I got one I was blown away with how well it fit and how comfortable it felt. These helmets are not cheap. I spent around $120 for my POC Crane, but it was the best investment.

POC helmets like many certified helmets, are one time use. Meaning after impact, you need to replace it it. The foam has been compressed and done it's job.

My favorite aspect of the POC helmet brand is the quality. Check out the Protective Concepts here to see how POC goes above and beyond to make high-quality products that protect your head.

2. The Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow helmets are worn by a lot of bmx street pros. They have a classic and a featherweight option. Shadow helmets are a lot less expensive than POC helmets. They are still certified and provide great protection.

Shadow's Helmets became popular for how well they fit and look on your head. Contrary to other helmets, these cover your whole head so you don't look like a dork.

I recommend a shadow helmet when i send out my bike recommendations. For a beginner rider, this helmet will provide enough protection, and the prices are right.

3. Protec Helmets

Protec is a HUGE name in protective gear. I mean, the name really says it all. They are a good brand for BMX helmets, only if you make the right choice. A lot of people make the mistake of buying an uncertified Protec helmet which will put them at risk of head injury.

Protec has 3 good BMX options

  1. Classic
  2. Full-Cut
  3. Old School

Any of these 3 types of helmets will be good for riding bmx. Choose a style that feels and looks right for you.

The Full Cut version really catapulted protec into bmx popularity. Since they released it, a lot of very talented bmx riders have scooped it up. They love the fit and protection that it provides.

Full Face Helmet or Half Cut Helmet?

In one of my youtube lives, someone asked me "Should I get a full-face or a half-cut helmet?" The answer is pretty simple. I recommend that NEW riders who are starting to progress in park and dirt get a full-face helmet. For more experienced riders or street riders, a half-cut helmet is just fine.

When I was really starting to progress, I wore an uncertified half cut helmet. I crashed and hit my face. It cut open my chin and broke two teeth. Not a very fun day haha.

After that my parents bought me a full face helmet. It offered a lot more protection, but much less comfort. So keep that in mind when shopping for a helmet.

Can your ride BMX in a Full Face?

You can ride BMX in a full face helmet. Just make sure it is a BMX/MTB certified and not a MX helmet. Riding BMX in a full face helmet will give you a lot more protection, but will be less comfortable.

Best BMX full face helmet

The Demon Podium is the full face helmet that I started riding after I crashed and smacked my face. I ended up with this helmet because of the low price, and was blown away by how much I could actually see. My initial thought was that it would be uncomfortable and very hard to see anything. Boy was I wrong.

Dougsterbob Score: 71/100

While I don't currently ride with a full face, this is my top pick for someone who is shopping for a Certified bmx helmet.

Value: 27/40

It is very had for a full face helmet to compete agains the low priced half shell options. Sadly, people will skimp on price even if it means sacrificing quality. This helmet scored really well in the value section because it was a fair price and offered SO MUCH extra protection.

While the score was lower than the POC Coron Air, and the KALI Invader, the overall value makes this helmet a much better choice. Plus those other helmets are over $200. The Deomon costs less than $100.

Buying a Youth BMX Helmet

From MTB Magazine

Buying a youth BMX helmet is a serious deal. Here's what to look for when buying a youth helmet, you need to make sure the helmet is actually safe, and make sure it fits perfectly. We all want our loved ones to be safe and protected, especially when doing something as dangerous as BMX.

BMX Youth Helmet Size Guide

Head Circumference 51-54CM 55-58CM 59-62CM

DO NOT SKIP THIS PART. The right helmet size is crucial to protecting the noggin. So get a measuring tape and measure the head.

DO NOT BUY A BIGGER SIZE IF YOUR CHILD IS 'STILL GROWING'. This is putting them at risk for a head injury. Buy the correct size, and buy another one when the child's head gets bigger.

Best Youth BMX Helemt

Again, I go back to POC. The POCito Crane MIPS is the best BMX youth helmet. POC puts a crazy amount of research and quality into their products. This is something you want to really focus on when buying a helmet for your youth.

Check out the Protective Concepts here to see how POC goes above and beyond to make high-quality products that protect your head.

The price of this helmet is pretty steep, but like I said, quality is not something to skip over.

Now there is a cheaper option, that does not include the MIPS technology. But, I recommend going with the MIPS because it provides so much more protection. If cash is tight, you can see that version here.

Best BMX Dirt Helmet

As a guy who rides dirt sometimes, I will 100% recommend a full face on dirt. There are so many things that could happen as you ride dirt, and your face might unexpectedly meet the ground.

The Best BMX Dirt Helmet is undoubtedly the Kali Invader. It is a light and protective helmet that will keep you safe when riding dirt. Look closely to the cut outs on the helmet. These cut outs keep it incredibly light without sacrificing quality.

How light? Try 600g. To give some content the ultra light Shadow classic helmet was 400g. Riding with the 600g Kali Invader will feel like there is nothing even on your head.


  • Incredible Protection - Every helmet is thoroughly tested.
  • Lifetime Crash Replacement - Kali will replace any helmet that takes a crash for free. They do this so they can dissect the helmet and improve their products. The helmet is single-use, but it got bonus points because of this!
  • Breathable - Too many vents to count. When judging this helmet in the style section, it definitely got a 10 in breathability.

How much is it? See the Kali Invader Here

Best Looking BMX Helmet

Price Brand Model Style
$225.00 Kali Invader 30/30
$99.00 Demon United 29/30
$275.00 POC Coron Air 28/30
$120.00 POC Crane MIPS 26/30
$64.99 Protec Full Cut 25/30
$64.99 Shadow Featherweight 22/30
$65.00 S1 Lifer 22/30
$44.99 Kali Maha 21/30
$44.99 Shadow Classic 21/30
$49.99 Protec Classic 19/30
$39.99 Fox Flight 19/30

1. Kali Invader

Style: 30/30

The best looking BMX helmet is the Kali Invader. This helmet has a ton of color options, a very unique look, comfortable head fitment and a super breathable design. Now we did already talk about some of the great aspecs of the Invader.

Kali Invader Highlights

4 Stylish Color Options
Unique multi-cut out design
Over 25 Vents
Covers your whole head for a nice fit

So what about the best looking half cut helmet? That title is going to the POC Crane, and the Protec Full-cut. With scores of 26/30 and 25/30 respectively.

2. Protec Full-cut

Style: 26/30

Now some people absolutely love the way that the full-cut Protec helmet looks. I am one of those people and well, obviously I'm going to give it a good score. However, it did rank a little lower on the way that it fits. These earpieces are designed in a way that sometimes, makes the helmet sit at a weird position or angle.

I really want to stress that the helmet fit is so so important to actually protecting your head. If your helmet doesn't quite feel right, return it and try something else.

3. POC Crane

Style: 25/30

The POC Crane is stylish because of the multiple color options, mixed with the way it fits on your head. So many BMX helmets have the tenancy to sit on the tippy top of your head, making you look silly, and failing to protect the majority of your head.

Remember that color options and breathability should be really minimal concerns for you. Make sure that your helmet offers the correct amount of protection along with a perfect fit on your head.

Best Lightweight BMX Helmet

Price Brand Model Weight Dougsterbob Score
$64.99 Shadow Featherweight 10 52
$44.99 Kali Maha 10 54
$225.00 Kali Invader 7 84
$120.00 POC Crane MIPS 7 62
$65.00 S1 Lifer 7 47
$44.99 Shadow Classic 7 48
$49.99 Protec Classic 7 45
$99.00 Demon United 5 71
$275.00 POC Coron Air 5 80
$39.99 Fox Flight 2 40
$64.99 Protec Full Cut 1 46

The best lightweight BMX helmet is the Shadow Featherweight

Out of 11 helmets, the shadow featherweight weighed significantly less than the other competitions. I was very impressed with the POC helmet which weighed 400g. After seeing the 273g Featherweight helmet.. I was at a loss for words.

A light helmet really makes a difference in the comfort. If you wear your helmet for more than one hour at a time, you will want a light helmet to keep the strain off your neck. The Featherweight helmet is so light that you will forget it is there.

Is it still safe?

The Shadow Featherweight helmet still uses EPS type foam, which is the standard for most single-use helmet. This helmet meets all certifications for a good BMX helmet. So, the simple answer is YES. This helmet is still safe and will keep your head from exploding.

I think it is pretty basic, meaning there is not much extra technology that go into making this helmet badass. But, like I mentioned, it feels nice, is pretty protective, and VERY lightweight.

BMX Helmet Size Guide

I have stressed the importance of getting the perfect fit enough. Now I'm going to give you helpful size guide to help make the right decision.

To get an accurate measurement, measure your head around the widest part of your head.


PROTEC 52-54cm 54-56cm 56-58cm 58-60cm 60-62cm 62-64cm
POC XS/SM 51-54cm SM/XS 51-54cm SM/MD 55-58cm M/LG 55-58cm LG/XL 59-62cm LG/XL 59-62cm
KALI XS/SM 50-54cm SM/M 55-61cm SM/M 55-61cm LG/XL 60-62 LG/XL 60-63 LG/XL 60-64
FOX 52-54cm 52-54cm 55-58cm 59-61cm
SHADOW 46-50cm 50-56cm 50-56cm 56-61cm 56-61cm 61-65cm
DEMON 54-55cm 56-57cm 58-59cm 60-61

Every helmet has a slightly different size chart, so always double check before buying. I have done my best to put everything here to help you out.

Now POC and KALI have some different sizes for their helmets. Instead of the conventional S, M, L, and so on, they combine sizes. So when you choose a helmet from them your options will me: XS/S, SM/MD, and do on. I have adjusted the guide to reflect that.

Youth Sizes

I have mentioned youth helmets earlier and to be honest, there is less size guide info about them.

But let me be real with you for a second. Save yourself the hassle and just get them a POCito helmet. Please do not skimp or mess around. Just get a good helmet for them from the start. I'm not even going to talk about youth helmets because that POCicto should already be ordered.

Alright Dougsterbobbers, stay safe when you are out there shredding. Keep progressing keep learning tricks and tag me on instagram with pictures of your new helmet. 👍